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PBN Invest broker offers forex and CFDs trading in the stock, market indices, commodities, and crypto. However, this broker is best known for crypto CFDs trading through a trading robot known as Bitcoin Up.

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Bitcoin Up is a viral trading robot founded in 2015. It is said to have made a lot of millionaires during the crypto boom of 2017 and is expected to do it again in the boom of 2021. Bitcoin Up trades through the PBN broker which explains why this broker’s popularity is going through the roof today.

This review will look at the key features of PBN Invest and offer tips to trading with it successfully through the Bitcoin Up trading robot.

PBN Invest Review – Key features

PBN Invest is an ECN broker founded by PBN Investment Group and headquartered in London, UK. The broker offers both automated and manual trading but is mostly recognized for auto trading. 

PBN invest provides a wide variety of tradable instruments including 12 spot forex pairs and over 400 CFDs. The CFDs cover currencies, commodities, stock, and crypto. However, the crypto offerings are the most popular with the auto trading option.

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Those looking to enjoy the high profitability associated with PBN auto trading option are required to register on the Bitcoin Up website. PBN Invest has partnered with this robot to offer all forms of robo-trading. Bitcoin Up provides both the full-auto and semi-auto function.

The fully auto option means that the robot carries all trading on behalf of the user. You only need to deposit the required trading capital and sit back as the robot conducts trading for you. PBN Invest through the Bitcoin Up trading robot can generate up to $1500 in profits from a deposit of $250 on the first day of trading.

The semi-auto trading function allows the trader to determine what trades to be implemented in their account. This option is best suited for professional crypto traders preferring some level of control in their accounts. Even so, Bitcoin Up has proven to beat professionals and hence the fully automated option is the best.

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All trading carries risk.

Is PBN Invest a scam or legit broker?

Nearly 80% of brokers out there is a scam, and it is therefore important to conduct enough research before signing up with any broker.

We have made the search easier for you by conducting research and preparing this unbiased PBN Invest review. Our investigation confirms that PBN Invest is indeed well-regulated and has a good reputation.

Adequate regulation is the most important hallmarks of a transparent broker. Well-regulated brokers must observe stringent client protection measures, including separating their operating capital with clients deposits. 

They must also conduct regular external audits with a reputable auditing firm and submit reports to the regulator. These measures ensure that the broker cannot use clients’ money for any other purpose other than the intended one.

PBN Invest Broker is also reviewed by users positively as is evident on TrustPilot and ForexPeaceArmy. The reviewers recommend report satisfaction with Bitcoin Up performance and the trading conditions offered by PBN Invest. Moreover, they report that the platform is easy to use, and the broker offers great customer services.

PBN Invest customer service is equipped with skills and tools to help them address questions relating to the broker and the robot.

PBN Invest Review – Trading Platforms

PBN Invest offers a manual trading option through the MT4 trading platform. The automated option, on the other hand, happens through the Bitcoin Up robot.

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We strongly advise that you go for the fully auto option since it is the most profitable and doesn’t require any trading skills. With the right settings and trading conditions, you should be able to make money from the first day of trading.

Trading with the Bitcoin Up platform should be a walk in the park even for the complete beginner. It has a simple to understand user interface and comes with a layman’s guide to auto trading. Moreover, the platform is compatible with Windows and MAC devices.

There is also a Bitcoin Up mobile trading platform that is only accessible to registered users. The app is compatible with Android and iOS devices.

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All trading carries risk.

PBN Invest Trading Guide

We strongly advise that you trade with PBN Invest broker through the Bitcoin Up trading platform. Bitcoin Up is accessible from most countries, but registration slots are limited. You should consider yourself very lucky if you can access the registration form on the first attempt. You need to keep checking the Bitcoin Up website for new registration slots.

Register for Auto-trading through Bitcoin Up

You need to first register on the Bitcoin Up website to use the robot through PBN Invest. Registration is straightforward and only takes a few minutes.

Your data is safe with PBN Invest and its partner broker since they observe strict data privacy measures. Bitcoin Up and PBN Invest platforms rely on RSA encryption to protect users’ data from hackers.

The two platforms are also compliant with data privacy measures, including the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Deposit a minimum of 250 USD with PBN Invest

When you sign up on Bitcoin Up, you are redirected to PBN Invest to deposit trading capital. The minimum balance required to trade is 250 USD.

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You can deposit via wire transfer, debit/credit cards, Webmoney, Neteller, Skrill, and bitcoin. PBN Invest doesn’t charge deposit fees. Moreover, all deposits reflect on the user’s account instantly. This means that they can start trading within minutes of registration.

Trade with a demo account

Bitcoin Up comes with a demo account to help users prepare before trading with real money. The demo simulates real market experience by running on historical data. Moreover, it comes with nearly all features of the live account to give users a real feel of the markets.

The results you receive on the demo account may be reflective of what to expect in live trading. You must read and understand the provided trading instructions while still on the demo. Also, dedicate at least an hour to practice what you learn on the demo account.

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All trading carries risk.

Open a live trading session

The live account settings shouldn’t be a problem if you have practised on the demo. Live trading with Bitcoin Up auto trading platform happens at a click of a button.

As mentioned earlier, Bitcoin Up conducts trading research and relays signals to PBN Invest for execution. PBN Invest has a powerful trading system that ensures that all trades are implemented instantly. This eliminates slippage hence magnifying the bottom line.

Bitcoin Up runs on autopilot and performs best when left to run uninterrupted for at least 8 hours daily. You can continue with your daily business as the robot makes money for you. Please note that the robot should be switched off at the end of each trading day to avoid rollover fees.

Key benefits of trading with PBN Invest through Bitcoin Up

Bitcoin Up is a fully automated trading robot that is easy to use for all. Here are the key advantages of trading with PBN through Bitcoin Up.

  1.     Bitcoin Up has a proven track record of generating daily profits of up to 600%. Some of the individual consumer reviews we have come across show that it is possible to earn million-dollar trading with this robot.
  2.     The robot has a friendly user interface that is easy to understand for the complete beginner. Anyone who can read and follow instructions can succeed with this robot.
  3.     PBN Invest has partnered with Bitcoin Up to offer customer care services in one place. This means that users can get all help in one place.
  4.     Both the broker and its partner robot have invested in foolproof platforms to safeguard users from cyberattacks.
  5.     PBN Invest is adequately regulated. This means that users have an assurance of the safety of their funds.

Is PBN Invest scam or legit broker? Final word!

We have investigated PBN Invest and are convinced that this is a reputable broker. This broker is not only regulated in all jurisdictions but also has great feedback from users. PBN Invest has a score of 4.5/5 on TrustPilot and over 10,000 reviews.

As mentioned earlier, the reviewers report trading with this broker through the Bitcoin Up auto-trading platform. The robot is reportedly one of the most profitable with a daily ROI of up to 600%. You can start auto-trading with PBN Invest by signing up on the Bitcoin Up website.


Is PBN Invest a legit broker?

Yes! PBN Invest meets our criteria for a trustworthy broker. A legit broker should be adequately regulated and have great ratings from users.

How much do I need to trade with PBN Invest through Bitcoin Up?

A deposit of 250 USD is enough to trade with PBN Invest through Bitcoin Up. You can deposit through wire transfer, debit and credit cards, Skrill, Neteller, and bitcoin.

How do I withdraw from PBN Invest?

Click the withdraw button on the Bitcoin Up auto-trader, and you will be redirected to the PBN Invest withdrawal form. Fill the withdrawal request form, and your funds will process within hours.

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