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FXTB is a top broker that is popular with auto traders. The broker offers spot forex and CFDs trading in over 375 assets in stock, commodities, market indices, and crypto. FXTB works in collaboration with some of the world’s best trading robots.

To trade with this broker, you need to identify a trading robot that supports it. Most of the trading robots listed as FXTB partners report daily profitability of up to 600%.

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All trading carries risk.

We will discuss some of these brokers in this FXTB review but first things first, let us look at some of the factors that make this broker worthwhile.

FXTB Broker – Tradable instruments

As mentioned above, FXTB offers spot forex and CFDs on crypto, commodities, market indices, and stock. Most of the users who choose this broker are auto traders.

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With this broker, you can trade spot forex on popular currency pairs such as EUR/USD, EUR/GBP, and USD/GBP among many others. Overall, this broker offers over 40 currency pairs, including all the majors and minors and a few exotics.

Stock CFDs, on the other hand, include leading global shares such as Facebook, Google, Amazon, and Netflix. This broker also offers top commodities such as US Oil, Gold, and Silver and market indices such as the S&P 500 and DAX30.

FXTB also offers crypto CFDs on bitcoin including highly profitable pairs such as BTCUSD, BTCETH, BTCGBP, BTCBCH, among many others. You can trade up to 30 crypto CFDs pairs with this broker. Crypto CFDs are the most popular with FXTB auto-traders thanks to the popularity of Bitcoin Up, a leading trading robot that is in partnership with the broker.

Is FXTB Broker Regulated?

FXTB Broker is regulated by top authorities, including the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CYSEC), the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), and the Australian Securities and Exchange Commission (ASIC).

These three are among the world most reputable broker monitoring bodies. Brokers who register with them commit to observing strict client protection measures. These include deposit segregation, regular external, auditing, and belonging to a deposit protection scheme.

Deposit segregation is all about separating the broker’s operating costs with clients’ deposits. The regular external audits prevent the broker from participating in any fraudulent activities. Brokers must also participate in a deposit protection scheme to ensure that clients get a refund in the event of bankruptcy.

When all these factors are taken into account, it is correct to conclude that FXTB is one of the most reputable robot brokers. The high operating standards mean that all its partners must also observe professionalism.

Bonuses and Awards

FXTB Broker has won a lot of awards related to robo-trading and trading conditions. The broker is the 2021 winner of the Best Performing robot broker by the American Association of Auto Traders. The International Council of Bitcoin has also recognized it as one of the best brokers for auto trading.

FXTB has also been recognized for excellent customer service, competitive pricing, platforms ease of use and safety. The easiest way to trade with this broker is through the highly intuitive trading Bitcoin Up robo-trading platform.

Remember that Bitcoin Up is fully auto and hence you do not need any trading skills to use it. All users that trade with FXTB through Bitcoin Up enjoy bonuses of up to 60% on first deposit and 30% and subsequent deposits.

The trading slots with Bitcoin Up through FXTB are limited, and hence only a few are lucky to secure them. You can try your luck by clicking here. If not lucky on the first attempt, you should keep checking on Bitcoin Up website until you can secure a position.

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All trading carries risk

Trading FXTB crypto CFDs through Bitcoin Up 

Most of the traders who speculate on crypto CFDs through FXTB partner robots such as Bitcoin Up end up making huge profits. For the record, Bitcoin Up is a computer program that allows ordinary people to make huge profits on crypto from a small investment.

Those who trade the crypto CFDs on FXTB brokers through Bitcoin Up generate up to $2000 daily from a starting capital of $250. This robot is one of FXTB’s strong selling points. Most of those who register with FXTB do so through Bitcoin Up.  

Bitcoin Up is fully auto and hence completely easy to use for anyone willing to read and follow simple trading instructions. We will discuss how to sign up with Bitcoin Up later in this review.

Why trade with FXTB through Bitcoin Up?

FXTB is a top broker offering a wide variety of tradable instruments. This broker is well regulated and hence highly reputable. As mentioned earlier, FXTB is popular with auto-traders, specifically those using Bitcoin UP.

Bitcoin Up is a trading robot founded in 2015 by a team of MIT engineers and former Wall Street bankers. It is the most profitable trading robot for 2022, according to the International Bitcoin Council.

Here is why you need to try Bitcoin Up through the FXTB Broker.

Favourable trading environment

FXTB Broker provides perfect conditions for auto-trading. For instance, it charges floating spreads from as low as zero pips and zero commissions.

Moreover, it offers a robust order execution system to ensure that all orders relayed by Bitcoin Up are executed instantly.

Instant order execution is paramount since it eliminates slippage hence ensuring profitability on even the slightest of market movements. Most auto-trading robots, including Bitcoin Up, capitalize on slight market movements to make money.

Bitcoin Up can place hundreds of trades daily hence the high supposed profitability. Under supportive market conditions, the robot can turn a deposit of $250 to $1500 in less than a day. Click here to kickstart your trading journey with FXTB through Bitcoin Up.

Easy to use trading platform

You do not have to master the MT4 when trading with FXTB through Bitcoin Up. The robot provides a highly intuitive platform where users can manage their account at a click of a button. Remember that this robot carries 99% of trading automatically.

You only need to adjust risk settings as instructed in the Bitcoin Up trading manual and click the live button. Bitcoin Up will conduct trading research and relay signals to FXTB for execution. As mentioned above, FXTB has powerful systems in place to ensure instant order execution.

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All trading carries risk.

Seamless deposit and withdrawals

All the profits generated through the Bitcoin Up robot can be withdrawn in a few simple steps on FXTB funds management page. You only need to send a withdrawal request using the provided form and wait for a few hours.

FXTB does not charge any deposit and withdrawal fees. Moreover, there are no limits to how much you can withdraw. Please note that withdrawals can only happen through verified methods. This is an important measure meant to protect all clients.

Getting Started with FXTB through Bitcoin Up robot

You need to register on the Bitcoin Up website to trade through the FXTB Broker. Those who register directly on the FXTB Website do not enjoy the auto-trading benefits offered by Bitcoin Up.

Registering directly on the FXTB website means that you will not enjoy the immense benefits that come with Bitcoin Up. You should, therefore register through the robot by following the steps below.

STEP ONE: Register on Bitcoin Up website

Visit Bitcoin Up website through this link and create a free account. Verify your contact details as directed and secure your trading account through a strong password.

Bitcoin Up is compliant with top data privacy laws, including the EU GDPR and hence doesn’t share users’ data without permission.

STEP TWO: Deposit at least $250 with FXTB

Bitcoin Up will redirect you to FXTB website where you will be prompted to deposit your trading capital. The minimum amount required is 250 USD, but you can deposit more for higher profitability.

You can fund your account through bank transfer, debit/credit card, and some e-wallets. Some of the brokers also accept deposits through crypto-wallets.

STEP THREE: Run the trading robot

Bitcoin Up is an auto trading bot, and hence you can proceed with your daily business as it works for you. As mentioned earlier, it conducts trading research and relays signals to the underlying broker for execution.

You do not need to spend a lot of time studying trading lingo to successfully trade with FXTB through Bitcoin Up.

FXTB Review – Bottom line

FXTB is a reputable broker that is popular with auto-traders. The broker is linked to popular auto-trading platforms such as Bitcoin Up. With Bitcoin Up, you can earn up to $1500 in daily profits by investing $250 only. Click the link below to get started with FXTB through Bitcoin Up.

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All trading carries risk.


What is FXTB Trading Broker?

FXTB Trading Broker is a leading robot broker known to generate insane profits when used through a trading robot known as Bitcoin Up.

How much should I invest with FXTB?

You need as little as $250 to trade with FXTB through Bitcoin Up. This broker does not charge deposit fees.

Is FXTB a regulated broker?

Yes! FXTB is regulated by authoritative bodies such as FCA, ASIC, and CYSEC. These are tier-one regulators with stringent client protection measures.

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