Germans Love TESLA (TSLA) Vehicles A Lot More Than Expected

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It is true. For all the auto industry legends in the country, Tesla Inc ranks pretty highly in Germany. The Germans have a host of homegrown car giants, but few others are more trusted than Tesla. There is only one, actually. This reports covers the Elon Musk business and how it has successfully agitated the auto industry. The corporation ranks second as Germany’s most trusted car maker.

The company is recognized for its capacity to keep customers happy and loyal despite its size and wealth. This is something better understood among buyers in America, though. When we learned that European markets also recognize its efforts, it was a bit of a puzzling find. However, it seems clear that Tesla is making its way into people’s hearts around the world.

Germany has no shortage of formidable automakers in its arsenal. It is what makes Tesla’s ranking as surprising as it is. A foreign carmaker landing in second place is no joke. It says a lot about the country’s recently highlighted bid to win over the electric car scene, too. In fact, Ford is the next U.S. car makers to rank as the country’s most trusted. The makers of the widely selling Ranger pickup truck only come in at number 13, though.

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In comparison to most carmakers out there, Tesla is only in its infancy. Despite that, the company managed to push past a host of other, much older and wider reaching auto companies. The firmhas less than a handful of cars out on the road. The actual number of currently available Tesla car purchases is 3. The Elon Musk business has less global reach, too. It does not even sell cars in Africa and is still to penetrate most Asian countries.

Germany voting Tesla as its number 2 most trusted car brand spells good things for the company as a global brand. Tesla has plans to expand in Europe and Germany over the next several years. Its trust ranking means the move could be a lot smoother than anticipated.

It is easy to see Tesla Inc as number one now (NASDAQ:TSLA)

Conventional auto manufacturers cannot deny it any longer. Tesla Inc is the leading runner in the race to dominate the electric car market. The space is intensifying rapidly as car producers GM, Nissan and Tesla admit electric cars are the future of road transportation.

In the E.U., car makers have banded together and prioritized their goals for mass electric car production. They find themselves in a heated race to secure portions of the EV market, pushed into the mainstream by American energy giant Telsa.

The CEO of Jaguar Land Rover was speaking to CNBC this Tuesday. During a sit-down, Ralf Speth admitted something few traditional carmakers would. “The future will be electric,” he told the business news outlet.

And don’t expect electric cars to be a side dish offering either. Speth made it clear that every car under the Jaguar Land Rover brand will have an electric variant. Better yet, this will start happening at the end of this decade.

Tesla Inc. even landed on Germany’s rivalry list in August. The German chancellor Angela Merkel had her head of staff urge the country’s car industry to prioritize electric vehicles. Want to guess which car marker was labeled enemy number one? That’s right, Tesla, Inc.

Germany loves and hates Tesla Inc

Peter Altmaier had a question bugging him about the his home country, also the home of several auto industry legends. It was about that unassuming electric upstart in the U.S. which scored 500,000 pre-ordered payments on a car it hadn’t even made yet. .

“When is our automobile industry, which is so good,” he had to add, “actually going to be in a position to build a car that travels 50 kilometers further than a Tesla and costs 10,000 euros less?”

Altmaier is certain that the German auto scene is more than capable of making that happen. “It must be possible to set this as a goal,” the chief of staff insisted.

Germany has grown comfortable as the planet’s auto manufacturing leader. Blinded by its success, the likes of BMW, Porsche and VW completely overlooked the speed-up of an emerging car market. Beating Tesla has to become a bigger focus, said the chancellor’s right-hand man.

“Electric vehicles!” Altmaier pressed on, “especially in cities.” Road vehicles with combustion engines will become even tougher to sell in the future. The German government’s chief of staff is worried the country does not see that. He wants the “best electric cars” to be associated with Germany.

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