Tesla Motors Inc (TSLA) Model X “Bat Wings” Hear Collisions Coming

Tesla Motors Inc (TSLA) Autopilot

Tesla Motors Inc Model X’s most striking visual feature is its falcon-wing doors that not only add to its aesthetics, but also solve a major issue of parking at cramped spaces. The credit for this technology goes to in-built sensors that make it possible for the car to read and react the surrounding objects, allowing them to open in tiny spaces, notes Peter Valdes-Dapena for Kern Golden Empire.

Tesla Motors Inc (TSLA) Model X SUV

Easy parking in compact spaces

Just like gull-wing doors, falcon-wing doors have hinges on top, but the firm has added a second hinge that allows the doors to fold like an elbow, and this extra mobility allows the door to adjust to different situations. If the car is parked at a place with ample room on both the sides, then the doors open up and out, but if it is parked in a tight space, then sensors will come in action and detect the nearby objects. The door will bend the second hinge, and pull the lower part of the door upwards.

In case, the garage has a low ceiling, then while parking the sensors will make the doors rise vertically just below the ceiling of the garage before the elbow folds out, thus, making it easy for the car occupants to exit the Tesla Motors Inc Model X. The sensors feed info to the car by bouncing the high-pitched sound waves of the surfaces around the car.

The sensors use sonar, allowing them to sit inside the metal of the door an preserve the look of the Tesla Motors SUV. The use of high pitched sound waves to detect what’s around it mean that the Model X can hear if it’s going to hit something, and prevent itself from doing so.

The system is similar to that used by bats and, despite CEO Elon Musk’s insistence on “Falcon Wings,” “Bat Wings” might be a better name for the incredible new doors.

Tesla Model X bio-weapon mode not good against virus

Apart from its falcon-wing doors, the latest electric supercar from Tesla Motors Inc , offers several mind-blowing features including the built-in ‘bio-weapon defence mode.’ Tesla Model X a/c has three modes including ‘bio-weapon defense mode’. This helps by maintaining positive air pressure in the cabin while keeping out outside particles, and at the same time uses a HEPA filtering system.

HEPA filters are useful against most bacteria such as anthrax, the plague and also dust and pollen. But since viruses are smaller than bacteria, it is easy for them to get through. Thus, it is possible for smallpox and influenza to get through the HEPA filters, one expert in the field told Gizmodo.

On Friday, Tesla shares closed up 3.21% at $247.57. Year to date, the stock is up over 11% while in the last one-year they are down 3%.

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