Updated New Tesla Model 3 Details: 2017 Release Sees No Delays

Tesla Motors Inc (TSLA)

The Tesla Model 3 promises to hold all the luxury, style and subtle sportiness that is expected of the Tesla brand. This time around, all of this will be crammed into an compacted design that is a lot more affordable for the average consumer. The concept was officially unveiled in March 2016. It did a great job of winning the EV world’s excitement. The opportunity to get a new Tesla at a greatly reduced price proved inviting enough for the Model 3 to secure around 400,000 pre-orders within weeks of its official showcasing.

Today, LearnBonds looks at the affordable Tesla and what the public knows about it so far. It seems that the young luxury car maker is a bit a tease when its comes to Model 3 updates. However, we can easily look back at everything already confirmed about the upcoming car. Wading deeply in to the Model 3 discussion, here is what we can safely expect from Tesla’s 2017 release.

New Tesla Model 3 updates

Several days back, Tesla Motors unloaded a mixed bag of announcements at its earnings call. The most exciting revelations were about the upcoming $35,000 Model 3. Despite the company’s slumped earnings, unmet delivery goals and a newly highlighted need for cash boosts, those who are in line for the Model 3 will be pleased to know that the car remains in the clear and is moving as scheduled.

After markets closed on Wednesday, Tesla Motors shared the earnings derived from the final quarter of 2016. Although, analysts were not anticipating breakthroughs results either. In light of a few minor disclosures made at the start of the year, investors had long watered down their expectations in terms of Tesla financials. Much of Wednesday’s excitement rested on news about the Model 3. There are nearly half a million people waiting for the affordable EV’s release this year. Both buyers and investors eagerly welcome any news about what could easily be the world’s most anticipated car ever.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk assured investors last week that no delays will be seen in the Model 3’s delivery this year. The comment was meant to put concerns about the company repeating its previous production mishaps to rest. “The Model 3 is designed for Manufacturing,” Musk told investors. It will be a much simpler build than the more premium-end Model S and Model X designs. “It is a compelling car,” the CEO added. “And we understand manufacturing a lot better than we did the past.”

Model 3 is a performer

The Model 3 will be their cheapest car yet, but it will be nothing close to a poor performer. This is according to Elon Musk himself. “We don’t make slow cars here at Tesla,” The CEO said at the unveiling last year. A single charge will allow the upcoming Tesla to span at least 215 miles, or 346km. This will be accomplished with a less than 60 kWh battery due to 30 per cent denser energy storage. Zero-to-sixty mph can be done in under 6 seconds. Those who are in regions of the world that don’t care much for miles can look forward to a an EV that can do 0-100 KPH in under 6.2 seconds. These last two acceleration rates apply to the rear wheel drive versions of the car. Little has been shared about the the performance of other Model 3 variants.

Model 3 is a looker

In terms of the car’s overall appearance, Tesla unveiled a stunning concept nearly a year ago. Much like Tesla’s previous release, however,, the rolled out versions could come slightly different to the flaunted pre-release models. The Model 3 is widely described a slightly compact variant Tesla’s flagship Model S sedan. Showcased models flaunt a reduced rear trunk as well as a less projected front. Regardless, it will be a 4-door vehicle capable of seating 5 adults. The car will also house a rear and front trunk, once again spoiling Tesla owners with storage options. Buyers will be able to get their Model 3s in glass or steel roof options. However, it is still unclear which of these will be standard.

Good on the inside?

Tesla fans have been assured of roomy interior for the Model 3 . The driver gets to rest his or her hands on a spaceship-like steering wheel, too, according to Musk. The center console looks to be no more than a projected, 15”, touchscreen monitor, considering what the public has been shown so far. This is similar to the monitors seen on the Model S and X, only the model 3’s appears like a propped up tablet. We are told that the dash will feature a single HVAC slot and that the rear seats can fold flat.

Tesla Motors Inc (NASDAQ:TSLA) Model 3

Model 3 Arrival

Elon Musk reported that the production of the Model 3 should begin at the start of July this year. The second half of 2017 should also see Model 3s finally being delivered. Priority will be given to high add-on orders to begin with. Tesla will first push out deliveries in the west coast and move eastwards. The first 12 months of production are reportedly sold out.

Reportedly, only 7 per cent of the Model 3 reservation holders are currently Tesla owners. These people will also be given delivery priority in each region. Tesla Motors Inc. has assured the public that there won’t be any delays in the upcoming EV’s release.

Safety and Autopilot

Despite being cheaper, the Model 3 will be no less safer than the existing Tesla line-up. It will boast all-round, 5-star safety features much like the Model S and Model X. Autopilot 2.0 will come standard with the car as well. This version of Autopilot gives the car level 5 autonomy. The EV’s standard autopilot hardware includes 8 camera, 3 of which are front-facing. Autopilot 2.0 offers 360 degree visibility with more than 250 meters of range, along with 12 ultrasonic sensors, powerful processing speeds and forward-facing radar to boot.

Much of the desire for Tesla EVs comes form the company’s unyielding effort to constantly push the boundaries of luxury driving. The EV maker’s cars come jam-packed with an arsenal of fun and exclusive features. Most famous is the unprecedented sportiness of every Tesla on the market. The Model S and Model X are capable of turning into unbelievably fast performers. Set to Ludicrous Mode, the sedan sibling is capable of going from 0 to 60 in just 2.8 seconds, adding a new dimension of fun the already elegant EV.

Other Tesla look outs

There is much more than Model 3 pressures brewing at Tesla. The young American automaker has boasted a set car production rate of half a million EVs per year by 2018’s closing. No matter how you look at it, that was an ambitious claim from a company that is yet to distance itself from 100,000 cars a year. However, there is a newly set 50,000 cars a quarter rate pegged for 2017. This will be achieved through the already functional Gigafactory and other Tesla build locations.

The successful adoption of SolarCity is also expected to prove its worth soon. Tesla assures that the solar company will play a lucrative and empowering role when it comes to its solar battery ventures. Analysts will now look out for significant growth results from the merger. Tesla is also losing its CFO in April. The company has held onto its current chief of finance for a little under 2 years.

Among the confirmed options is a performance model, Ludicrous mode, a solar roof, all wheel drive and 3 different wheel designs to choose from. The Model 3 promises to be just as exciting as existing models, and will hold nothing back in terms of safety and style. What are your thoughts on Tesla’s 2017 release? LearnBonds welcomes you to share your thoughts so feel free to leave a comment below. You can also keep the conversation going by sharing this page on social platforms.

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