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Bitcoin Revolution Review

Bitcoin Revolution is a fully automated live trading tool that was created in 2017.

Account information

  • Free demo account
  • Support languages: EN, ES, FR, DE, IT, NL
  • Minimum deposit: $250 USD
  • No US clients allowed

Top crypto trading pairs

  • Bitcoin
  • Ethereum
  • Ripple
  • Litecoin

Payment methods

  • Debit/Credit card
  • Neteller
  • Skrill

What is Bitcoin Revolution?

Although there is no precise information on who the founder or creator of Bitcoin Revolution is, it is said that it was developed by a group of brokers who know the market trends of Bitcoin and cryptocurrency trading, and with that knowledge, they decided to create the cryptocurrency trading platform, users claim that it’s one of the best trading robots with an all-time winning algorithm.

Has Bitcoin Revolution been on TV?

In late 2017 during the crypto boom, there’s been rumours of Bitcoin Revolution appearing in a few TV shows. Check down below whether this software has really been on the TV, and which shows it was mentioned to be in:

Dragon's DenThis MorningShark Tank

Bitcoin Revolution Review :...

Bitcoin Revolution seems to be one of the best trading apps there is today. It’s really a piece of great work, but despite the rumours it’s never been proved to actually taking part in the show. There are many images circulating through the internet, but those are mostly fake images set out by a few users who invested recklessly a lot of money and lost due to the crypto crash in 2018.

Bitcoin Revolution Review :...

Britain’s morning show “This Morning” has been associated with Bitcoin Revolution in the past. Their hosts Philip Schofield and Holly Willoughby have been seen in an advert circulating online, where they were featuring Bitcoin Revolution on one of their TV show episodes. None of these, however, have been proven to be real, and we tried to look for the episode online but couldn’t find it, which means they haven’t in fact been on the TV show.

Bitcoin Revolution Review :...

Similar to it’s UK version of the show called Dragon’s Den, Bitcoin Revolution has never been on the Shark Tank, and none of the “sharks” have actually invested any money on Bitcoin Revolution. If you see images circulating around the internet, you can be sure that those are fake.

Is Bitcoin Revolution endorsed by Celebrities?

There’s been a lot of rumours in the past years about Bitcoin and celebrities involved, such as Elon Musk and Bill Gates. In 2017, many ICOs have been endorsed by celebrities and successful businessmen, but is that the same case regarding Bitcoin Revolution? You can find below some of the celebrity endorsements other than Bill Gates that have been said to endorse automated trading with Bitcoin Revolution:

Peter JonesRichard BransonJeremy ClarksonMartin LewisDavide Tucci

Bitcoin Revolution Review :...

The Mega-entrepreneur and TV star, the Irish Dragon Den star, Sir P. Jones has been said to endorse the auto trader. This was actually used in a campaign being promoted on social media like Facebook by someone completely unrelated to him. Mr Jones has stated he has no involvement with the trading software, and has clarified that via a tweet.

Bitcoin Revolution Review :...

The owner of the Virgin Tycoon empire, Sir Richard Branson has claimed many times that he is a faithful follower of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. He’s actually said that Bitcoin will eventually lead him to the moon, referring to his “Virgin Galactic” business. There hasn’t been, however, any sort of involvement between Richard Branson and Bitcoin Revolution.

Bitcoin Revolution Review :...

Clarkson is an English celebrity journalist and writer. There are rumours that he has invested in Bitcoin Revolution. However, our investigation reveals otherwise. Clarkson has not shown any interest in Bitcoin Revolution let alone invested in it.  The platforms making the Clarkson Bitcoin Revolution endorsement are nothing but gossip blogs. Even so, Bitcoin Revolution appears to be legit given the many positive reviews. Most people who have tried this robot are happy with its performance.

Bitcoin Revolution Review :...

Martin Lewis, the Money Saving Expert guru has been claimed to endorse other trading software like the Bitcoin Code. He has, however, stated in a blog post that he does not use his face to promote any sort of financial company, let alone any sort of trading app. The same seems to apply to Bitcoin Revolution, which he said he’s got nothing to do with.

Bitcoin Revolution Review :...

There’s been rumours about the actor David Tucci turning his 250 euros invested into more than 500 euros by using Bitcoin Revolution within a few minutes. Nothing has been confirmed about this, and he doesn’t seem to have any sort of relation with the trading robot.

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