Microsoft Will Pay You $650 to Ditch Your Apple MacBook and Buy a Surface Book

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Microsoft Corporation is out to dethrone Apple Inc. as the top dog in the consumer electronics market and it is not hiding its plans. This week Microsoft launched another attack on Apple with new line of Surface devices and it is obvious that Microsoft has caught up with Apple on innovation and design. The Surface Studio is a game-changer and Apple doesn’t have a Studio device with a better appeal for creatives. The Surface Dial is another winner and Apple must go back to the drawing board to launch a rival product.

However, while the whole world was focusing on the Surface Studio and its ability to steal market share from the iMac, very few people noticed a stealth attack that Microsoft launched against Apple’s MacBook. Microsoft is now asking people to trade in their MacBook for a Surface Pro or Surface Book – a bold marketing move designed to fuel a cross-platform change and massive migration from Apple’s ecosystem.


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Microsoft will give you $650 to ditch your Apple MacBook

Brian Hall, CVP of device marketing at highlighted the firm’s new strategy for stealing Apple’s customers in a blog post on Thursday. Halls says the firm wants to open up the chance for more people to experience what it is like to work with the Surface Book.  In his words, “Starting today, anyone in the U.S. can trade in their MacBook Pro or MackBook Air at a Microsoft Store or online for up to $650 off a Surface Book or Surface Pro”.

The Surface Book is off to a great start to complement the success of the Surface Pro line. You’ll remember that Microsoft went for Apple’s jugular when it unveiled the original Surface Book. The first Surface Book sported an elegant design, impressive specs, and Redmond didn’t miss any chance to drive home the point that the Surface Book is twice as fast the MacBook Pro.

Reviewers were also quick to add insult to injury for Apple with the glowing reviews that they gave the first Surface Book. Of course, the campaign for the first Surface Book went well and the device was sold out in record time. The fact that the Surface Book was quickly sold out meant that many people didn’t get a chance to experience first-hand what made the Surface Book better than the MacBook Pro.

The new Surface Book gains momentum

Now, Microsoft is back with an improved version of the Surface Book and it is $650 cheaper if you decide to ditch your MacBook Pro or MacBook Air in the process. The huge hype surrounding the Surface Book, its elegant design, superfast performance, and a massive $650 trade-in program might do wonders in nudging people over to Microsoft’s side of the notebook market.

More interesting is the fact that Microsoft has improved the Surface Book to deliver a superior performance over the first version. Hall says, the new Surface Book has a “Performance Base that boasts 30% more battery life and twice the graphics processing performance compared to the original Surface Book.” However, if you are thinking about trading in your MacBook for the Surface Book, you should act fast because the trade in program will only last until November 10.

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