Tesla Gives Your Child An Exclusive Model S Revamp

Tesla Motors Inc (TSLA) Radio Flyer Kids Model S
Model S for Kids

Get them while they’re young. That seems to be the idea behind the Tesla Inc and Radio Flyer deal. The two companies came together to produce the ‘Model S for Kids’. It is a children’s toy modeled to look, and pretty much work, just like the real deal.

February 2016 featured the introduction of a fun, kid-sized replica of Tesla’s flagship vehicle. CEO Elon Musk is not content with just revolutionizing the auto industry. Tesla made sure it reached into the toy market for that little extra edge. The Model S for Kids is Radio Flyer’s way of helping the luxury car maker tend to the wave of electric car toys. That, and harness the next generation of Tesla fanatics.

Competition in the kids EV market, too

The Arrow-Smart-Kart is an electric car toy made by Actev Motors. As soon as it came out, comparisons were drawn between the car and the Tesla Model S. Reports insist is lives up to the actual Tesla experience, only kids’ size. The Arrow-Smart-Kart comes with geo fencing and overnight charging. It comes with smartphone app, too. Oh, and get this: it has collision sensors on top of that.

The Actev Motors toy can also be purchased with its own little charging dock. It can reach speeds of about 12-miles per hour and goes for $600.

Tesla gathered a lot of attention with the news about a scaled down variant of the Model S. It targets at kids, of course, and promises a life-like experience of Tesla ownership. Its appearance and proportion of scale are convincing enough.

The company came through on its promise. The Model S for Kids makes an ideal gift for your car-obsessed bundle of joy. It would seem as though the toy is doing well for itself. It has to at least be performing moderately well. Radio Flyer just launched a revamped edition of the car. It now looks even more lifelike than ever.

Model S for Kids

If you overlook the obviously large steering wheel and top-less design, its resemblance to the actual Model S is uncanny. Beyond entertainment value, the Model S for Kids is a clear opportunity to introduce future consumers to Tesla EVs at a young age.

Tesla redid the appearance of its flagship sedan not long after Radio Flyer produced its first generation Model S toy car. The change left a noticeable difference between the modern version and its toy counterpart.

The authentic look helps make it an appealing toy. It can be acquired in genuine Tesla colors, too. Those include Blue Metallic and that glistening Red Multi-coat. The toy car also comes with its own stereo system, which only works via AUX cable.

The strategy is worthy of pointing out. The Elon Musk car business want to turn your kid into a Tesla fanatic. However, the Model S is not only a fun toy for your kid. Its turns them into electric vehicle enthusiasts at a young age, too.

Model S for Kids revamp
Model S for Kids revamp

Children gather all the basics about EVs from toys like this. They charge up exactly like real Teslas. Kids learn they run on electricity. They even get an idea about range per charge as well as EV industry infrastructure. The Model S for Kids even has a front trunk like all Telsas.

Tesla Inc plays well with kids

The Model S for Kids targets children between ages three to eight. Radio Flyer basically lets your toddler enjoy the benefits of Tesla ownership. It goes for $500 at its most standard. Users can recharge the battery pack or swap it for another.

The premium battery pack costs an additional $60. That gets buyers a 190 Wh unit to supplement the standard 130 Wh battery pack. Yes, the toy has replaceable batteries. This is something Tesla hasn’t quite managed to pull off with its adult Model S.

If the idea of children fiddling with lithium-ion batteries makes you nervous, the Model S for Kids can acquire a full charge in just three hours.

Radio Flyer caps the speed at 6 miles per hour. The toy maker and Tesla don’t want kids zipping about at high speeds. It also has no safety features like the Arrow-Smart-Kart.

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