Google and Ascension enter into Cloud Computing and Healthcare partnership

Google has entered into a partnership with Ascension to explore how to use machine learning and artificial intelligence in the healthcare sector. With this partnership, the two companies intend to improve patient safety and clinical effectiveness.

Thomas Kurian, Google Cloud CEO, pointed out that he is determined to improve their business relationship in six industries, including the health sector. In the past, the company has linked up with smaller healthcare clients.

Already, Google is spending millions on developing artificial intelligence. The aim is to systematically analyze scans as well as other data to diagnose diseases and predict the best possible solution correctly. This, according to Kurian, will help to reduce healthcare costs significantly.

Concern for patients’ rights

Google mentioned this deal in July through its earnings call. However, it received widespread scrutiny when the Wall Street Journal announced that there is a very big chance that Google will gain access to a lot of personal health care information of many Americans.

However, Google has assured the public in a blog post that it’s not going to combine its consumer data with the patient’s data. The internet giant pointed out that Ascension will remain the sole custodian of such data, and the partnering firm will make the service available on their terms.

Ascension is one of the biggest healthcare providers in the United States. Currently, it has 50 living facilities and over 150 hospitals in the US. The company noted that the partnership is in line with the HIPPA Act, which protects medical information. This is coming after the Wall Street Journal faulted the company’s role in the partnership.

But Ascension maintained that the data they will use in the project comes from hospitalization records, doctor diagnosis, lab results, and other related sources. The data gathered from these sources will include the dates of birth and the names of the patients. Ascension reiterated that, with the partnership, the project could obtain complete health report and medical history.

Using Cloud Storage and AI in the Health Sector

Cloud storage is not as lucrative as other related businesses in the technological world. And Google Cloud intends to present a unique cloud storage technique that will not compete with Amazon Web services or Microsoft Azure. The company intends to do this using superior Artificial Intelligence technology. Of course, Google has been developing its AI methodology for the past few years. Its partnership with Ascension will help to speed things up, according to Tariq Shauka.

This news is the second time within a space of a month that Google is taking a major decision to invest in the health sector. Earlier, Google announced that it is buying Fitbit in a takeover bid worth $2.1 billion. The aim is to invest in the digital health sector via wearables. Google is known to make serious investment decisions. With this partnership, Google believes it will help the company to establish itself in the healthcare sector.

The partnership with Ascension is, no doubt, the biggest cloud computing deal Google has signed. When it’s operational, it will help the company gain access to lucrative AI tools.

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