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DAX 1001 is a premier broker offering robo-trading services through the Bitcoin Up trading platform.  This broker popularity went through the roof during the crypto bubble of 2016 after it emerged that users could earn thousands of dollars daily speculating on crypto.

The high profitability can be attributed to Bitcoin Up, a powerful trading robot that partners with brokers to enable ordinary people to bet on crypto prices. Bitcoin Up is popular among online investors and traders.

You can allegedly earn a decent profit daily by investing with the DAX 1001 broker through the Bitcoin Up robot. In this review, we will discuss the features of this broker and tips to help you trade with it through Bitcoin Up.

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All trading carries risk.

Please note that no skill is needed to trade with DAX 1001 through Bitcoin Up. You can register an account and start earning profits within hours. Even so, the robot trades on margin like Bitcoin Era and hence involves a significant degree of risk. Invest wisely.

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All trading carries risk

DAX 1001 Review – How does it work?

DAX 1001 offers both manual and automated trading on spot forex and CFDs. Spot forex trading includes 45 currency pairs, including the majors and the minors.

CFDs, on the other hand, include 310 products covering stocks, market indices, commodities and crypto. With DAX 1001, you can trade popular global stocks such as Netflix, Amazon, Alibaba, and Facebook. Also available are top market indices such as the S&P 500, DAX30 and NASDAQ 100.

Crypto offerings are the most popular and include over 50 pairs. These include BTCUSD, BTCEUR, BTCXRP, BTCBCH, and many more. Traders who prefer automated trading must do so on the Bitcoin Up website. We strongly advise that you choose this option since it is the safest and most profitable. DAX 1001 collaborates with Bitcoin Up and hence all registrations through Bitcoin Up are shared with the broker.

The role of the forex robot is to automatically identify the best Forex signals and relay them to DAX 1001 for implementation. DAX 1001 has robust order execution systems to ensure instant order implementation. This means that there is no slippage when trading with DAX1001 through Bitcoin Up.

Negative Slippage occurs when trades are placed at a price that is less favourable than the ordered one. Bitcoin Up makes money through scalping, and hence small price movements impact its performance greatly.

You can get started with DAX 1001 by signing up with Bitcoin Up or keep reading to learn more about this broker.

DAX 1001 Review – Scam or legit broker?

We give DAX 1001 a 98% legitimacy score after evaluating thousands of reports about it on the internet.

This broker is adequately regulated and has great reviews on most independent review sites. For instance, it has a rating of 4.5/5 on TrustPilot after over ten thousand reviews and 3.9/5 on ForexPeaceArmy after 2k+ reviews.

Those who have rated Bitcoin Up positively report trading with it through the Bitcoin Up trading platform. Bitcoin Up is recognized internationally and has been nominated among the best trading platforms for 2022 by the American Trading Association (ATA).bitcoin up introduction section

It is also widely covered in the mainstream media and also top crypto publications. We have come across unconfirmed rumours that some celebrities have invested in this robot. However, we strongly advise making trading decisions based on celebrity gossip.

With the robust growth of fake news and gossip platforms, any popular subject is bound to attract fake stories. Most of the popular trading robots out there have been targeted by the celebrity-related rumours.

How to trade with DAX 1001 through Bitcoin Up

Now that we know that DAX 1001 broker is legit let us look at how you can make the most out of it. As mentioned severally in this review, you need to register through the Bitcoin Up robot to enjoy the auto-trading features offered by this broker.

Bitcoin Up is a well-known crypto trading platform available in nearly 150 countries across the globe. The robot is equipped with intelligent algorithms capable of analyzing the markets and generating profitable trades.

Bitcoin Up is said to have a success rate of 90% and hence the majority of those who try it make money. Most AI-Powered robots report the same level of profitability. However, the majority are not available to individual traders. The few that are available for ordinary people charge annual license fees of up to $20000 and are therefore not accessible to many.

Bitcoin Up has teamed up with DAX1001 to offer AI-powered auto-trading services for free. You only need to sign up on the robot’s page and fund your account through the broker to start making money. The steps explained below should kick start your trading journey with Bitcoin Up.

Register on Bitcoin Up website

You must create an account on Bitcoin Up homepage to be able to use the robot through DAX 1001. The signup process is quite a walk in the park. Bitcoin Up is available in over 15 languages, including English, French, Chinese, German, Italian, Spanish, Dutch, and others.

You will redirect to DAX 1001 broker page to provide additional information and verify identity. The required verification documents include a photo of your government-issued ID and a document proving your current address.

It is important to note that ID verification is a requirement with all brokers that have operations in the US. You need to embrace this step wholeheartedly since it’s meant to protect your account.

Deposit a minimum of $250 with DAX1001

You must have a minimum trading account balance of $250 to trade with DAX 1001 through Bitcoin Up.  All deposits happen on DAX 1001 broker page.

Bitcoin Up is a trading tool that relays signals to DAX 1001 for implementation. It, therefore, makes sense that the broker handles all transactions. DAX 1001 accepts deposits through any debit/credit card, wire transfer, or e-wallets such as Skrill and Neteller.

The broker also accepts bitcoin through the Bitcoin Wallet app. All payments are encrypted to safeguard users’ data. DAX 1001 doesn’t charge any deposit or withdrawal fees.

Trade with Bitcoin Up demo account

Remember that all trading will be happening on the Bitcoin Up platform. As stated earlier, DAX 1001 relies on the Bitcoin Up robot to provide automated trading.DAX Review : Scam...

The robot is 100% auto, meaning that there is no manual technical input to trading with it. You only need to adjust the trade settings according to your preferences and click the live button. The provided demo account and the video tutorial are there to help you determine what works best for you.

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You must practice on the demo for at least an hour before going live. Failure to master the settings may lead to unwanted outcomes during live trading.

Start live trading by switching on the robot

After defining the trading conditions that favour your risk appetite, you can go ahead and toggle the live button.

Bitcoin Up will do the rest for you as you continue with your daily business. You must let the robot run uninterrupted to get the best out of it. Bitcoin Up relies on the DAX 1001 order execution system to implement trades.

The Bitcoin system is superfast and hence implements thousands of trades in a split of a second. This prevents slippage, and the best trading outcome is achieved 99% of the time. There is no skill requirement for trading with DAX `1001 through the Bitcoin Up robot.

Is DAX 1001 a legit broker? Final word!

We have conducted rigorous testing on DAX 1001 and found it to be a legit broker. This broker is regulated in most parts of the world, and its regulators include tier one bodies such as the FCA. DAX 1001 provides both manual and automated trading.

However, it is well known for auto-trading through a popular robot known as Bitcoin UP. Traders who register with DAX 1001 through Bitcoin Up can expect a daily ROI of up to 400%. With such ROI, it’s possible to earn hundreds of thousands of dollars from an initial deposit of $250. All you need to do is plough back at least 80% of your profits.

You can start investing with DAX 1001 through Bitcoin Up by registering a trading account through the link below.

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Is DAX 1001 legit?

Yes! This review of DAX 1001 finds it to be legit. We conclude this after confirming that it is regulated in all areas of operation and has a good online reputation.

How do I trade with DAX 1001?

You need to register an account on Bitcoin Up robot platform and deposit with DAX 1001 to participate in its auto-trading program.

How do I withdraw from DAX 1001?

Click the “withdraw now” button on Bitcoin Up website to be redirected to DAX 1001 withdrawal page. You will be prompted to fill a withdrawal request form for your funds to be processed.

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