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What’s Driving Bond Yields: Inflation or Strong Growth Outlook?

The yields on US treasuries have risen sharply this year. While some see it as a sign that we could see it as a return […]
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Rising tensions in the Middle East push Brent crude futures near $70

The price of Brent crude futures approached its highest level in nearly 22 months as tensions in the Middle East continue to rise after a […]
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Tesla Stock is in a Free Fall and It Could Get Worse

Tesla (TSLA) stock fell almost 5% yesterday and took its year-to-date losses to 11.9%. The stock is in a free fall and things might only […]
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Tech stocks poised to head down for a third week as Treasury yields keep climbing

Tech stocks are about to close their third consecutive losing week, as reflected by the Nasdaq tech-heavy index, with rising US Treasury yields possibly prompting […]
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Gold remains on a downtrend as investors withdraw billions from top ETFs

The price of gold has kept dropping recently after investors withdrew approximately $2.7 billion from the largest exchange-traded funds (ETF) offering exposure to the precious […]
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Snowflake Stock Rises Despite Mixed Earnings, Slowing Growth

Snowflake stock was trading almost flat in US premarket trading today after reporting mixed fiscal fourth quarter earnings and forecasting a growth slowdown. Snowflake reported […]

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