Bitcoin Champion Trading Robot Review 2020 – Is it Legit or a Scam?


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Bitcoin Champion is a powerful AI robot founded in 2014. It’s reportedly one of the most profitable auto-trading apps in 2020. Users who have reviewed it on platforms such as TrustPilot claim to earn a decent daily profit by investing USD 250 only. 

Amazingly, this robot is free and easy to use for complete beginners. You can reportedly earn up to five times what you invest in the first 24 hours. But is Bitcoin Champion legit and does it generate such profits?

As usual, our investigative team has conducted background checks on Bitcoin Champion to determine if it’s a scam. Bitcoin Champion is indeed legit and profitable. We will discuss our findings in detail in this review.

Bitcoin Champion Review – Summary

This trading bot is an invention of a former Layman Brothers derivatives trader and a computer scientist from MIT. It’s based on secret trading strategies applied by institutional CFDs traders to reportedly generate above market rate returns for investors. Here are the key points to note about this trading robot.

  • Bitcoin Champion offers automated trading services with a 99% win rate. No trading knowledge/skill is needed to operate this robot.
  • This trading robot is available in web-trader, desktop app, and mobile trading versions. The web-trader works in all major browsers and the mobile apps are compatible with Android and iOS devices.
  • Bitcoin Champion is free for all. You only need a seed capital of USD 250 to trade with this bot. The seed capital is what the bot uses to make the buy and sell orders.
  • All transactions on Bitcoin Champion happen through its partner brokers. These brokers are monitored in all jurisdictions of operations.
  • Bitcoin Champion customer services are available 24/5, from Monday to Friday. The fastest way to reach them is through live chat and phone calls.
  • Regarding safety, Bitcoin Champion has invested in RSA grade encryption. This level of encryption is impenetrable by most forms of cyberattacks.

What is Bitcoin Champion?

Bitcoin Champion is an intelligent computer program equipped with algorithms that automatically speculates on BTC CFDs.

An algorithm is a set of instructions automated through a computer program. Intelligent algorithms are ai-powered algorithmsbased on Artificial Intelligence (AI). Investopedia defines AI as a simulation of human intelligence in machines that are programmed to think and mimic human actions.

AI algorithms can study data with precision and generate laser-accurate inferences. AI-powered trading bots such as Bitcoin Champion have an alleged accuracy level of above 90%. When this is put into perspective, the world’s savviest quant has an accuracy level of below 50%.

Another great thing about AI algorithms is that they can improve themselves as they interact with data. In other words, they can learn from their mistake and make better decisions in the future. Bitcoin Champion applies the Machine Learning subset of AI for this purpose.

Trading Contract for Difference (CFDs) involves speculating on price movements of an asset without having to own it. A BTC CFD allows you to bet on the direction of bitcoin without having to buy it. This eliminates the hassle of buying and the risk of holding a crypto wallet.

Moreover, CFDs betting is more lucrative than the traditional way of investing since you can bet on both rising and plummeting prices. You do not have to worry about mastering the theory behind these instruments since Bitcoin Champion conducts all trading automatically.

How does Bitcoin Champion work?

Bitcoin Champion adopts the same trading approach used by leading Wall Street auto-trading platforms.

As mentioned above, this robot trades faced paced crypto derivatives known as CFDs. These include BTC paired against fiat and crypto. Overall, the robot trades 30 BTC to crypto pairs and 13 BTC to CFDs pairs.

You do not need to understand anything about CFDs to invest through this robot. This is because it carries out all trading functions automatically. You only need to deposit through a matched partner broker and click the live button.

Bitcoin Champion is in partnership with FCA and ASIC regulated brokers. The roles of these brokers include placing orders in the markets as directed by the robot and handling financial aspects with the clients.

As mentioned earlier, all deposits and withdrawals happen through the partner brokers. Bitcoin Champion partner brokers do not charge any transaction fees. Moreover, they facilitate deposits instantly and withdrawals within 12 hours. This is amazing given that most brokers facilitate transactions within 48 hours.

Bitcoin Champion also relies on its brokers to offer a trading margin of up to 5000:1. Trading margin allows users to place big trades at minimal capital. A $250 account can speculate on positions worth up to $1 million when the margin is 5000:1.

Follow the guide below to start trading with Bitcoin Champion.

STEP ONE: Register a free account

This happens on the Bitcoin Champion website and involves filling the registration form and securing your account through a password.

Please note that you must agree to their terms and conditions and verify contact details to be allowed to proceed to the next step. The verification process is easy and fast. As stated above, Bitcoin Champion platforms are encrypted, and hence no third party can steal your data.

STEP TWO: Verify ID with the matched broker

Bitcoin Champion will automatically match you with a local broker after registration. Remember that the brokers are the robot’s bridge to the markets.

Verifying your ID is an important security measure since it helps the broker distinguish you from any other person that may attempt to access your account.  It involves uploading a clear scanned copy of any government verified identification document. This can be a driving license or a national ID.

STEP THREE: Deposit $250 in trading capitalbitcoin champion minimum deposit

You can proceed to fund your trading account as the verification process is carried out. The minimum you can deposit with Bitcoin Champion through its partner brokers is $250.

Most of the underlying brokers support account funding through multiple options, including debit/credit cards, bank transfer, e-wallets, and crypto-wallets. Bitcoin Champion has entered into a pact with these brokers not to charge any transaction fees.

STEP FOUR: Demo practice

 The Bitcoin Champion demo offers a real feel of the live account. It backtests on real market data to simulate a real trading experience.

Consequently, the outcome of demo trading is not very far from what you will get in the live account. We recommend that you peruse through the Bitcoin Champion trading guide and test each and everything you learn on the demo.

You should engage the account manager fully at this point to help you understand the auto-trading concepts fast. At least an hour of demo practice is enough to prepare you fully for the live trading.

STEP FIVE: Open a live trading session

Bitcoin Champion is an automated trading service, and hence there is very little manual input needed to operate it. The trading guide clearly explains all the concepts of trading with this robot. It’s offered in layman’s terms, and hence anyone can read and understand it.

The most important aspect of the live account is risk management. Bitcoin Champion allows users to adjust risk management settings to match their risk appetite. The trading guide should help you determine the level of risk to apply per trade.

Live trading involves switching on the trading button and letting the bot trade unmonitored for at least 8 hours daily.

bitcoin champion profit results

Bitcoin Champion and the mainstream media

We have stumbled upon rumours associating Bitcoin Champion with popular reality TV shows in the UK and the US. These include:

  • Dragons Den UK – Bitcoin Champion is rumoured to have been pitched in the popular entrepreneur reality TV show, the Dragons Den. However, we haven’t found enough evidence to support these claims, and hence you must treat them as mere rumours.
  • The Shark Tank US – Bitcoin Champion is also linked to the Shark Tank reality TV show. However, there is no proof to support these claims. It’s therefore unlikely that this robot has appeared in this show.

Popular trading robots such as Bitcoin Champion are a prime target for gossip and fake news platforms. It’s important to always confirm the information on the Bitcoin Champion website before embracing it as the truth. 

Is Bitcoin Champion a scam? Final word!

Bitcoin Champion perfectly fits our criteria for legit trading platforms. This platform is not only popular with users but has been vetted by experts and proven to work.

From the information we have analyzed, it seems possible to earn up to $1 million in profits when trading through this robot. Click the link below to try it.


Is Bitcoin Champion a trustworthy trading platform?

Yes! Bitcoin Champion offers a transparent trading ecosystem powered by the Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT). Moreover, it has been tested by crypto experts and proven to work.

How much should I deposit with Bitcoin Champion?

You need at least USD 250 to access the Bitcoin Champion trading area. The underlying robot brokers process all transactions on Bitcoin Champion.

Is Bitcoin Champion profitable?

Yes! Bitcoin Champion seems profitable, given the many positive reviews by users. This robot has recently received the Best Performing Auto-trading App award by the International Society of Auto-traders.

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