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Microsoft under 45-day deadline to seal TikTok takeover after Trump order

Donald Trump (pictured) has lit a fire under Microsoft to complete its takeover of TikTok after signing an executive order late on Thursday that bans […]
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Royal Caribbean earnings preview: I see no ships

Royal Caribbean Group (RCL) will report its second-quarter results on Wednesday and analysts are bracing themselves for the worst quarterly figures in the company’s history. […]
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Stay away from auto stocks, warn traders

Auto stocks suffered badly this year as production was shut down for weeks due to the coronavirus pandemic, but even though output has restarted, traders […]
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Goldman Sachs: Covid vaccine may end tech stock rally

A working vaccine for coronavirus may not result in the boost to the stock market investors expect to see, according to Goldman Sachs. Analysts from […]
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Warren Buffett plows another $340m into Bank of America stock

Berkshire Hathaway chairman Warren Buffett bought $340m of Bank of America shares in five days between 31 July and 4 August, adding to purchases he […]
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Jeff Bezos sells $3bn of Amazon stock

Amazon chief executive Jeff Bezos sold $3.1bn of stock in the tech giant this week. The world’s richest man sold around one million of stock […]

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