Tesla Motors Inc (TSLA) Model X: 6 Features You’ll Love From Leaked Pics

tesla motors model x spolier 2

Tesla Motors Inc (NASDAQ:TSLA) will ship its first Model X EV SUV before the end of the quarter, and fans of the car firm are already lining up to buy the car. Elon Musk, CEO at Tesla Motors, said back in February that more than 20,000 bookings for the SUV have already been made.

Tesla Motors Inc Model X SUV

Between the reveal of the Model X last year and the shipment of the first car some time in the next few months there’s been a lot of work done on the Model X at Tesla Motors. In order to test some of that work, the firm has put units of the SUV on the street and allowed savvy drivers to snap pics of some of the car’s key features. Here’s a look at some of the best things about the Model X from those leaks.

1-Model X gets a spoiler

In order to keep the battery of the Model X going for as long as possible, Tesla Motors will have to make the car as aerodynamically sound as they can. A spoiler, which will only be active at certain times appears to be part of the firm’s way of achieving that.

tesla motors inc model_x_spoilerThe above pics were gathered and speculated on by Tesla Motors forum user AnxietyRanger. The Range believes that the lines at the end of each of the above Model X bodies could be an auto-raising spoiler.

tesla motors model x spolier 2

Twitter user @chaos1media seemed to prove that an active spoiler was coming to the Model X with the above photo. The spoiler looks great and it’s likely to move by itself when you most need it, saving you power and making your drive time longer.

2-That sleek Model X profile

We know from the pics we’ve seen of the Model X in the wild that it’s not a tall car. It is, in fact a little under eight inches taller than the Model S. Have a look at the sheer amount of room that’s inside, despite the low profile.

Tesla Motors Inc Model X

The above picture is of a Model X driving right behind a compact car, and the difference really isn’t that astounding. The SUV EV from Tesla Motors is going to be small, and it’s going to be light to boot. The vehicle will be about 10% heavier than the Model S.

The reason you should love the sleek profile is simple. Bigger means heavier and heavier means lower range. With the same size battery the Model X will be able to go 90% of the distance of the Model S, but you’ll be able to fit a whole lot more into it.

3- Those amazing falcon wing doors

Remember, they’re not gull-wing doors, they’re falcon wing doors, and they’re definitely on the way. Here’s a look at the doors from one of the Tesla Motors Model X test vehicles.


Tesla Motors has been trying a bunch of different ideas with the doors of the Model X, and the version above may not be exactly what we end up with, but Elon Musk has made certain promises. The Model X doors will open in the tightest of parking spots, and they’ll be easy to use by everyone.

The Tesla Motors Model X doors are going to be an incredible asset, and they’re going to make the car an eye-opener for anyone that has managed to ignore Tesla up until now.

4- A prettier nosecone

The nosecone on the Telsa Motors Model S has been a point of contention for many fans of the car for years. Some people don’t hate it, but a lot of people really do. In the Model X, Tesla Motors is going to put an end to that debate and give the nosecone a major makeover. First, have a look at the Model S nosecone.

tesla motors Model S

Here’s one of the fullest pics of the Model X front. Credit goes to Jersey Girl from the Tesla Motors forums.

model x  front profile

The nosecone in the Model X looks like it’s going to be integrated into the front of the car, and not leave the gap that many Tesla owners have complained about. It seems from this photo, which was posted at the end of May, that this will be something like the final version of the Model X.

5- That tow hitch

The Model S is simply not designed to drag around  trailer or anything extra, but the Model X will be. A picture from earlier this year showed off a Tesla SUV with a clear tow hitch on the road.

tesla motors model x tow hitchIt may be small, but you can be sure it’s there and it’s going to be an option when you order your full Tesla Motors Model X later on this year. Paula Den Dunnan, former director for Europe communications for Tesla, confirmed that there would be a tow bar option in an interview with Norway Tesla fans back in 2013.

Now that we’ve seen it on the road, we can be sure that it’s going to be an option. Christopher DeMorro, from Gas2, caused a stir last week when he revealed that the Model X will be able to tow close to 10,000 pounds.

DeMorro picked up on a statement from Jim Chen, Vice President of Regulatory Affairs at Tesla Motors. The exec told a crowd at an April speech that “This vehicle will have Class III towing capability. That means over 5,000 pounds, actually close to 10,000 pounds of towing capability.”

If you don’t want the tow bar it’s likely you won’t need to add one. If you’re looking for it, however, it will be an option on the Model X.


This one’s not a picture, but you get the idea. The below video shows the Model X veering on and off the road in what looks like a test of a tech that will allow the SUV to avoid a crash by itself.

Tesla Motors is promising a self-driving Model S by the end of the Summer and the Model X is sure to come with the same tech on-board.

Looking forward to the Model X

These features are going to remain a mystery for quite a while. Elon Musk says that his firm won’t unveil the Model X to the public before getting one to the firm’s first user. “You know, because there are these different features that I mentioned — I’m being sort of intentionally obtuse — we’re not going to show it until it gets delivered,” he said on a conference call earlier this year.

Mr. Musk says that there are quite a few features of the Model S that he’s going to keep up his sleeve until the car is ready to ship. That leaves nothing but anticipation, and more poring over leaked photos, for those of us waiting on the SUV to change the way we drive, the way we open doors, and the way we drag stuff around.

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