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Bitcoin snaps new record high a day before Coinbase goes public

Bitcoin is posting a fresh all-time high today in early cryptocurrency trading action as bullish sentiment seems to be preceding the launch of Coinbase’s stock […]
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Tesla Stock Moves Higher Even as Competition in EV Market Heats Up

Tesla stock 3.7% yesterday and was trading almost 1% higher in US premarket trading today. The surge in bitcoin prices, which have hit a new […]
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US stock futures retreat slightly ahead of Treasury auctions and inflation data

US stock futures are heading down slightly this morning as traders await the release of the results from the auction of 3-year and 10-year US […]
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Why Alibaba Stock Is Rising Despite Record Fine by China

Alibaba stock gained in Hong Kong trading today even as China slapped the eCommerce giant with a massive fine over the weekend. Why did the […]
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Levi Strauss shares keep flying following Q1 2021 earnings release

Levi Strauss shares are jumping for a second day in pre-market stock trading action this morning, following the release of the firm’s financial results covering […]
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Why’s Clover Health Stock Rising and Should You Buy Now

Clover Health stock rose over 20% yesterday and was trading higher in US premarket trading today. Should you buy the stock? The Center for Medicare […]

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