Bitcoin Era Review 2022 : Legit or Scam? Live Results

Is Bitcoin Era legit or scam? In this review, you will read on how to create an account, its key features, advantages of using the Bitcoin Era, how to start make money, and the Bitcoin Era app.
Author: Adam Green

Last Updated: January 6, 2022

Bitcoin Era is an automated trading robot that claims to help users profit from changes in the market price of cryptocurrencies. The crypto trading HFT software claims to generate a profits every day from a little capital investment of $250.

But is this too good to be true?

In this Bitcoin Era review, we will run through the technologies that make Bitcoin Era operate and how it works. It is very important to select the right trading process, time frames and strategies in order to benefit from the Bitcoin era app and start making money.

Bitcoin Era Summary

Rating 5/5
Robot Type Crypto Trading Robot
Win Rate High win rate
Supported Assets BTC, ETH, ETC, ADA, and many more.
Is It a Scam? No
Minimum Deposit $250
Will I have a dedicated Account Manager? Yes
Mobile App No, but can be accessed via mobile internet browsers.
Withdrawal Processing Times Up to 36 hours
Bitcoin Era is an automated trading robot created in 2019 by a group of software developers in the Fintech sector, which promises to provide a considerate amount of daily profit to their users. We’ve reviewed this crypto robot and found it to be easy to use and free. Users should remember that all trading carries risks and users should only invest in regulated firms.

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    Bitcoin Era

    Our Rating

    • 88% Claimed win rate
    • $250 Min Deposit
    • Accepts credit card and Sofort

    All trading carries risk.

    What is Bitcoin Era?

    Launched in 2019, Bitcoin era claims to bring daily profit to their users by placing automatic trades 24/7, in a software that was developed by a group of Fintech companies. Both their users and creators claim that Bitcoin Era is able to perform trades faster than most algorithms, and at a split second faster than the average trading software.

    The Bitcoin Era software is free to use, and the brokers included in the auto trading platform are the ones who are both regulated and compliant, and have backed the funding of this trading tool. To use the platform with one of the brokers, however, the user needs to have an initial capital of $250 to invest which is the same for most popular robots like Bitcoin Evolution.

    Bitcoin Era is a fully automated software, which means that their users just need to configure the robot with their best settings and turn the robot “ON”. Once the crypto trading platform is on, all there’s left to do is monitor the trades being made on their behalf. It’s pretty straight-forward and follows the same simplicity in the use of other tools like Bitcoin Revolution.

    How Bitcoin Era works

    Bitcoin Era works by connecting to top-rated crypto brokers via APIs to execute trades. It does this by using a High-Frequency Trading (HFT) system that scans the cryptocurrency market for the best points of entry and exit for a trade of a particular digital asset class. Bitcoin Era’s trading software then rallies the data to the connected crypto broker. The partnered broker uses the trading signal to automatically open or close the position based on the parameters that you set. 

    The trading software also offers the option of manual crypto trading. This means that you can outline specific trading parameters that suit your trading strategies. This includes the cryptocurrency, the investment amount, stop-loss, and take-profit orders. Once the market conditions and parameters are triggered, Bitcoin Era’s trading algorithm executes the trade automatically, allowing you to passively gain exposure to the crypto market. 

    The Bitcoin Era algorithms use automated trading software that includes more than 15 trading strategies. These include popular short-term trading methods such as scalping that place multiple trades within seconds to generate positive returns from acute price fluctuations in the market. 

    Let’s take a look at how Bitcoin Era works once you sign up: 

    1. Sign up – Bitcoin Era is currently offering free registration slots on a lottery basis, meaning that users who manage to win a free license are allowed to trade for free for the next year. Getting started involves signing up with Bitcoin Era via the form on the bitcoinera.app website. Once you’ve verified your contact details your account will be authenticated. You’ll then be redirected to one of the trusted crypto brokers to verify both your identity and address. This is a standard security regulation that all top-rated brokers follow. 
    2. Deposit funds – Next, you’ll need to fund your account to place orders on the crypto market. Keep in mind that the minimum deposit is $250 and all orders are executed automatically. Moreover, you are allowed to trade before your account is verified but you won’t be able to withdraw funds or assets until verification is complete. 
    3. Familiarizing yourself with the instructions and demo account – You’ll have to read the Bitcoin Era trading guide and test your knowledge of the trading robot by using the demo account. All Bitcoin Era account holders have the support of a dedicated account manager to help you through the trading process. 
    4. Start trading cryptos passively with the Bitcoin Era trading robot – Set the trading parameters to suit your trading strategy and risk tolerance and let the Bitcoin Era trading software do the rest. According to the crypto trading robot, Bitcoin Era ‘can multiply a trading account fivefold.’

    Visit Bitcoin Era Now

    Your Capital is at Risk. 

    Is Bitcoin Era a scam or not?

    Although there’s not much information out there about this specific robot, there’s been claims from users that Bitcoin Era appears to be a legit trading robot, but these can’t be verified. Users should remember that all trading carries risks and users should only invest in regulated firms.

    If you’re familiar with Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, then you know how extremely volatile they can be. Bitcoin can go up by $1,000 in minutes, and if you are an assiduous follower of cryptocurrency, you will see that this happens more often than not.

    What does happen in most cases is that their users leave the robot performing trades on their behalf for a full day, and come back to some losses. As smart crypto traders, you should know that due to volatility you need to monitor the trades.

    Volatility can be bad, but it can also be highly rewarding with trading platforms. Bitcoin Era claims to trade at a split second faster, which means there is enough time to pick up the trending signals and place the trade correctly. Remember, high volatility provides higher risks but also higher rewards.

    Some users online have reported an astonishing 88% success rate or higher so we can properly say that it is not a scam. It’s definitely surprised us and performed better than what we had anticipated.

    Every day in the Bitcoin Era office:

    Let’s look at how Bitcoin Era works. Based in a deal with their crypto traders and brokers who are backing the software, they can offer it free for everyone who wishes to have the first glimpse and even offer a demo account.

    According to our previous experience with other tools, we assume that this is due to the fact that the owners and investors of Bitcoin Era actually make money based on the volume of people using the Bitcoin Era software, so the more people who sign up and use it Bitcoin Era’s free software with the brokers, the better it is for their business.

    Screengrab of the how it works page of Bitcoin Era

    The best feature about Bitcoin Era is that it’s actually very user friendly, and it’s easier to create an account on this Bitcoin system. Take a look below as we explain the account registration process in four simple steps:

    Creating an account on Bitcoin Era

    Step 1: Registration

    Man in a video explaining Bitcoin Era concept with side note on registration

    The first step is easy and simple. Fill out the form in the official Bitcoin Era website, so you can register a trading account and start using the software.

    You’ll be required to enter your full name, a password that needs to have 1 Capital and 1 number (minimum of 6 characters), and finally your email and your phone number. After you register, which is quite easy and simple, you will be connected with a broker and you will be able to move to the next step.

    Congratulatory message for successful registration on Bitcoin Era

    Open your account

    Your capital is at risk. 

    Step 2: Familiarising yourself with the Platform

    To ensure you will be making the most of your Bitcoin Era platform, once you are assigned a broker, you can check out your profile, your practice account, or get started with the live account on the official Bitcoin Era website.

    Screengrab of Bitcoin Era live trading page

    You can find below a brief description of the sections in your dashboard:

    • Trading Accounts: That’s where you will check the activity and summary of your trading accounts. We recommend to only have one trading account ongoing at the same time.
    • My Profile: That’s where you can set up your details, change your password and submit your KYC documents. Regulated brokers require to know who you are, thus you will need to verify your account to withdraw your profits. It’s a standard procedure.
    • Fund Transfer: That’s where you can deposit or withdraw your funds.
    • Platform Downloads: This is not necessary, but you can download the trading system you use for trading with Bitcoin Era.
    • Service Desk: That’s a 24/7 dedicated customer care team to assist you with any queries you might have.

    Step 3: Live and Demo Trading

    There are two trading modes you can choose from with most trading platforms. List of live accounts is the option to choose when you’re ready to go into the live trading session and start making profit, and practice accounts are your common “demo accounts“.

    List of Live and practice accounts on the Bitcoin Era account dashboard

    The demo accounts are optional, but we recommend it as one of the first strategies to minimize potential losses. What is it about? It is a demo account, which is a way to experiment with the platform and perform trades with virtual money in a simulated trading environment.

    It works in a similar way to the live trading account. We recommend that you try to learn the ins and outs of the auto-trading platform so that once you have familiarised yourself with everything, you can start trading for real.

    In Live trading, this is where you are going to tell the robot exactly how you want it to execute crypto trades for you.

    In this step you can access the control panel where you can set up all the details about how you expect the robot to operate.

    Then, you will also have access to the history of trades to see how the HFT software is performing. You can also “open trades” to check them in real time, as well as being able to switch between the live account and the demo account.

    Step 4: Deposit

    Once you have set up your account, it’s time to deposit real capital into your Bitcoin Era trading account. Remember, the software is free to use but the minimum deposit is $250. According to the company website, Bitcoin Era is also currently offering free registrations on a lottery basis. Users who manage to secure a free license will trade for free for the next year.

    Bitcoin Era’s auto trading bot activation board

    The accepted payment methods vary from broker to broker, but the most common methods accepted are Visa and Master credit cards, Neteller and Skrill.

    Open a Bitcoin Era Account

    Your capital is at risk. 

    Bitcoin Era Key Features

    In this section of our Bitcoin Era review, we’ll cover some of the best features on offer to help you make the most of your crypto trading strategies.

    User-friendly Platform

    Bitcoin Era App offers a web-based platform that can be accessed from popular browsers on both desktop and mobile devices. You can also download the HTML5 version of the Bitcoin Era web-trader for your Apple or Android mobile devices. The Bitcoin Era platform was built with beginner traders in mind, so navigating your way around the web-trader platform is simple and easy. 

    Security is of top priority for Bitcoin Era 

    The Bitcoin Era website supports military-grade encryption, and the company complies with global data protection regulations. All affiliate brokers are trusted and regulated in all jurisdictions. 


    Bitcoin Era is one of the first AI-based HFT trading systems to offer auto-trading services to users with a low deposit of just $250. 

    Wide range of payment methods

    The onboarding process is fully digital and seamless. To start live trading you’ll need to fund your account with a minimum deposit of $250. Bitcoin Era supports a range of payment options such as Mastercard, Visa, PayPal, Neteller, Skrill, and more. Bitcoin Era also provides quick payouts. All account funds can be withdrawn with the click of a button. You can also transfer your funds directly to your bank account. 

    Bitcoin Era only Trades with CFD Trading Platforms

    While the HFT system does not impose restrictions on your withdrawals and payouts can be accessed daily, it’s important to note that Bitcoin Era does not provide payouts in BTC or other altcoins as it only trades with CFD trading platforms. 

    Trade a variety of crypto crosses and currency pairs

    As well as trading crypto CFDs, with Bitcoin Era you can also gain exposure to various currency pairs such as BTC/USD. 

    Practice auto-trading with the demo account 

    By crypto trading on the demo account, you can learn the basics of how the Bitcoin Era HFT system works without risking any of your hard-earned capital. 

    24/7 Customer Support

    Customer support at Bitcoin Era is available around the clock. Most users reported that the customer service is helpful and responsive, meaning you can get the support and help you need whenever you face any issues. You’ll also have the support of an account manager at all times, should you need extra help with your trading strategies.


    Upon trying the platform, we could find users testimonials of a weekly haul of in-between $1250 – $2500 USD, and 82% success rate.

    Variety in cryptocurrencies

    Although Bitcoin is the cryptocurrency that has the best results, you can choose from several other such as Ripple, Litecoin, Ethereum, and the most common altcoins. You can also trade in BTCUSD and BTCEUR as trading pairs with Bitcoin Era.

    Withdrawals and deposits in acceptable times

    The withdrawal system usually takes in-between 24-36 hours to secure the funds in your account. It’s very quick and hassle free.

    Safe and friendly verification system

    Its verification system is based on the personal user information (name, credit card, etc) instead of complicated documents. You do need to submit your ID for withdrawing your profit, as Bitcoin Era is compliant against Anti-Money laundering.

    Efficient and safe brokers

    Bitcoin Era carries out operations directly and automatically trough online brokers, which, besides being very effective and having a direct influence on the success of their operations, are also very safe and scam free. Just remember that all trading carries risks. Only trade at regulated providers.


    Bitcoin Era has an “up to 36h withdrawal” policy. When you request to withdraw your funds, it should usually be available to your bank account/bank card or credit card of choice within 36hs.

    Open your account

    Your capital is at risk.

    Let’s compare Bitcoin Era with other trading robots like Bitcoin Up and Bitcoin Code:

    Bitcoin Era

    • Smooth and user-friendly interface, which makes it very easy to get started.
    • It claims to have a high success rate.
    • The minimum initial deposit is just $250
    • Registering is very easy and simple. It takes a couple of minutes to sign up.
    • You can test the trading software and platform before investing real money via the demo account.

    Other Robots

    • Users are usually forced to invest from the beginning, without trying the platform first.
    • Most are scams or perform unsuccessful trades.
    • Many trading robots require that you invest a larger amount.
    • Other robots require you to fill out many forms and their platforms are difficult to use.

    Advantages of Bitcoin Era

    i) For all types of users: It is a very complex software, with an algorithm that performs advanced research and trades. On the other hand, it also has a very simple interface making it easy to learn about crypto trading.

    Besides that, registering and configuring your account is a process that takes less than half an hour, and after that, the robot will do everything for you.

    ii) Claims to have a high win rate: with a reported 88% chance of performing successful operations, this robot offers you the opportunity to perform several short-term trades quickly. With a minimum deposit of $250, users claim you can make up to 10 different transactions, with eight of those trades being profitable.

    iii) 24/7 Dedicated customer service: this service is very special because it not only offers you all the help you need but also provides a live chat option and you can make inquiries at any time of the day.

    iv) Information at the service of the user: Besides using the demo account to familiarize yourself with the platform, Bitcoin Era also offers tutorials to educate users and help them to learn about the world of Bitcoin trading.

    How to use Bitcoin Era?

    It all depends on a few factors such as crypto market analysis, luck, and patience. There are a few ways to help you minimize potential losses.

    • Use the Demo account: Practice before going into the live trading mode with the demo account, to avoid making any mistakes when using real money in the live trading sessions. Also take advantage of familiarizing yourself with Bitcoin Era before having a go at it.
    • Take advantage of the information: Besides the demo account, there are also tutorials and a dedicated customer service team that can help you acquire more knowledge to increase your chances of success.
    • Start with a moderate investment scheme: If you’re a first-time investor, you should be looking to deposit no more than $250 until you feel like you trust the robot enough. Remember that despite that high success rate, cryptocurrencies do have a lot of volatility.

    Do Celebrities Endorse Bitcoin Era?

    There have been plenty of rumours surrounding celebrity endorsements from the likes of Elon Musk, Phillip Schofield and Gordon Ramsey. But are these suggestions anything to take seriously? Keep reading to find out if any celebrities are secret crypto traders or using any investment schemes.

    Bitcoin Era Holly Willoughby

    Holly Willoughby host of ITV's Morning Show rumored to support Bitcoin Era

    Holly Willoughby, the famous TV presenter and co-host of the famous ITV This Morning show, is said to have invested in Bitcoin Era. However, our investigation reveals that she has never shown interest in Bitcoin let alone a Bitcoin trading robot. Consequently, there is a high chance that the platforms making these claims are misleading.

    We suggest that you ignore the Bitcoin Era Holly Willoughby claims and focus on unbiased and comprehensive reviews like this one for decision making. Learnbonds has investigated Bitcoin Era and finds it to be legit and worth a try.

    Bitcoin Era Piers Morgan

    Piers Morgan host of ITV's Morning Show rumored to support Bitcoin Era

    Piers Morgan was the host of the popular ITV show, Good Morning Britain. There are rumours that he has invested in Bitcoin Era. However, there exists no evidence to support these claims. This means that the rumours are likely to be false. We suggest that you keep off the platforms making these claims and rely on comprehensive reviews like this one for decision making.

    The reason as to why this robot is a top target for fake news is because it is highly popular. Bitcoin Era has passed all our trustworthiness tests and hence may be a good choice for you.

    Bitcoin Era Pros & Cons


    • Seamless onboarding and verification process
    • Minimum deposit of $250
    • Provides a High-Frequency Trading system equipped with strategies like scalping
    • Wide range of payment options
    • Access to a demo account


    • Does not offer a mobile app
    • All trades are executed using CFD brokers

    Bitcoin Era App Review: The Verdict

    Is it worth investing in Bitcoin Era trading system? Based on our research, it’s a reliable software that offers good chances of making money; according to the official Bitcoin Era website and other reviews. If you’re looking to participate in the crypto market with a passive auto-trading HFT software, then Bitcoin Era could be a great option. This Bitcoin Era review has covered everything you need to know about this crypto trading robot, so you can spend more time trading and less time researching.

    Remember to only invest what you can afford to lose at at regulated brokers, and that high risks come with high rewards. If you’re having any trouble or want to learn some cryptocurrency trading skills, contact us below in the comment section.

    Bitcoin Era

    Our Rating

    • 88% Claimed win rate
    • $250 Min Deposit
    • Accepts credit card and Sofort

    Glossary of Cryptocurrency Terms


    What is Bitcoin Era?

    Bitcoin Era is an auto-trading robot that claims to generate profits for its users by automatically trading Bitcoin and other altcoins 24/7.

    Is Bitcoin Era legit or scam?

    Bitcoin Era is legit, working and real. Many crypto traders using this software report daily profits. Just remember that all trading carries risks. Only trade at regulated providers.

    Can I withdraw the Bitcoin on my Bitcoin Era account?

    No, you can't. You won't really acquire the Bitcoin, but it will be used to trade as a CFD, which is a representation of the Bitcoin available in the crypto market by the broker of your choice.

    Do I need to select one of these brokers listed in Bitcoin Era?

    Bitcoin Era only works with the brokers available in the platform, as they are their business partners and investors. The tool is connected via API to the broker in question, and it's being used on the platform the broker has made available for the software.

    How much money can I make with Bitcoin Era?

    Bitcoin Era uses algorithms based on High-Frequency Trading systems. This means that you’ll have access to over 15 different trading strategies including scalping. According to Bitcoin Era, its auto-trading system has a high success rate. High leverage paired with high accuracy rates could generate significant returns. This means that a minimum deposit of $250 could grow through compounding as the AI algorithms try to capitalize on small market movements. However, there are substantial risks associated with all types of trading, especially when it comes to the extreme volatility of the crypto market. Therefore, you should only invest money that you can afford to lose.

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