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Apple Inc. has already set production in motion, and the iPhone 7 is on the way. There’s always a lot of speculation and rumor about the launch of a new smartphone from Apple, but the firm has let more clues than usual slip out this time around. The iPhone 7 release date is likely to be September 18, and the weight behind that date is getting heavier.

iphone 7 specs release date

The iPhone 7 release date isn’t the only piece of info we have a handle on, the shape and features of the device are also becoming more and more clear. That info comes thanks to the efforts of Ming Chu Kuo, an Apple follower close to the iPhone supply chain, and devs working with iOS 9. Here’s our look at why September 18 is the likely iPhone 7 release date, and the specs on the device.

iPhone 7 release date calculation

Apple has released a new iPhone on the second-to-last Friday of every September for the last three years. The firm appears to like that pattern and, though there’s a chance it will surprise, if all goes well the device should be up for sale on that date.


That iPhone 7 release date math was given some weight by a report from Mobile News. The British news site said that it had obtained an email sent to a Vodafone executive that showed that the iPhone will go up for order on September 18, and will be sent out for the first time on September 25.

That means there’s just 63 days until the iPhone 7 will come up for order. For those that might want to buy the device on its release date, it’s high time you took a look at the raft of features we already know are going to be part of the next big release from Apple. Here’s a look at what iPhone 7 specs to look out for when the firm hosts its conference.

iPhone 7 specs include Force Touch

Force Touch, the pressure sensitive system first seen in the Apple Watch, will be the biggest addition to the iPhone 7, and it’s likely that it’s going to change the shape of the device. Ming Chu Kuo says that the next iPhone will be thicker than the last release from Apple.

A leak from Engadget Japan showed a Blueprint for the next iPhone which measures its thickness at 7.1mm. The iPhone 6 clocked in at 6.9mm. That means that Apple is going back on its trend of making each new iPhone thinner than the last.

At 0.2mm not too many are going to be able to see the big difference between the iPhone 7 and the iPhone 6. The change on the inside will give users a whole new way to use their phone, making it well worth a little extra girth.

We’re not looking at a memory change this time around. Most rumors suggest that the iPhone 7 will still have a 16GB option at the lowest price tier. That might make sense for the firm’s margins, but users are getting frustrated with Apple’s low memory devices, even if iCloud works in most cases.

New colors are also being suggested for the iPhone 7. The device will get closer to the colors offered for the Apple Watch. Space Gray will turn to Space Black, while gold will get closer to the true-gold of the Apple Watch Edition, and a Rose Gold option, or perhaps Pink, is going to appear.

The A9 processor is the chip that will drive the iPhone and make it much faster than the iPhone 6, combined with Apple’s new graphics software, the iPhone 7 is going to be the fastest device yet. It turns out the firm is already making the device.

iPhone 7 pieces begin to be made

JP Morgan analyst Rod Hall says that the A9 processor for the iPhone 7 are already in production at Taiwan Semiconductor and Samsung, adding weight to the September 18 launch date. Apple had to modify the design of the chips, a change that may be related to reports of low yields which broke earlier this year.

There have been other leaks from the supply chain that show that Apple is making the iPhone 7 right now. The case of the device was leaked by 9to5Mac on June 30. The basis of the iPhone 7 is going to be almost exactly the same as the iPhone 6, but there’s many changes going on inside the device.

Those include a smaller motherboard. That will give Apple an easier time fitting Force Touch into the device, but the firm is still going to have to make the device thicker in order to fit the two-layer modules that make it work. The firm showed off in a patent for Force Touch on Thursday that shows the way it’s going to work in the next iPhone.

Looking for iPhone 7 specs in iOS 9

At WWDC 2015 on June 8 Apple released the beta of iOS 9 in order to allow devs to work on the system before its release with the iPhone 7. It’s clear from some of the code in the OS that the iPhone 7 will get a couple of interesting features that were not in the iPhone 6.

The first of these will be in all iPhones once they update their OS to iOS 9. Low Power mode will throttle your processor and kill background actions in order to make sure your battery lasts much longer as it gets toward the end of its life.

Because of the bigger size of the iPhone 7, Apple may try to fit a bigger battery into the device. That could, coupled with Low Power mode, bring many hours of extra life, letting users leave home without having an iPhone charger cable on their body at all times.

The iPhone 7 is also likely to get a boost to its front facing camera. The iPhone 7 will let users take 1080p video in slow motion according to some details contained inside the iOS 9 beta. Dev Hamza Sood was the first to find the features, and he says that there’s also a “Selfie Panorama” that will feature in the iPhone 7. We’ll likely see that on stage in September if it makes it into the device.

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