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Can Earnings Help Left the Tide for Peloton Stock?

Peloton stock lost 14.5% yesterday and was trading sharply lower in US premarket trading today after announcing a recall of its treadmills. The company is […]
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Oil prices retreat from post-pandemic high despite plunging inventories

Oil prices are retreating from their post-pandemic highs despite a beyond-expected drop in crude inventories reported by the United States only two days ago. The […]
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Market Volatility: Risks and Opportunities for Novice Traders

Market Volatility: Risks and Opportunities for Novice Traders Most “buy and hold” investors love to see a market chugging along smoothly, plotted on a chart […]
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FTSE 100 attempts to cross the 7,000 mark again as recovery bets regain steam

The British FTSE 100 index is attempting to cross the 7,000 mark for a second time this week led by stocks in the most virus-battered […]
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Janet Yellen Advocates Rate Hike: What Would It Mean for Stocks?

US Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen created waves yesterday after putting forward a case for a rate hike. While she toned down her statement later, rising […]
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Pfizer shares move higher as vaccine revenues accelerate

The price of Pfizer shares moved higher yesterday while it is also on the way up in early pre-market stock trading action today after the […]

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