Apple Inc. (AAPL) iPhone 7 Specs Leak As Release Date Just 77 Days Out

Apple Inc iPhone (AAPL)

Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) is going to launch an iPhone 7 this year. It’s going to be the best smart phone ever made by the firm, as every release has been since the first iPhone debuted in 2007. We already know a lot about the iPhone 7, at least if you believe Ming Chi-Kuo, the KGI Securities analyst who’s been right about Apple more than anyone else.

Apple Inc iPhone 7 (AAPL)

Mr. Kuo has released extensive data bout the iPhone 7 specs already. Here’s a roundup of the features we’re expecting to see when Apple finally gets the new phone to users. We’re sill not all that sure about when the iPhone 7 release date will come, but we have a pretty good guess based on supplier info from China and Taiwan.

iPhone 7 follows the Apple Watch

The Apple Watch may have been the pet project of Jon Ive, who just took up a position as Chief of Design at Apple. He’s taking a more hands-off approach to design right now but Richard Howarth, the firm’s new chief of hardware design, has clearly learned a lot from his old boss, and from the Apple Watch.

On the outside the iPhone 7 is going to take visual cues from the Apple Watch and actually copy the colors that the device came in when it shipped for the first time on April 24 2015. The new smart phone is, according to the latest rumors, going to come in Space-Black, a darker version of the Space Gray that the iPhone 6 shipped with.

Its gold color is going to become closer to the gold used in the Apple Watch, and it’s getting an all new Rose Gold color, similar to that seen in the Apple Watch.

Apple is set to make the metal in the casing the same as that seen in some units of the Apple Watch too. The 7000 Series Aluminum is going to make the iPhone 7 stronger, and it’s going to end the reign of Bend-ghazi, the scandal around the flexibility in the firm’s iPhone 6.

It’s not just the outside that’s going to mimic the Apple Watch, the iPhone 7 is also going to get a key feature that debuted in the wearable from the firm. Force Touch, the feedback system driven by the Taptic Engine designed by Apple, is coming to the iPhone 7, and it’s going to give users a lot more control over how they interact with the device.

 Making a bigger iPhone 7

Mr. Kuo reckons that in order to fit the Taptic Engine into the iPhone 7 Apple is going to have to make the device thicker than the iPhone 6. That story has been contravened by new pictures, now removed from the web, which leaked from a Foxconn employee this week.

Those pictures showed that the case for the iPhone 7 would be the same size as that of the iPhone 6. A related story, published by Andrew Griffin at The Telegraph, said that the motherboard in the phone would be smaller, and would allow the Taptic Engine to fit inside the same case.

Given the number of false rumors that emerge from the supply chain in pictures from Foxconn workers, it seems better to follow Mr. Kuo on his forecast that the next iPhone will indeed be a little bit bigger than what Apple gave to us last year. Force Touch is worth taking the hit on thickness.

Getting a more powerful iPhone 7

The iPhone 7 will, of course, have an upgrade in processor that will increase the power of the device. The A9 chip is being made by Samsung, Apple’s major rival in the smartphone world and should offer more than just a boost to what your phone can do. It’s also likely to use power more efficiently than the A8 chip.

Combined with the Low Power feature that will come as part of the iPhone 7 iOS 9 update, the battery should be able to last much longer, and that might be a key part of the sales push behind the device. Users want a phone that can last a full day no matter how they use it.

The iPhone 6 can give out after a little over half a day if a user is making calls all day, using apps with a heavy load and leaving the screen at full brightness. The iPhone 7, with its better power use, might be able to change all that.

Boosting the camera

There’s not enough time to put a dual-lens camera in the iPhone 7, but Apple isn’t going to ignore the lens when it releases its next smartphone. Mr. Kuo says that the iPhone 7 will get a 12MP sensor. He’s not exactly sure of that number, but it does seem that the device is going to get a boost when it arrives later on this year.

A great camera is one of the things that really sells the iPhone. It’s easy to use, and it takes great pictures. With the MP numbers in phones on Android still rising, Apple may need to do something in order to compete. While a huge boost to the camera is likely ahead, this year Apple is likely to concentrate on the front-facing camera.

Making that part of the iPhone great will make it the go-to phone for those that really love selfies, and the art form features heavily among the past times of many of the firm’s users.

When is the iPhone 7 release date?

This is where we have the least info, and it’s very difficult to put an iPhone 7 release date down on paper before the company even starts making the phones in huge numbers. There are all kinds of snags that Apple could hit while building the iPhone 7, and those could set production back weeks.

The release date for the iPhone 6 was September 19, 2014, the release date for the iPhone 5s was September 20, 2013, and the release date for the iPhone 5 was September 21, 2012. There’s a pattern there, and it might make it easier to guess when the iPhone 7 release date will arrive.

for the last three generations, Apple has released its new phone on the second-last Friday of September. If the firm follows that pattern this time around, the iPhone 7 release date will fall on Friday September 18 2015. That means there may be only 77 days until the release of the iPhone 7.

With Force Touch set to be a key part of the iPhone 7, according to the specs released by Mr. Kuo, that release date may not be easy to hit. Problems with making that part for the Apple Watch resulted in most buyers waiting weeks before they got their hands on the device.

Tim Culpan at Bloomberg said on June 26 that the iPhone 7 had already entered early production, and would ramp up to full tilt later on in July. That puts Apple right on track for a release on September 18 release date, and that’s the best guess out there right now.

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