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Rolls Royce sees £3bn in cash outflows during first half of 2020

British jet engine manufacturer Rolls Royce reported this morning that it saw nearly £3bn in cash outflows during the first six months of the year […]
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Gold ETFs set a new Record as Gold Breaks $1,800 Threshold

Investors’ appetite for gold drove the inflows into gold ETFs at a record high. Spot gold prices moved above $1,800 per ounce yesterday as investors […]
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United Airlines may cut 36,000 jobs amid slow recovery in demand

One of US largest carriers, United Airlines, told its employees this Wednesday that it could potentially furlough around 36,000 of the workforce due to a […]
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Outlook for the Chinese Yuan Worsens, prompts the government to look at Reconciliation with the US

After US-China relations soured this year to the lowest level ever, the on-going tension left the Chinese yuan further from a ‘safe-haven’ asset. As the […]

Stock futures add to gains in late trading as Nasdaq hits a new record

The start of the overnight trading session on Wednesday evening registered a sharp spike in futures contracts tied to the major U.S. stock indexes. Hours […]
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America’s oldest apparel brand Brooks Brothers files for bankruptcy

America’s oldest apparel firm Brooks Brothers filed from bankruptcy this morning after the pandemic torpedoed its sales and disrupted its effort to pursue strategic changes […]

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