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UK digital banks near 20 million customers, but cash held in accounts slumps

British digital banks, such as Monzo and Revolut, added more than a million customers a month in the last six months of the year to […]
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Intuit in $7bn Swoop for personal finance platform Credit Karma

Intuit (NASDAQ: INTU), the owner TurboTax and Quickbooks, plans to buy US personal-finance platform Credit Karma for about $7bn – a strategy that expands its […]

Barclays launches hunt for new Chief Executive

Barclays Bank is looking for a new chief executive to replace Jes Staley (pictured), as it becomes the latest European bank to look for new […]
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JPMorgan Plots UK Digital Bank Launch

JPMorgan Chase (NYSE: JPM) is seeing digital banking business opportunities in the UK, the US powerhouse is planning to operate a digital bank for personal […]

3 reasons why Pepsi paid over $700m for China’s Be & Cheery

Pepsi, a US multinational food and beverage maker, has agreed to buy Chinese snack brand Be & Cheery from Haoxiangni Inc. in a deal worth […]

Fintech Personal Finance Market to Top 2.7trn by 2023

The last decade has seen a surge in the number of fintech startups, using technology to make it easier for people to make payments, invest, […]

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