Tesla Model 3 Update: Price, Performance, Autopilot and More


Our mid-week coverage led us to Tesla Motors Inc. (NASDAQ:TSLA) and its upcoming Model 3 — the most anticipated car in the world. If you would like to take a look at Tesla’s financial incentives for the Model 3, click here. These alone have already drawn in several hundred thousand people across the globe. The promise of owning a Tesla at a discount has fans piling up just to get behind the wheel of the most affordable, luxury EV ever.

Today, LearnBonds takes an in-depth look at the Model 3. This discussion seeks to paint a detailed image of the upcoming EV and its performance aspects. It should also help buyers get a good idea of when they will be driving off in their pre-ordered Model 3’s, chipping away at the ambiguous, placeholder deadlines currently offered by Tesla.

The Model 3 — Performance

The Model 3 might be Tesla’s cheapest car, but it will be nothing close to a poor performer. This is according to the assurances of Elon Musk himself, the firm’s CEO. “We don’t make slow cars here at Tesla,” Musk said at the car’s unveiling.

The upcoming Tesla EV will be able to cover at least 215 miles, or 346km on a single charge. This will be accomplished with less than 60 kWh due to a 30 per cent denser energy storage capacity. Zero-to-sixty mph will be achieved in less than 6 seconds. Buyers in countries that don’t care much about miles can look forward to a an EV that can do zero-to-a-hundred in under 6.2 seconds. These last two acceleration rates will apply to rear wheel drive versions of the car.

Model 3 looks

In terms of the car’s overall appearance, Tesla unveiled a stunning concept nearly a year ago. Although, much like its previous cars, the released versions could come out slightly different than the flaunted pre-release models. The Model 3 promises to be a bit more compact than Tesla’s flagship Model S sedan. Unveiled models show a reduced rear trunk as well as a less projected front. Regardless, it will be a 4-door vehicle capable of seating 5 adults. The Model 3 will also house a rear and front trunk, once again spoiling Tesla owners with storage options. Buyers are able to get their Model 3s in glass or steel roof options. However, it is as of yet unclear which of these roof options will be standard.


Looking inwards, we are assured of a roomy interior. The driver gets to rest his or her hands on a spaceship-like steering wheel, according to Musk. The center console appears to be no more than a projected ,15”, touchscreen monitor, judging from what the public has been shown so far. This is similar to the monitors seen on the Model S and X, except the model 3’s looks more like a propped up tablet. We are told that the dash will feature a single HVAC slot and that the rear seats can fold flat. Tesla says more details are to come.


Safety and Tesla Autopilot

Despite being cheaper, the Model 3 will be no less safer than the existing Tesla line-up. It will boast all-round, 5-star safety features much like the Model S and Model X. Autopilot 2.0 will come standard with the car as well. This version of Autopilot gives the car level 5 autonomy. The EV’s standard autopilot hardware will include 8 cameras, 3 of which are front-facing. Autopilot 2.0 offers 360 degree visibility with more than 250 meters of range, along with 12 ultrasonic sensors, powerful processing speeds and forward-facing radar to boot.

Tesla Motors Inc (NASDAQ:TSLA) Model 3

Among the confirmed options is a performance model, Ludicrous mode, a solar roof, all wheel drive and 3 different wheel designs to choose from.

Delivery of Model 3

Elon Musk reported that the production of the Model 3 should begin at the start of July this year. However, the CEO later stated that there is a chance Tesla might miss that deadline. The second half of 2017 should also see Model 3s finally being delivered. Priority will be given to high add-on orders to begin with. Tesla will first push out deliveries in the west coast and move eastwards. The first 12 months of production are reportedly sold out.

Reportedly, only 7 per cent of the Model 3 reservation holders are currently Tesla owners. These people will also be given delivery priority in each region. Tesla Motors Inc. (NASDAQ:TSLA) has assured the public that there won’t be any delays in the upcoming EV’s release.


  1. Great. Can hardly wait for all this to happen. I have the Power Wall and Tesla car on order. All the best to Elon Musk, and staff Regards Jens Steenberg

  2. I am in Arizona. Will the buyer in New York that purchased all the options get theirs before I get my standard model? What trumps what?

    • It’s hard to know at this point. The idea that deliveries will begin on the West Coast and then move eastward was introduced by Musk early on. But current Tesla owners get priority over new buyers and previous owners are spread out all over the place so that plan falls apart pretty fast. Same thinking has to apply to heavily optioned cars. Personally, I am located on the West Coast and I am a current Model S owner so I’m hopeful that will work in our favor and we’ll get our Model 3 this year. Hopefully you’ll get your early too!


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