Two Treats For Tesla Owners: Music Streaming and Car Camera Access

Tesla Inc (TSLA)

Tesla Inc. (NASDAQ:TSLA) has a reputation for constantly improving its in-car experience via over-the-air software updates. One feature Tesla owners would love to see offered is a better music selection service. The second quarter of this year certainly saw rumors and executive comments intensify over the matter. Elon Musk wants a unique and frankly better music service for his Tesla EV fleet. After months of endless chatter, we finally get a good look at the Tesla Music Service.

That’s not all, however. Tesla is working on a dash cam feature too. This addition truly came to light in the wake of the Model 3 unveiling. The event saw several interesting additions come to the fleet, all dedicated to safety. One of those was a driver-focused camera. While it will likely be heralded as a all-new safety feature, one can’t help but consider its FaceTime value.

Now Tesla owners can get excited for access to their Autopilot cameras.

Tesla Music Streaming takes center stage

Tesla Inc stock moves on not so secret weapon
Tesla Owners Dash

The new music streaming service was not much of secret. Tesla users might have spotted hints of it in recent weeks. It is not active yet, but definitely under construction. Now Tesla drivers can take a look at the young car maker’s newest in-car offering.

In-car music options have not been a strong point for the company. This is especially true in the U.S. In the E.U., drivers can link their cars to Spofity, the globe’s leading music service. This  does not extend to owners in America, though, which can be a bit frustrating.

There is a massive screen acting as the center console on every Tesla. Even the Model 3, which has only one “monitor”, is not spared a large display. Musk is taking advantage of that, and the car’s extraordinary processing capabilities, to bring owners a better media service.

Some three months ago we learned that Tesla Inc. (NASDAQ:TSLA) was sitting down with record labels and media stations. At the time, Musk admitted that the in-car experience offered by his company was not where is should be. The company went back to the drawing board and rethought its streaming offerings in light of that.

T-Tunes gets a bit more work

Move aside, iTunes. Here comes Tesla’s TTunes. It was actually first reported last weeks, sourced from an owner who has access to the root software of his Model S. But is still nowhere near complete. “TTunes” is not even the service’s real name, Musk admitted. However, that fails to stop news outlets (including us) from running wild with the name.

It is just called “Music” now. The change came not long after the CEO brushed off the title swarming through the internet last weeks. The changes do not end there. This week, the root software flaunts a brand new UI for selecting stations, songs, and albums.

Again, the service is not readily available, even though a glimpse of what it looks like can be seen here. Owners can expect more changes to come along as it still looks rather spartan. Although, Tesla owners can rest assured that Musk and co. are working on a music streaming service like no other.

Ealier this year, Musk said that his goal is to achieve maximum in-car happiness for Tesla Inc. customers.

Visual assurance feature for Tesla owners

The in-car tricks don’t stop at music. Tesla Inc. has its eye on a cool new camera assurance quality for car owners. They will be able to access their car cameras whenever they want. Newer model Teslas, including the Model 3, are all equipped with eight Autopilot cameras, foward-facing radar and over 11 sensors.

It is common knowledge among Tesla owners that the company is able to access the footage derived from those cameras. In fact, several months ago, the EV car maker asked owners if it could take a bit more video data in order to improve Autopilot.

But Tesla owners cannot access the cameras themselves. It is a bit a sore point, really. Having that many cameras and not a single way to access them just to keep an eye on your car is understandably annoying. But Elon Musk says that feature is currently in the works, sending waves of excitement throughout the Tesla Inc. (NASDAQ:TSLA) community.

The best part is that no new hardware installations will be needed. The whole feature will come to Tesla owners via a software update. Owners can look forward to accessing the eight cameras, and getting a good idea of whatever theirs cars are surrounded by.

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