Top 5 Auto Trading Sites and Services 2021
Edith Muthoni

Robtic hand pressing working on a Laptop keyboardAutotrading is a form of trading where significant part of the trade – the analysis, execution or both – are carried out by an automated system. Ideally, trading forex, stocks, and crypto involves spending long hours analyzing the markets or individual companies, coming up with actionable trade signals, and executing them.

Autotrading, also known as algorithmic trading, seeks to simplify this process by automating different aspects (or the entirety) of this process. This form of trading remains one of the most revolutionary innovations in the money and stock markets that made it possible to earn passively from the industry.

In This Guide

How does it work?

Referred to as expert advisers, the automated trading systems work by following particular preset rules when entering and exiting trades. It will also trail and analyze the news, economic calendars, and major announcements and come up with informed best forex signals that it can then execute automatically or with your approval. One of the most interesting things about autotrading is that once programmed, the system will independently and automatically monitor the market and execute trades 24/7.  The effectiveness of autotrading and auto trade systems can be confirmed by the fact that over 80% of all shares and stocks trades executed daily in the United States are initiated by the autotrading systems. But why would you consider autotrading your investments and using an expert adviser?

Note: Autotrading can be either fully mechanised where the artificially intelligent trading systems take control of all your trades, right from analysis to execution or partial . The latter implies that only parts of the trading process will be automated. Your choice of an autotrading Bitcoin system therefore starts with deciding the level of control you wish to maintain over your trades

Why use autotrading software?

i) Wholly passive incomes: Autotrading reduces the amount of time you spend monitoring markets effectively making it one of the most viable passive income earners.

ii) Outperforms most individual traders: Autotrading systems are faster in analyzing data and executing trades. This means that they have the highest probability of scoring you maximal profit in a buy order and shield you from unnecessary losses in the case of a market downturn. These, plus the fact that can operate 24/7 makes them more effective and profitable than your average money market trader.

iii) Highly versatile and supports forex, shares and crypto trades: Autotrading can be applied in virtually every sector of the money markets. It can be developed for the forex, cryptocurrency and even stock shares industry making it possible to passively trade in any of these sectors without the need of previous industry-specific experience.

iv) Can be used to perfect a trading strategy:Autotrading ensures that you don’t need to wait until you perfect a trading strategy to start earning from the money markets. You can choose to invest with an autotrader while you work on your strategy or use its past trading results to enhance your profitability.

What are the pros and cons of using autotrading?


  • Eliminates the often destructive emotions from trading
  • Faster order execution means more profit or minimized losses
  • Autotrading makes it possible to profit 24/7 from such markets as forex and crypto that operate around the clock
  • You don’t need prior trading experience to benefit from autotrading
  • Helps you achieve consistency in your trades

The Pros

  • Requires constant updated to maintain profitability
  • System glitches may expose you to above average losses
  • Takes time to create and maintain or capital to acquire and maintain regularly

How to spot the best autotrading systems:

  • Trade execution speeds
  • Level of automation, whether full or partial
  • Reliability and the expertise of its developers
  • Analysis accuracy and returns on investments
  • Registration and regulation
  • Quality of customer support given
  • Trading strategies used and their reliability

Best autotrading service providers:

1. Learn 2 Trade – Market Leading Trading Signals

Our Rating

  • Proven track record of between 89.54 – 93%
  • Learn 2 Trade offers signal delivery via Telegram
  • Learn 2 Trade offers a 30 day, 100% money-back guarantee
  • Learn 2 Trade does not offer brokerage services
Investing carries risk - Capital at risk

2. - Trading Signals for BTC, ETH, and More is a online autotrading service built to help you trade cryptocurrencies for a profit. The service offers 2-3 daily trading signals to identify opportunities to day trade cryptocurrency. Each signal includes an annotated technical chart so you can analyze the trade yourself, as well as clear entry, stop loss, and take profit levels.

Telegram Signals operates via Telegram, which ensures that all subscribers get access to the signals in real time. The Telegram channel can also be paired with a bot so that trades are executed automatically on your behalf. has a free Telegram channel where you can get 3 signals per week. A subscription to the premium channel costs 35 GBP per month.

Trade Cryptocurrencies provides trading signals for several popular cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and Ripple. These digital currencies are highly volatile, so they provide enough opportunities for 2-3 daily trades. However, it's important to note that does not issue signals for other altcoins.

How to Start Trading with

You can start trading with simply by signing up for the free or premium Telegram channel. Signals are issued directly to the channel, so you can copy the order information to your crypto broker.

Our Rating

  • Signals provided via Telegram
  • Clear entry, stop loss, and take profit levels
  • Each signal includes an annotated technical chart
  • Free Telegram group available
  • Only covers a few popular cryptocurrencies
Your capital is at risk

3. Centobot – Best overall

Our Rating

  • Set and forget feature that earns you earn wholly passive incomes
  • Presents you with a wide range of free autotrading systems
  • Highly specialized autotrader systems
  • Will only work with binary options brokers
  • Not immune to market the unpredictable cryptomarket volatilities
Investing carries risk - Capital at risk

4. BinBot – Best for binary forex options

Our Rating

  • The robot is fully automated and thus beginner friendly
  • The autotrading bot is relatively straightforward to use given its highly intuitive user interface
  • Hosts some of the most effective auto trading systems that report in excess of 300% in returns on investments.
  • Will only work with binary options brokerages
Investing carries risk - Capital at risk

5. Premium FX Signals - Best for forex trading

Our Rating

  • Supports automated forex trading making it a great passive income generation stream
  • Elaborate forex trading signals that are relatively easy to interpret and execute, even for the most inexperienced trader
  • Doesn’t offer forex brokerage services and this forces you to partner with a third party – forex brokers
Investing carries risk - Capital at risk

6. ForexSteam – Best for GBP/USD currency pair

Our Rating

  • Beginner friendly as it doesn’t call for prior forex trading experience
  • Fully automated thus requires minimal effort on your part
  • Attractive return on interests and risk protection
  • Faced with integrity issues in the recent past
Investing carries risk - Capital at risk

7. Cryptohopper – Best for cryptocurrency trades

Our Rating

  • Beginner friendly and doesn’t require prior trading experience
  • Highly versatile and can be linked with all the top crypto exchanges
  • Passive income generator
  • One may consider their $99 monthly subscription plan relatively expensive
  • Isn’t fully independent broker but requires third party input
Investing carries risk - Capital at risk

Everything else you need to know about autotrading:

  • You must learn how to avoid scams:

The autotrading sphere is full of scams, out to fleece of your hard earned cash or steals your personal and financial details. Before signing up with free or premium subscription auto trading system, consider vetting its reliability by looking at both independent reviews and its registration/regulation.

  • Backtest results aren’t reflective of the EA’s future performance:

Virtually all the autotrading services providers will have the backtest results for their systems plastered all over their website. But don’t be too quick to trust them as they can be manipulated to achieve desired results. When looking for an autotrading system, look beyond the backtest results and into the independently verifiable trading results of a real account posted on

  • You have to keep updating the system:

Understand that the money markets are highly dynamic and if you are to remain profitable, your autotrading system must adjust to these dynamics. Thus the need to keep updating it to versions that put into account these changes.

  • Keeping the autotrader open throughout the day only increases your risk exposure:

When it comes to money market trades, understand that more trades don’t always mean more revenues. And the more trades you execute, the higher your risk exposure and the probability of scoring a loss.

Bottom Line

Long gone are the days when you needed to spend months, probably years testing and perfecting different trading strategies before earning decent incomes from trading. Similarly, and thanks to the numerous autotrading systems currently available, you don’t have to spend hours on end in front of a computer screen analyzing markets and monitoring price action of your own trades. Advancements in the autotrading sphere have made it possible to set your trades in autopilot mode, and profit from market and product price movements in the cryptocurrency, forex, and stock share markets while you go about your day.

Glossary of Investment Terms

Depiction of a bond certificate and dollar coin illustrating Bonds | Learnbonds

A bond is a loan made to an organization or government with the guarantee that the borrower will pay back the loan plus interest upon the maturity of the loan term. It can be advanced to the national government, corporate institutions, and city administration. It is an investment class with a fixed income and a predetermined loan term.

Depiction of coins and growth curve illustrating mutual funds | Learnbonds
Mutual Fund

A mutual fund is a professionally managed investment vehicle that pools together funds from numerous investors and invests it in such securities as stocks, bonds, and other money market instruments. They are headed by portfolio managers who determine where to invest these funds. They are highly regulated and invest in relatively low-risk money markets and in turn post lower rates than other aggressive managed funds.

Illustration of an interlink depicting P2P lending | Learnbonds
P2P Lending

Peer-to-peer lending (p2p lending) is a form of direct-lending that involves one advancing cash to individuals and institutions online. A P2P lending platform, on the other hand, is an online platform connecting individual lenders to borrowers.

Illsutration on a Bitcoin Coin | Bitcoin Learnbonds

Bitcoin is the legacy cryptocurrency developed on the Bitcoin Blockchain technology. It is a new form of money primarily developed to solve some of the inherent challenges associated with fiat currencies like inflation and over-production. It is virtual (online) cash that you can use to pay for products and services from bitcoin-friendly stores.

Depiction of an uptrending index fund | Learnbonds
Index Funds

An index fund refers to the coming together of individuals to pool in funds that are then invested in the stock and money markets by professional money managers. The only difference between an index fund and a mutual fund is that the index fund follows a specific set of rules that track specific investments and index stocks.

Depiction of ETF performance |ETFs Learnbonds

An Exchange-traded fund refers to an investment vehicle that is publicly traded in the stock exchange markets – much like shares and stocks. The fund is expert-managed and its portfolio comprises of such investment products as stocks, bonds, commodities, and more money market instruments like currencies.

Deprion of an elderly person on a wheelchair depicting retirement | Learnbonds

Retirement refers to the time you spend away from active employment and can be voluntary or occasioned by old age. In the United States, the retirement age is between 62 and 67 years.

An illustration of uptrending penny stocks performance | Learnbonds
Penny Stocks

Penny Stocks refer to the common shares of relatively small public companies that sell at considerably low prices. They are also known as nano/micro-cap stocks and primarily include any public traded share valued at below $5.

Depictin of a house loan form and pen illustrating nature of real estate | Learnbonds
Real Estate

Real Estate can be said to be the land and buildings on a given property as well as other rights associated with the use of the property like the air rights and underground rights. Real estate can be either commercial if the land, property, and buildings are used for business purposes or residential if they are used to non-business purposes – like building a family home.

Depiction of a house illustrating Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs) | Learnbonds
Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT)

REITs are companies that use pooled funds from members to invest in income-generating real estate projects. While a REIT may specialize in one real estate niche, most diversify and invest in as many high-income real estate projects as possible. They are especially interested in commercial real estate projects like warehouses, prime office buildings, residential apartments, hotels, timber yards, and shopping malls.

A hand holding a house and dollar cash illustrating different types of assets | Asset, Learnbonds

Asset simply refers to any resource of value or a resource that can be owned and controlled to produce positive value by an individual or business.

Depiction of a man with a house in mind - real estate Broker | Learnbonds

A broker is an intermediary to a gainful transaction. It is the individual or business that links sellers and buyers and charges them a fee or earns a commission for the service.

chart and graph depiction of market performance illustrating capital gains | Learnbonds
Capital Gain

Capital gains refer to the positive change in the price of a capital asset like shares and stock, bonds or a real estate project. It is the difference between the current selling price of the asset and its lower original buying price and it is considered a taxable income.

Dollar sack and a stack of coins showing hedge fund performance | Hedge Fund, Learnbonds
Hedge Fund

A hedge fund is an investment vehicle that pools together funds from high net worth individuals and businesses before having professional money managers invest it in highly diversified markets. The difference between mutual and hedge funds is that the later adopts highly complicated portfolios comprised of more high-risk high-return investments both locally and internationally.

Depiction of an uptrending index fund | Learnbonds

An index simply means the measure of change arrived at from monitoring a group of data points. These can be company performance, employment, profitability, or productivity. Observing a stock index, therefore, involves measuring the change in these points of a select group of stocks in a bid to estimate their economic health.

A downtrending market and a dollar coin depicting a recession | Learnbonds

A recession in business refers to business contraction or a sharp decline in economic performance. It is a part of the business cycle and is normally associated with a widespread drop in spending.

Tax, dollars and percentage depictions of a Taxable Account | Learnbonds
Taxable Accounts

Taxable Account refers to any investment account that invests in shares and stocks, bonds and other money market securities. The account is offered by a brokerage company and you are obliged to report and pay taxes on the investment income each year.

Calculator, percentages and form illustrating a Tax-Advantaged account | Learnbonds
Tax-Advantaged Accounts

A tax-advantaged account refers to savings of investment accounts that enjoy such benefits as a tax exemption or deferred tax payment. Roth IRA and Roth 401K are examples of tax-exempt accounts whose contributions are drawn from after-tax incomes with the yields generated from investing funds therein being tax-exempt. Traditional IRA, 401K plan and college savings, on the other hand, represent tax-deferred accounts. Their contributions are deductible from your current taxable incomes but you get to pay taxes on their accrued incomes.

Yiled Sign | Yield, Learnbonds

Yield simply refers to the returns earned on the investment of a particular capital asset. It is the gain an asset owner gets from the utilization of an asset.

A illustration of justice scale showing authosity a Custodian holds to custodial Account | Learnbonds
Custodial Accounts

A custodial account is any type of account that is held and administered by a responsible person on behalf of another (beneficiary). It may be a bank account, trust fund, brokerage account, savings account held by a parent/guardian/trustee on behalf of a minor with the obligation to pass it to them once they become of age.

Hand holding different assets - house and cash - illustrating how asset management company works | Learnbonds
Asset Management Company

An Asset Management Company (AMC) refers to a firm or company that invests and manages funds pooled together by its members. Like mutual or hedge funds, the AMC creates diversified investment portfolios that comprise of shares and stocks, bonds, real estate projects, and other low and high-risk investments.

Depictio of man thinking of money and risks illustrating a Registered Investment Advisor | Learnbonds
Registered Investment Advisor (RIA)

A registered investment advisor is an investment professional (an individual or firm) that advises high-net-worth (accredited) investors on possible investment opportunities and possibly manages their portfolio.

Depiction of percentage growth rate of funds depicting Fed Rate percentage changes | Learnbonds
Fed Rate

The fed rate in the United States refers to the interest rate at which banking institutions (commercial banks and credit unions) lend - from their reserve - to other banking institutions. The Federal Reserve Bank sets the rate.

Depiction of grrowing stacks of coins illustrating fixed income rates | Learnbonds
Fixed Income Fund

A fixed-income fund refers to any form of investment that earns you fixed returns. Government and corporate bonds are prime examples of fixed income earners.

Dollar sack and potted plant depicting how assets grow in a Fund | Learnbonds

A fund may refer to the money or assets you have saved in a bank account or invested in a particular project. It may also refer to the collective basket of resources pooled from different clients that are then invested in highly diversified income-generating projects.

Depiction of a values of coin going up or down illustrating value investing | Learnbonds
Value Investing

Value investing is the art of using fundamental analysis to identify undervalued shares and stocks in the market. It involves buying these shares at the current discounted prices and hoping that a market correction pushes them up to their intrinsic value effectively resulting in massive gains.

A plant groning on a stack of cash illustrating impact investing | Learnbonds
Impact Investing

Impact investing simply refers to any form of investment made with the aim of realizing financial returns while positively impacting the society, environment or any other aspect of life in the process. Investment in solar projects and green energy, for instance, posts profits and helps conserve the environment.

Magnifying glass on a smartphone screen illustrating how Investing App works | Learnbonds
Investing App

An investment App is an online-based investment platform accessible through a smartphone application. It lets you save and invest your funds in a preset portfolio that primarily consists of shares and stocks, bonds, ETFs, and currencies based on your risk tolerance.

A gorup of individuals and a dollar coin showing how crowdfunding works | Real Estate Crowdfunding, Learnbonds
Real Estate CrowdFunding

Real Estate crowdfunding is a platform that mobilizes average investors – mainly through social media and the internet – encourages them to pool funds, and invests them in highly lucrative real estate projects. It can be said to be an online platform that brings together average investors and lets them enjoy real estate projects previously preserved for high net worth and institutional investors.


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