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Swissinvz 24 is a leading forex and CFDs broker founded in 2011 in the Cayman Islands. The broker operates globally and is regulated in multiple jurisdictions, including the UK, Australia, the US, and Asia.  

Swissinvz 24 is best known for auto-trading through a trading robot known as Bitcoin Up. From the reviews we have analyzed, Bitcoin Up seems to be one of the most profitable crypto CFDs trading robots in the market today.

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All trading carries risk

There are claims that those who trade with Swissinvz 24 through Bitcoin Up earn insane profits of up to 600% daily. Some users claim to earn a profit of $1400 in the first 12 hours of trading from a deposit of $250. It is also worth mentioning that a few reviews are indicating that it is possible to lose money when trading with Swissinvz 24 through Bitcoin Up.

Let’s take a deep dive on Swissinvz main features and tips that can help you minimize risk and earn decent profits trading with the Bitcoin Up robot.

What is Swissinvz 24?

Swissinvz 24 is a forex and CFDs robot broker offering a wide range of tradable instruments. Those who choose to trade with this broker through Bitcoin Up get exposure to over 70 tradable instruments.

These include highly volatile crypto CFDs such as BTCUSD, BTCBCH, BTCEUR, and BTCETH. Crypto CFDs are among the most profitable trading instruments due to their high volatility. The BTCUSD pair is the most volatile, sometimes moving with over $1000 in a single day of trading.

With Swissinvz through Bitcoin Up, you do not have to go through the tedious manual BTC buying process. Moreover, it is less risky to trade through the robot than to buy directly. Bitcoin Up speculates on price movements and hence doesn’t involve the physical buying and selling of the underlying asset.

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Also, the robot applies strategies such as short-selling to trade plummeting prices. Consequently, users can still make money even when the prices are falling. Bitcoin Up was founded in 2014 and partnered with Swissinvz 24 in 2015. However, it wasn’t until 2017 that the broker and the robot became popular.

Swissinvz 24 and Bitcoin Up are gaining more popularity in 2021 as analysts continue to predict another crypto bubble. Those who register with Swissinvz 24 through Bitcoin Up today may earn a fortune in the next few months. Read a review of Bitcoin Up here.

How does Swissinvz 24 trade through Bitcoin Up?

Swissinvz 24 is a robot broker that trades volatility on a wide range of instruments. The broker is in partnership with Bitcoin Up, a well-known auto-trading platform founded and owned by the International Bitcoin Council.

Auto-trading with Swissinvz24 involves registering a free account on Bitcoin Up website and depositing at least $250 through the broker. The roles of the broker include facilitating transactions and executing trades as instructed by the robot.

Bitcoin Up uses AI algorithms to read the markets and identify tradable signals. It then automatically instructs Swissinvz 24 on the trades to implement. The use of intelligent robots is not new in trading. Big Wall Street firms are known to use robots to generate huge profits for sophisticated investors.

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All trading carries risk.

Swissinvz 24 has partnered with Bitcoin Up to enable ordinary people to earn insane profits from crypto trading. There are thousands of Bitcoin Up reviews on the internet with most reporting that the platform is highly profitable. Trading with Swissinvz 24 through Bitcoin Up is less risky, but still, there is a likelihood of incurring losses.

Always take extra precaution when trading on margin by investing what you can afford to lose.

Swissinvz 24 and Bitcoin Up Profitability

Trading with Swissinvz 24 through Bitcoin Up can be highly lucrative. The trading robot capitalizes on the trading conditions offered by the broker to earn daily profits of up to 600%.

When this is put into perspective, it is possible to earn $1500 in the first 8 hours of trading by investing $250 only. Some users claim to hit the 1 million dollar mark in account size by reinvesting at least 80% of the profits daily.

We haven’t carried out a live test on Bitcoin Up, but this is likely to be true given the great reviews on ForexPeaceArmy and TrustPilot. But why is trading with Swissinvz 24 through Bitcoin Up so profitable?

Powerful trading algorithms

Bitcoin Up applies Artificial Intelligence to analyze crypto market data and come up with tradable insights. The best AI trading bots report a win rate of up to 99%. Bitcoin Up is tested and proven to have a win rate of 97%.

As mentioned earlier, the application of AI trading algorithms is associated with Wall Street firms. Swissinvz has partnered with Bitcoin Up to bring the potential to ordinary people with limited budgets. There are no license fees to trading with Swissinvz 24 through Bitcoin Up.

High trading leverage

Swissinvz 24 allows traders to trade big positions by offering them leverage of up to 10,000:1. This means that a trader can bet on positions worth up to $1000, for every $1 of invested capital. Leverage is a form of debt capital offered by the broker relative to the invested capital.

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High margin means that you can earn huge profits from a small capital deposit. However, there is also a likelihood of generating devastating losses. With Bitcoin Up, you can control your risk appetite by setting the amount of risk you are willing to take per trade.

A super-fast broker execution system

Swissinvz 24 has a very powerful order execution system. This system can implement orders at supersonic speeds hence eliminating leverage. The high-speed execution eliminates order delay hence allowing the Bitcoin Up robot to apply the scalping trading strategy.

Scalping involves the robot placing tens of trades within a microsecond to capitalize on even the slightest market movements. The strategy is extremely profitable, especially when used through high leverage.

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All trading carries risk.

Swissinvz 24 Trading Platforms

Swissinvz 24 offers manual and automated trading. Manual trading involves spot forex trading and requires some level of experience. Swissinvz offers 24 currency pairs including majors and minors, to be traded through the MT4. We do not recommend this option since it isn’t as profitable as the other one.

Automated trading, on the other hand, involves crypto, commodities, stock, and market indices CFDs trading and happens through the Bitcoin Up trading robot. Swissinvz offers the Bitcoin Up trading robot for auto-trading. Anyone can trade and make profits through the robot since it runs fully automatically.

You only require not more than 15 minutes daily to open a live session. This means that you don’t have to quit your day job to trade with the robot. The trading process should be straightforward, especially if you have read and understood the Bitcoin Up trading instructions. 

Bitcoin Up is widely covered in the media and is recognized by various auto-trading bodies as the most profitable robot for 2021. You can try Swissinz 24 by registering a free account on the Bitcoin Up website.

How to trade with Swissinvz 24 through Bitcoin Up

The trading process takes place on Bitcoin Up’s web-trader. Consequently, you need to register on the Bitcoin Up website to be redirected to the broker for deposit.

Bitcoin Up systems are integrated with those of Swissinvz 24 to ensure that users can access the broker’s deposit page while still on the robot’s page. Swissinvz 24 operates under strict regulatory guidelines and hence handles all users’ deposits with care.

Swissinvz 24 requires all users to verify identity in line with the UK and Australia KYC requirements. ID verification and proof of address are paramount since it prevents financial fraud hence protecting all users.

As mentioned previously, the minimum you can deposit to trade with Swissinvz 24 through Bitcoin Up is $250. You can deposit more to earn more, but we recommend that you keep it small until you are comfortable with the Bitcoin Up auto-trading platform.

Live trading should be easy if you follow our advice and register through Bitcoin Up. All you have to do is set conditions as instructed and click the live button. Click here to visit Bitcoin Up registration page.

Is Swissinvz 24 a legit broker or not?

Swissinvz 24 is undoubtedly legit and profitable when used through the Bitcoin Up trading robot. You can get started with the Swissinvz 24 auto-trading service by signing up for a free account through the link below. Subscribe to our newsletter for more broker and trading robots review.

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All trading carries risk.


Is Swissinvz 24 a scam or not?

Swissinvz 24 is a legit broker that offers auto-trading services through the Bitcoin Up robot. You need to register a free account on Bitcoin Up website to enjoy Swissinvz 24 auto-trading services.

How much should I invest with Swissinvz 24? 

You can start trading with Swissinvz 24 through Bitcoin Up by depositing as little as 250 USD. Trading with more money can increase profitability, but it is also risky. Do not trade with more than you are willing to risk.

Can I withdraw from Swissinvz 24?

Yes! Swissinvz 24 allows you to withdraw your profits whenever you feel like. Just fill an application form on Bitcoin Up dashboard, and Swissinvz 24 will facilitate the withdrawal within a few hours.

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