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Herdos is a forex and CFDs broker founded in 2016. The broker offers automated trading services through popular trading robots.

With Herdos, you can trade spot forex and popular CFDs in stock, market indices, commodities, and crypto. However, crypto offerings are the most popular. Over 70% of Herdos users exclusively trade crypto through a robot known as Bitcoin Up.

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All trading carries risk

Bitcoin Up is a viral trading robot said to earn its users huge profits speculating on bitcoin. It runs on autopilot, meaning that no skill is needed to use it.

In this review, we will look at the key features of Herdos broker and offer tips to help you trade with this broker through Bitcoin Up.

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All trading carries risk.

Herdos Review – Overview!

Herdos is a forex and CFDs broker well known for supporting auto-trading platforms. Its most popular trading partner is Bitcoin Up, a BTC CFDs trading robot with a supposed win rate of 88%.

With such a win rate, traders who register with Herdos through the Bitcoin Up robot can make daily profits of up to 400%. Consequently, it is possible to generate up to 4 times the invested capital when trading with this robot.

Herdos adopts the STP+ECN trading model and hence charges a small mark-up on spreads. Its spreads start from as low as zero pips, and it doesn’t charge any commissions. The costs are even lower for traders who opt to trade with this broker through the Bitcoin Up robot.

Herdos provides signup bonuses of up to 50% for new accounts and 25% for subsequent deposits. The minimum trading capital required to trade with this broker through Bitcoin Up is $250. Such a small deposit can translate to a daily profit of $1000 when the provided trading instructions are followed closely.

Who does Herdos Broker appeal to?

Herdos broker trades through Bitcoin Up, an auto robot with a supposed win rate of 90%. The fact that the robot is fully auto means that anyone can register and trade with it. You can start earning profits on the first day of trading by reading the easy to understand guide provided by Bitcoin Up and following it closely.

Herdos Review : Scam...

You do not need any trading knowledge to use Herdos through Bitcoin Up. Anyone, including those with zero trading experience, can earn profits on the first day of trading with Herdos if they register through Bitcoin Up. This is because the robot carries trading all trading on behalf of users and at a win rate of 90%.

Such a win rate means that Bitcoin Up is profitable in every 9/10 trades. Herdos provides the best trading conditions for automated trading and hence is the best broker to use through Bitcoin Up.  Traders seeking to take advantage of the immense benefits offered by Herdos should sign up on the Bitcoin Up website.

Herdos is also recommended for experienced professional traders looking to provide their clients with above market rate returns. The traders can register a fund management account on Bitcoin Up website and choose the semi-automated function. Bitcoin Up will redirect them to Herdos to provide additional instructions to set up a professional account. 

Read our comprehensive Bitcoin Up review here. We will discuss the Bitcoin Up signup process later in this review.

Herdos Broker Trading Platforms

Those who register with Herdos directly are offered the MT4 trading platform. The MT4 is complicated for beginners and is not the best platform for auto-trading. We recommend that you only trade with Herdos through the Bitcoin Up robot.

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You can register with Herdos by signing up on the Bitcoin Up website. Bitcoin Up offers a highly intuitive trading platform that is easy to use even for the complete beginner. You only need to define trading settings as instructed in the Bitcoin Up manual and click the live button to trade.

Bitcoin Up conducts all trading research and execution automatically. This means that you can proceed with your daily business as the robot works for you. Most Bitcoin Up reviews indicate that it can generate a profit of up to $1500 daily from an investment of $250.

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Professional traders who opt to trade with Herdos through Bitcoin Up are offered a special semi-auto account. A semi-auto account allows the trader to select the best forex signals they want to be implemented in their account. This function is best suited for experienced traders, and hence beginners should go with the semi-auto function.

Is Herdos a scam or legit broker?

We have analyzed a lot of data and concluded that Herdos is a legit broker. This broker is well established and adequately regulated in all jurisdictions of operations. They also have great reviews from users on consumer feedback platforms such as ForexPeaceArmy and TrustPilot.

The reviewers report great satisfaction with the performance shown by this broker through the Bitcoin Up robot. As we will see below, Bitcoin Up robot links to the Herdos powerful order execution system. It is through Herdos trading conditions that Bitcoin Up can report enormous profitability.

Herdos is the 2022 winner of the coveted best robot broker in the bitcoin category award by the UK Association of Forex Traders (AFT). The broker has also received awards in the best broker in customer service, best broker in trading conditions, and the best performing broker for robo-trading.

Its trading robot, Bitcoin Up, has also been recognized by authoritative bodies including Robotics Central (RC). Like Bitcoin Era, this robot is widely covered in the media, including in top publications for crypto. It is also featured in most AI-related global events. The recognition shows that it is legit and trustworthy.

How Herdos broker works with Bitcoin Up trading robot

Herdos broker is popular with auto-traders who chose the Bitcoin Up trading robot. Registering with this broker directly is not recommended since its trading conditions are more favourable when used through a broker.

Consequently, those who prefer to trade with this broker must register on the Bitcoin Up website. We will discuss the registration process later in this review of Herdos.

Herdos has a powerful order execution system that links to the Bitcoin Up trader. Bitcoin Up conducts trading research and relays trading signals to the broker’s system for execution. Herdos system executes the orders instantly hence avoiding slippage.

Slippage occurs when an order is delayed and hence executed at a different price. Instant order execution system ensures that orders are implemented instantly and at the ordered price. Bitcoin Up profits off small price movements through a strategy known as scalping.

Consequently, the robot can only generate profits through a broker that supports this approach to trading. Herdos is the perfect broker for Bitcoin Up since it supports fast-paced trading. Moreover, it offers a leverage of up to 5000:1 hence allowing users to make huge profits out of small market movements.

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All trading carries risk.

For the sake of beginners, leverage refers to a type of loan offered by the broker to help traders magnify their trades. A leverage of 5000:1 implies that the trader can place trades worth up to $5000 for every $1 of their capital. Leverage can boost both profits and losses and hence should be used wisely. Herdos broker collaborates with Bitcoin Up to provide risk management features including the Stop Loss and Take Profit features.

How to trade with Herdos through Bitcoin Up

Registrations for auto-trading must happen through Bitcoin Up. You will get redirected to the Herdos Broker to deposit after signing up on the Bitcoin Up website. Follow the guide below to get started with Herdos through Bitcoin Up.

STEP ONE: Register on Bitcoin Up website

Visit Bitcoin Up website and follow the self-explanatory signup process. Countercheck your details to ensure that they are correct and secure your account through a password.

Bitcoin Up observes strict data privacy measures, and hence your information is safe with them. You will be redirected to the next step after the initial registration is successful.

STEP TWO: Verify account and deposit $250

Bitcoin Up will redirect you to Herdos broker page where you will be asked to provide more details and verify account.

The verification procedure is easy and only takes a few minutes. You can fund your account through wire transfer or any debit/credit card. Some e-wallets and crypto-wallets may also be accepted.

STEP THREE: Live trading

Read the Bitcoin Up trading manual and open a trading session on the live trading page. Let the robot run without interruption for at least 8 hours daily to get the best out of it.

Is Herdos Broker legit? Final word!

Herdos is a legit and well-regulated broker. It’s monitored by the world’s best regulatory bodies, including ASIC, CYSEC, FCA, and FSB. This broker is best suited for robo-trading, and hence you should sign up with it through the Bitcoin Up robot. Click the register button below to sign up on the Bitcoin Up website.

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Is Herdos a legit broker?

Yes! We have investigated Herdos and concluded that it is legit. You should only trade with this broker through the Bitcoin Up trading robot.

How do I withdraw from Herdos Broker?

Fill the withdrawal request form, and the broker will facilitate your funds within minutes. Please note that Herdos does not charge any withdrawal fees.

Does Herdos broker have a demo account?

Yes! Signup on Bitcoin Up website and you will be redirected to Herdos auto-trading demo after making a deposit.

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