Xbox Live and Playstation: Christmas Hackers Could Ruin Your Day

Microsoft Corporation (MSFT) Xbox One

A new hacking group has issued a threat to take both Xbox Live and Sont’s Playstation Network down on Christmas.

The group, calling itself R.I.U. Star Patrol, this week attacked social networking website Tumblr. They were able to shut down the website for more than two hours on Wednesday afternoon, Sophos said in a blog post.

The hackers used a distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attack to take Tumblr down. The site was first reported offline shortly after 3:15pm ET. Full service was restored around 5:45pm ET.

The hacking group reached new website Mashable to explain its reason for the attack. “There is no sinister motive,” the group said, adding that “It’s all for light hearted fun.”

Threat To Xbox Live and PSN

The hacking group is using a Twitter account (@StarPatrolling) which came online on December 13. The group is being led by someone who has the Twitter handle @ANTIPEACESP.

Gaming news site 7421Max interviewed the hacking group @StarPatrolling. The hackers told the news site that they plan to launch coordinated attacks against Xbox on Christmas day. When asked about their motive, the hackers said: “We do it because we can.”

“We have not been paid a single dollar for what we do,” one of the hackers said.

Last week, 7421Max reported that the hacking group had shut down League of Legends and Warframe servers. On Twitter, they issued a threat to knock down PSN and Xbox Live for Christmas.

In 2014, a hackers group known as Lizard Squad attacked the PlayStation Network and Xbox Live.

The group claimed responsibility for a variety of attacks on prominent websites. They disrupted PSN via a DDoS attack in August 2014 and then again in December. The hacker targeted Xbox Live in December 2014 when many users reported that they were unable to access the service. After many illegal activities from Lizard Squad, FBI started an investigation against its members. Authorities were able to arrest of one of the members in Finland. The individual, charged with over 50,000 counts of cyber crime, was issued a two year sentence and ordered to assist in stopping cyber crime, according to a report from Game Rant.

What is a DDoS Attack?

DDoS is a type of DOS attack in which hackers use multiple Trojan-infected compromised systems to target a single system causing a Denial of Service (DoS) attack.

Microsoft Corporation XBOX ONE

It’s a technique of overloading or shutting down a service so that users cannot access it. Typical DoS attacks target web servers and aim to make websites unavailable. No data is stolen or compromised, but the service blockage can cost companies some money and time.

The most common type of DoS attack involves sending more traffic to a computer than it can handle. The most common DoS type is called DDoS, in which a botnet flood a web server with requests.

Lynda.com, which is owned by Microsoft Corporation subsidiary LinkedIn, recently targeted by hackers who managed to stole information of thousands of users. The attackers were able to breach a database containing contact information and courses viewed for approximately 55,000 users.

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