YuanPay Group Crypto Review: Is it a scam? Find out below!

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A new token released by YuanPay Group has become an internet sensation in the last few months. This is because it supposedly offers an opportunity to generate up to $5000 for every $1 of invested capital.

YuanPay Group token is reportedly the official Chinese-government backed crypto. The token is known as e-yuan and can be bought through the Yuan Pay App. But is it the digital Yuan project legit and is it possible to make the said profits?

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All trading carries risk.

We have rigorously tested the YuanPay Group platform and concluded that it’s legit. In this review, we will look at the features of the YuanPay App and offer tips to help you make the most out of it.

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YuanPay App Review – Key Points!

Many features make Yuan Pay App and its token, the e-yuan, stand out. Here are some interesting points about this digital currency.

  • YuanPay Group is reportedly a company contracted by the Chinese government to develop the e-yuan.
  • The e-yuan is the official China-government backed crypto. Other cryptocurrencies are banned in China.
  • You can only buy the e-yuan by downloading the YuanPay App after registration and deposit.
  • The minimum amount you can invest in the e-yuan is $250. You can deposit more for increased profitability potential.
  • The e-yuan is currently on high demand, and hence investors can generate up to $5000 for every $1 they invest.
  • This profitability rate means that you can earn over $1.2 million by investing $250 only. It will take about six months for your investment to grow to this level.
  • The e-yuan growth is driven by the fact that this is the only legal crypto supported in China. China is among the world’s most populous countries with over $1 billion people.
  • You can buy the e-yuan from anywhere across the globe. The biggest traffic to the platform is reportedly from Europe, Asia, and the US.
  • There are no transaction charges when you buy the token through the YuanPay App. As mentioned above, you need to deposit at least $250 to be able to buy through the app.

It’s safe to buy the e-yuan through the YuanPay App. The app is encrypted and based on blockchain to ensure transparent peer to peer transactions. Get started with YuanPay by creating an account through the link below.

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Does the Chinese government back the e-yuan token?

According to a White Paper released by the YuanPay Group, e-yuan is the official Chinese-government backed crypto. In 2017, the Chinese government banned the use or trading of bitcoin and other cryptos.YuanPay Group Crypto Review:...

It was to later release a statement in early 2018 expressing the interest to introduce national crypto. This was not unexpected, given that China has always banned western products in favour of locally made ones.

For instance, Google and Facebook are banned in China to shield local founded platforms such as Baidu and WeChat from the competition. The adoption of state-backed crypto is therefore expected to go through the roof. China has a population of over a billion and a culture that is open to new technologies.

It’s therefore highly likely that e-yuan will gain a massive adoption within a short time. Users who will buy the coin now will reportedly earn up to $5000 for every $1 invested by the time of its ICO. YuanPay Group has announced that the main ICO will be issued by mid next year.

The Chinese government hasn’t released any official statement about e-yuan. However, the country’s ICT ministry has given hints of the state-backed crypto launch.

How much should I invest in the e-yuan token?

The e-yuan is still in on the private sale, meaning that investors must commit at a fixed amount. As mentioned earlier, the minimum you can invest with the platform is USD250.

Investors who commit the $250 during the private sale will reportedly make up to $1.25 million by July next year. This makes the platform amazingly profitable. There is minimal risk in buying the Yuan token at this time.

But this doesn’t mean that you can’t lose your investment. Even though unlikely, there is a possibility of the ICO not going as expected. Even so, profitability will be guaranteed once the Chinese government comes forward to support this platform.

It’s important to note that you can invest more than $250. The maximum amount you can invest with the platform at this point is $10,000. However, given the limited investment slots, investors are encouraged not to invest more than $1000.

YuanPay Group aims to hit $1 billion during the private sale. The company has already raised over $900 million, and hence it’s just a matter of time before the private sale is closed. There were less than 1000 investment slots available by the time of publishing this review.

Visit the YuanPay Group website by clicking here to determine if there are any slots left. Follow the steps below to get started.

STEP ONE: Create an accountYuanPay Group Crypto Review:...

Sign up for free on the YuanPay Group website by submitting your name, phone number, and email through the registration form.

YuanPay Group handles all client data in complete confidentiality. We can confirm that they are adherent to data privacy laws such as the GDPR. For the record, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is the most comprehensive law in the UK.


STEP TWO: Deposit at least USD250

Fund your e-yuan wallet through the matched broker. YuanPay Group has partnered with over 15 crypto brokers to ensure seamless transactions with clients.

The partnership with industry regulated brokers is also a safety guarantee to clients. After deposit, you will receive a call from the underlying broker’s agent instructing you on how to access your e-yuan wallet.

Users in the European Economic Area must go through an ID verification process to access the platform. This measure is a regulatory requirement in the region. It’s aimed at preventing fraud, including money laundering.

STEP THREE: Download the YuanPay App

 YuanPay offers both desktop and mobile apps. You can access your e-yuan wallet easily through these apps.

The desktop app is compatible with Mac, Linux, and Windows operating systems. Mobile users can download the native app on both Android and iOS devices. The e-yuan mobile wallet app is lightweight and can, therefore, be installed on any device.

Please note that the apps are only accessible to registered users. This means that you must make the $250 deposit to receive a download link.

You can follow the e-yuan price growth and transact easily both on the web account and on the apps. YuanPay Group communication channels include email and phone calls.

You need to provide your best contact details during registration since this is what will be used to send updates on the upcoming ICO.

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All trading carries risk.

Is YuanPay token a scam? The Verdict!

It’s always prudent to conduct enough due diligence when it comes to investing in crypto. This is because there are a lot of fraudulent projects out there.

We have done the heavy lifting for you on the YuanPay token and confirmed that it’s legit. This token is reportedly the official state-backed crypto in China. Analysts are predicting that its price will explode as soon as the private sale is closed.

The private sale is ongoing with a target of a billion dollars. According to YuanPay Group, the private sale has already raised over $900 million. This means that the private sale is about to end. You should grab the opportunity while it lasts by signing up immediately.

The minimum you can invest during the e-yuan private sale is $250. You can deposit up to $10,000, but this may not be accepted given the limited slots. According to YuanPay Group, users can expect to earn up to $5000 for every $1 of the invested capital during the upcoming ICO.

There is minimal risk in investing in the e-yuan given that it’s a state-backed currency. However, the Chinese government is yet to release an official statement supporting the crypto. Consequently, there is still a teeny possibility of the price taking a deep dive if the endorsement doesn’t come soon.

It’s therefore advisable that you only invest an amount that won’t cause a lot of devastation in the event of a plummet.


What is e-Yuan?

The e-Yuan is a new cryptocurrency allegedly issued by the YuanPay Group in collaboration with the Chinese government. It will allegedly be the official digital coin for the Chinese economy.

How do I profit from the e-Yuan private sale?

The e-Yuan private sale is reportedly offering investors an opportunity to harvest huge profits during the upcoming ICO. A deposit of $250 during the private sale is anticipated to generate up to $1.25 million in profits.

How do I download the YuanPay App?

You need to be a registered user to access the YuanPay App. A download link will be sent to your email after deposit. You can manage your account on the web platform or through the highly intuitive YuanPay mobile app.

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