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If you are or were in the military and need financial help, you can get help from Omni Financial. Omni Financial specializes in providing loans to individuals in active duty or those who have retired from service from different branches of the US Forces.

It is a great honor to serve the country. But unfortunately, most military personnel find themselves in financial trouble. Even worse, it happens when they do not have a good credit score. Therefore, very few financial institutions are willing to come to your rescue. Payday loans are the only option.

But before you sign any damning contract, you should understand the fine print of the loan. How long do you have to service it, what are the costs and what are the repercussions if you have trouble paying it back? Is it legit or a scam?

In this piece, we seek to answer these questions and more regarding Omni Financial. The guide will provide you with more insight to help you make an informed decision.

But first,

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What is Omni Financial?

Omni Financial is a financial leader in the military lending industry. It is reputable and trusted in the US. It is different from other military lending companies in that it features offices in many military installations in the US. Moreover, Omni Financial offers military loans to service members all over the world through its website.

At this point, you should know that Omni Financial insists it’s not your regular payday loan company. Instead, it prefers to compare itself with a traditional financial lender since it offers loans ranging between $500 and $10,000 with a loan repayment period of between 6 and 36 months. You see, the problem with most payday loans is that they offer loans for short periods, usually 30 days. For most people, 30 days is not enough to recover from a financial crisis, repay the loan and improve their credit score. Therefore, there are more stories of some payday loans digging borrowers deep into debt than helping them out of it.

Working with Omni Financial means working with respected military personnel. The employees are lending experts in the lending field, and they do their best to guide you through the process of finding the best loan for your needs and creating a repayment period that you’ll afford without straining.

The company evaluates all the facts and circumstances to determine the loan amount you can afford, and the monthly installment that is ideal.

Note: Though Omni Financial offers bad credit loans, borrowers with a good credit score get a better loan rate.

Comparing Omni Financial with other installment loan providers

Omni Financial is an online loan platform specializing in offering payday and installment loan products to active and retired servicemen and their benefactors. The lender’s greatest selling point is its extended loan repayment periods and highly competitive interest rates. But how good are these services when compared to such other payday and installment loan providers as Opploans, Oportun, and Rise credit? We compared these lenders and highlighted their key features below:

Omni Financial

  • Borrow payday loans of between $100 and $250
  • No minimum credit score required
  • Loan APR is set at between 237% and 1016.79%
  • Payday loan repayment period of between 7 and 31 days


  • Borrow limit $1,000 to $4,000
  • Bad credit score is allowed
  • Annual payment rate starts from 99% to 199%
  • Payment period of 9 to 36 months

Rise Credit

  • Offers loan from between $500 to $5000
  • Bad credit score is allowed
  • Annual rates starts from as low as 36% to as high as 299%
  • Depending on the state, the repayment term ranges from 7 to 26 months


  • Loan amount starts from $300 to $9,000
  • No minimum credit score required
  • Annual rates fall between 20% to 67%
  • Loan should be repaid in a span of 6 to 46 months

How it started

So how did the company come to be? It is said that necessity is the mother of invention. This is true for Omni Financial. It was created by Fred Nives (a World War II veteran) in 1970. When the world war halted, Fred was stationed in France. He tries securing a loan to get a fresh start, but he was denied. The reason he was turned away was that he was young and did not have a good credit score. But this did not make sense to Fred. After all, he was in service and didn’t have time to build a credit score. Instead, he was busy trying to survive the war.

Disappointed, Fred took it upon himself to set up a loan company to help individuals that faced similar problems. In 1950, the first military-only Loan Company was opened. It started as ‘American Finance Company’ and later rebranded to Omni Financial.

Even though Fred Nives left us, his legacy lives on. Omni Financial has helped thousands of service members who need money just like he did in 1945.

Current Standing

Today, Omni Financial is more than 70 years old. Over the years, the company has gone through several changes but claims to remain true to its cause – helping military personnel secure loans. Omni Financial set up a web site in 2001 (just when the internet was starting to appeal to the masses). At the time, Omni Financial was the only military lending company offering the convenience of an online loan application. The web presence is perfect especially for deployed service members.

What are the pros and cons of Omni Financial?


  • 15-day satisfaction guarantee – with traditional loans, once you are approved and the loan amount hits your bank account, you are stuck with the loan and have to repay it plus the interest. And for some, you incur penalties for early repayment. However, with Omni Financial, the loan has a 100% satisfaction guarantee. In case you aren’t satisfied with the loan or the general company service, you can opt to return the loan within 15 days of being offered the loan. The loan will be cancelled and you will not incur penalties or interest charges.
  • Apply from overseas – Omni Financial understands that US military personnel are stationed in different parts of the world. As such, they allow loan applications through their website.
  • Friendship reward program – if you refer a friend who qualifies for an Omni Financial, you receive a $25 Walmart or Amazon gift card.
  • US bases – if you reside in a military base within the US, you will not have to travel to a different location to apply for the loan.


  • Though it is a reputable company, there are some aspects borrowers feel it could improve on.
  • Support is difficult to reach – some borrowers had problems reaching the customer support line.
  • Life and disability insurance – Omni Financial suggests that borrowers should also take disability and life insurance to get their loans. Other lenders do not have this requirement.

How Omni Financial Works?

By this point, it’s clear that Omni Financial is a military lender. This means that its loans are only available to individuals who have served the country in the;

  • Navy
  • Army
  • Air Force
  • Coast Guard
  • Marine

In addition to the above, below are other requirements for the Omni Financial loans;

  • Be a career retired member of the US military
  • Be a spouse of a US military member
  • Have previously qualified for an Omni Financial loan

Now, Omni Financial was created by an ex-military member for the military members. Applications can be made online, on the phone, or at physical locations in the US.

Like with other lenders, the process starts by filling out a form with relevant personal and financial details. Omni Financial uses the details on the form to determine the affordability of the loan. As such, borrowers should provide accurate details.

After completing the form, you sign a contract for the said loan. This contract contains details for the loan including its duration, cost and repayment details.

So how much money can you get? Omni Financial extends loans of between $500 and $10,000 to its borrowers. The time taken to service the loan depends on the size of the loan. It’s usually between 6 and 36 months.

The application process takes a short time, and loans are usually sent to the account on the same day. First-time loans might take longer because of the approval process. But after this, the loan is processed in a matter of minutes.

Note: You have the option of getting your loan in a prepaid debit card or have your funds sent to your bank account (usually takes longer).

What is the Omni Financial Loan application Process?

You can opt to apply for the loan through the website, through their offices in any of their bases I the US or through a phone call. If you are without the US, the website and phone calls are the most convenient. Here are the numbers to use depending on where you are located;

  • Korea – 003-0813-2055
  • Japan – 012-099-8513
  • Belgium or Italy – 00800-937-56267
  • Germany – 0800-937-5626
  • US – 877-666-4872
  • Other European countries – 702-437-6057

The online application process is as follow;

  • Visit the official Omni Financial website and click on ‘Apply Now.’
  • Select your current status, the military service branch and the rank
  • Complete the fields on the form and review the full information before you submit your application
  • Follow the directions and upload your recent bank statements
  • Be patient for a loan review from an Omni Financial loan specialist. One will get in touch shortly with details of your application and the offer
  • Review the loan offer carefully and opt-out of additions like insurance if it’s not necessary
  • Sign the loan documents
  • Wait to receive the loan amount

The whole process only takes about 24 hours. But it entirely depends on how fast you upload the relevant documents.

What Types of Loan Borrowers Get Through Omni Financial

Omni Financial offers several types of loans including;

  • Military loans – these are loans made for military members on active duty. This loan is different from a payday loan because it has low APR rates, have longer durations, and require a background check.
  • Debt consolidation loan – if you are a career-retired or active duty military member, and have a lot of debt, you can use this loan to help you repay the debt faster and to rebuild your credit history.
  • Emergency loans – these are personal loans that you can use for train or airline tickets for immediate travel, dental or medical expenses not covered by your insurance, urgent household or auto expenses, paying the mortgage, and other bills.
  • Career retired loans – it is offered to individuals who have 20+ years in retirement.

What is the Fee Structure of Omni Financial?

Omni Financial loans adhere to the federal APR rates. According to the Military Lending Act, the maximum interest rate is 36%. However, Omni Financial charges 35.95%. Bear in mind that this rate varies depending on several factors, including the credit score, current debts, the loan amount and duration of repayment and past credit history. Overall, in comparison to other lenders, Omni Financial loan cost is competitive.

In addition to the APR, Omni Financial also charges an origination fee, a prepayment fee and a late fee on the loan.

Note: You can repay your loan through; cash, check, money order, AC bank transfer, or military allotment.

What Countries does Omni Financial Accept?

Omni Financial offers loans to active or retired members of the US military. It has more than 50 service locations spread out in 20 states. These states include:

  • Colorado Springs, Colorado
  • Columbus, Georgia
  • Clarksville, Tennessee
  • El Paso, Texas
  • Fayetteville, North Carolina
  • Hinesville, Georgia
  • Evans Mills, New York
  • Jacksonville, North Carolina
  • Junction City, Kansas
  • Jacksonville, Florida
  • Lakewood, Washington
  • Las Vegas, Nevada
  • Killeen, Texas
  • Leesville, Louisiana
  • Lawton, Oklahoma
  • Newport News, Virginia
  • Oceanside, California
  • Norfolk, Virginia
  • Prince Georgia, Virginia
  • San Diego, California

The bases include;

  • Camp Castle
  • Camp Hovey
  • Camp Casey
  • Camp Market
  • Camp Humphreys
  • Camp Lejeune
  • Camp Eagle
  • Cheatham Annex
  • Camp Stanley
  • Camp Pendleton
  • Eielson AFB
  • Fleet Activities Chinhae
  • Dam Neck Fleet Training Center
  • European Theater
  • Fort Benning
  • Fort Campbell
  • Fort Bragg
  • Fort Bliss
  • Fort Carson
  • Fort Eustis
  • Fort Drum
  • Fort Gordon
  • Fort Hood
  • Fort Huachuca
  • Fort Leavenworth
  • Fort Knox
  • Fort Leonard Wood
  • Fort Lewis
  • Fort Lee
  • Fort Riley
  • Fort Polk
  • Fort Wainwright
  • Hunter AAF
  • Fort Stewart
  • Fort Sill
  • Hawaiian islands
  • Joint Base Elmendorf — Richardson
  • Joint Base Langley — Eustis
  • Joint Base Lewis — McChord
  • Joint Expeditionary Base Little Creek-Fort Story
  • K-16 Air Base
  • Kunsan AFB
  • Langley Air Force Base
  • MCAS Cherry Point
  • MCAS New River
  • Marine Corps Air Station Miramar
  • Newport News Shipyard
  • McConnell AFB
  • Marine Corps Recruiting Depot San Diego
  • NCTC Corry Field
  • Naval Amphibious Base Coronado
  • Naval Air Station Jacksonville
  • Naval Air Station Fallon
  • Naval Air Station Norfolk
  • Naval Air Station Pensacola
  • Naval Air Station Oceana
  • Naval Base Point Loma
  • Naval Submarine Base Kings Bay
  • Naval Medical Center San Diego
  • Naval Base San Diego
  • North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD)
  • Naval Operation Base Norfolk
  • Naval Weapons Station Yorktown
  • Nellis AFB
  • North Island NAS Halsey Field
  • Norfolk Naval Shipyard
  • Peterson AFB
  • Portsmouth Naval Hospital
  • Naval Station Mayport
  • Schriever Air Force Base
  • Osan AFB
  • Pope AAF
  • USAG Daegu
  • White Sands Missile Range
  • The United States Air Force Academy
  • Whiteman Air Force Base
  • Yorktown Coast Guard Training Center
  • Whiteman Air Force Base Exchange

Is Omni Financial’s Customer Support Good?

If you run into problems with the loan application or have any questions that are not covered on the website, you should get in touch with customer support. Omni Financial’s support staff is available through toll- free numbers. Alternatively, you can request the support team to contact you through the website.

The support staff comprises of military spouses, military advocates, and former military personnel. They are happy to assist and answer questions related to the loan services. The support team is available 24/7.

Is Omni Financial Safe?

Omni Financial takes privacy and security seriously. To apply for the loan, you provide personal, financial, and confidential information. Whether you apply online, in person or through the phone, rest assured the information is secure.

The website uses SSL encryption, which makes it difficult to intercept the information you type on the website. The site is also protected against phishing and malware using McAfee.


The Omni Financial loans are made for military personnel. They are a good option for service members who are having a hard time securing a loan and starting a life. Your credit score is considered during the application, but you should also look out for additional services that make the loan more expensive than it should be.

Overall, Omni Financial is a secure platform that has the interest of military members at heart.

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