SIPC Insurance Coverage – What it is and How it Works

SIPC or Securities Investor Protection Corporation offers insurance to customers of a brokerage firm. The insurance protects client’s against losses related to the failure (bankruptcy) of the firm or fraud by the brokerage firm or its employees (money missing from customer accounts). […]

January’s Best Performing Index Annuities

A typical trigger point annuity would have provided a 5.00% gain for the last twelve months outperforming the market by almost 3% points. When the market gains over 1% in year, a trigger point is the only type of index annuity that has…. […]

Obama Proposes Cap on Municipal Bond Tax Deduction

To the dismay of many municipal bond market players, President Barack Obama on Monday unveiled a budget for fiscal 2013 that includes a measure that would impact the attractiveness of investing in municipal bonds. The president wants to decrease…. […]

Types of Interest Payments

While the definition of interest remains the same no matter how that interest is paid, in order to suite the needs of both the entity issuing a bond, and the buyer of that bond, different bonds pay out their interest payments in different ways: […]

Investing in Junk Bonds – Part 3

So you’ve learned when to be in the junk bond market and when to be out as well as how to evaluate individual junk bonds and have decided to take the plunge and pick out an individual junk bond or two. How does one actually do this? […]

Buying US Savings Bonds: 5 Things You Should Know

EE bonds provide a fixed interest rate which will remain constant through the life of the bond. I bonds are more complicated, they have a fixed component , and a variable component which changes every 6 months based on inflation. […]