Apple Inc. (AAPL) iPhone 7 Release Date and Specs Leaked in Part Pics [updated]

Apple Inc. iPhone 7 specs and rumors

iPhone 7 is being developed at Apple Inc.  right now, but no one is sure when the company will announce a release date or what the new smart phone specs will be. Some new iPhone 7 info has leaked from the supply chain in East-Asia recently and the pics are giving a clearer view of iPhone 7 specs, and interestingly, they support the idea that September 25 will be the iPhone 7 release date.

iPhone 7c Apple Inc. release

The leaked iPhone 7 pics show the display and case of the latest iPhone. Most importantly, the picture includes the date on which the part was made for Apple. A label on the gadget shows a QA stamp from July 29. That means that Apple is on track to get the iPhone 7 to users before the end of the current quarter.

Looking at photos of the iPhone 7

The new images include the case and some of the internal parts of the iPhone 7. They come from Macfixit Australia, an Apple repair outlet that got its hands on photos of the device from a source in the supply chain. Here’s a look at the photos that were released on Monday.

Apple Inc. iPhone 7 release date leak

There are a few parts of the image worth noting. The first is the QA date, which can be seen in the stamp on the label. The iPhone 7 release date appears to be on track for September 25 if the stamp is legit.

Apple has put the iPhone release date on the last Friday of September for several years running, meaning that it’s likely the firm will follow that path this time around. There is reason to believe that there will be a delay in the iPhone 7 release date, but that lag may be soft due to lower supply rather than a hard push of the release date into October.

iPhone 7 Case leaked

More photos, this time from GeekBar, appear to show that the case leak from MacFixit Australia is about right. It’s not clear if the two sources are distinct, however. These images might be from the same leaked design, and they might not be from a real iPhone 7.

iphone 7 battery

A leak of an iPhone battery also emerged in recent days. The form factor of the battery is a little odd, and the size seems off, so it’s not clear if this will be the final version that appears in the next Apple smart phone.

Getting iPhone 7 specs from leaked images

The leaked pic also shows off some proof of the iPhone 7 specs that have been rumored in recent months. Ming Chu Kuo of KGI Securities was the first to promise that the iPhone 7 would contain Force Touch, and the image above, combined with others from the supply chain appear to back that up.

There’s a space that appears to be reserved for the Taptic Engine behind the screen on the above image. That appears to suggest that Mr. Kuo, and all of the Wall Street voices that have echoed his iPhone 7 specs, is right about the presence of the tech in the iPhone 7 specs.

Mr. Kuo also says that the iPhone will be thicker than the last release from Apple. The pics above come with details that suggest a thickness of 7.1mm, ahead of the 6.9mm from the iPhone 6. The extra room will be used to fit in the Force Touch module, and might also allow the firm to fit a bigger battery into the next smart phone.

The image of the battery above appears to clash with that idea, however. It lists the amount of power held by the cell at 1715 mAh. The iPhone 6 has a battery of 1810 mAh. Apple  may simply try to make the iPhone 7 specs use less power. The A9 processor that’s set to appear in the device is likely to help with that.

Because of the small battery size, it seems unlikely that the leaked iPhone 7 battery pic is going to be the same as that we see on release, but you never know with Apple. Even the iPhone 7 release date is in question, despite the info from the leaked pic above.

Looking for the iPhone 7 release date

If the above picture of the parts are authentic, it seems that the iPhone 7 release date falls in line with the other rumors out there. It seems that Apple will show off the iPhone on September 16, put it up for pre-order on September 18, and ship it to the first buyer by September 25.

It’s not clear if Apple will be able to fill the huge orders that are going to pour in on the iPhone 7 release date. The firm had trouble getting the Taptic Engine up to volume with the Apple Watch, and it could have problems like that with the iPhone 7.

That might mean that sales will roll out more slowly this time than they did with the iPhone 6. Demand for the iPhone 7 will be the same, or less, than that for the iPhone 6 if Wall Street is to be believed.

Sherri Scribner of Deutsche Bank says that sales of the iPhone 7 will likely grow more slowly than the global phone market as users remain happy with their big-screened iPhone 6. A recent report from Strategy Analytics showed that Apple smart phone sales grew by more than 30 percent in the three months through July, ahead of the 2 percent growth of the market as a whole.

The iPhone 7 may not be the best selling iPhone of all time, but that doesn’t mean it won’t be the best. The next iPhone will, says Brian White of Cantor Fitzgerald, offer “a lot of different features in how you interact with Force Touch and what it does that maybe we’re not thinking about yet.”

That means that the feel of the next iPhone could be a complete change from that of the last Apple release. It’s still not exactly clear when the first buyers will be able to get their hands on the handset.

We’ll have to wait of for the first week of September to find out whether invitations to an Apple  event have arrived. Buzzfeed says that the firm is planning an Apple TV even next month, a good sign for those that want to get their hands on the next iPhone sooner rather than later.

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