Tesla Could Help Disney Electrify Its Tomorrowland Speedway

Tesla Could Help Disney Electrify Its Tomorrowland Speedway

Disney’s Tomorrowland Speedway could get electrified if the company’s discussions with Tesla follow through. The talks between the two companies will help in promoting the EV industry and also help Disney get rid of its go-karts powered by gas in the Orlando based Magic Kingdom.

A change in Florida

According to Just Disney, the Disney-Tesla partnership is imminent for the speedway ride. Citing its sources, the outlet noted that Tesla CEO Elon Musk has been meeting some top executives from Disney to ensure that visitors enjoy a brand-new electrified speedway that transports them through the scenic location of the region. Musk’s company may even sponsor the speedway and the surrounding stadium to help visitors experience “driving in the future.” Elon Musk used to be targeted by scam crypto trading platforms such as Bitcoin Trader, which would use fake accounts pretending to be the Tesla CEO to get new users to join the scam and invest their money on it.

Tesla Could Help Disney Electrify Its Tomorrowland Speedway

The gas-powered go-karts will also get an electric upgrade and will still be available in child-friendly driving opportunities. The EV manufacturer is also expected to keep their logo on the front of each vehicle.

Disney focuses extensively on renewable energy and recently finished the work on a large solar farm that could fit two Magic Kingdoms. The facility is built across 270 acres and has over half a million solar panels which can generate 50 MW of power. The huge facility can run two of the four Walt Disney World theme parks annually.

Marketing opportunity for Tesla

Musk’s company does not invest too much in traditional advertising. However, a partnership with Disney could mean a lifelong opportunity to introduce kids and their parents to electrification and give them a glimpse of what owning a Model 3 or Model S could feel like. The logo featured on each car, and the sponsored stadium will also continue to generate interest in the EV manufacturer’s product lineup.

As far as Disney is concerned, the company recently finished the refurbishing of Tomorrowland and opened it for users in May. Giving it electric cars will also help in increasing the overall appeal of the ride. It will be a win-win for the company from a business point of view.

Tomorrowland is getting old, and the company wouldn’t mind a great sponsorship opportunity if it comes their way. Their Orlando, Florida attraction brings 52 million visitors each year, which can be a great marketing opportunity for any business or brand. Disney has done this before and may continue doing this in the future as well.

For Tesla, it would mean setting aside millions of dollars to fund their objectives. They will also have to face several restrictions that a mega-conglomerate like Disney could impose.


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