3 Takeaways From Tesla Motors Inc. (TSLA)’s New Product Launches

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Tesla Motors Inc has opened another chapter in its grand plan for dominating the energy market. On Friday, Elon Musk wowed homeowners with an innovative solar rooftop and Powerwall system. New solar roof tiles and Powerwalls are a thinly veiled attempt to show Tesla shareholders how Elon Musk could infuse a sexy vibe into the solar business. The solar roof tiles announcement is also designed to encourage shareholders to vote in favor of Tesla’s proposed merger with SolarCity next month.

Elon Musk’s ‘ulterior motive‘ for launching solar roof tiles are obvious, but nobody can deny the fact that the man is passionate about improving the power sector. In his words, “We need to make solar panels as appealing as electric cars have become… It needs to be beautiful, affordable and seamlessly integrated.” This article provides insight into three takeaways from the launch of the new solar roof tiles.

Elon Musk showcasing Tesla's solar tiles

Tesla Solar glass shingle is the new roof

Tesla Motors has opened the ‘Pandora Box’ that could lead the massive disruption in the homebuilding and home energy industries. The solar roof panels demand serious consideration from anyone thinking about roofing a new house or replacing an old roof. Tesla went above and beyond in mixing aesthetics with functionality in new solar roofing system. In the words of Elon Musk during a SolarCity call in August, “It’s not a thing on the roof. It is the roof.”

Powerwall 2.0 is bigger and more versatile

Elon Musk also unveiled the much-awaited Powerwall 2.0, which is a pacesetter in the home energy storage market. The Powerwall 2.0 packs two times more energy storage space into the same form factor of the original 14KWh Powerwall. Powerwall 2.0 can store enough energy to meet the needs of a standard 4-bedroom home for a day. Of course, pairing the Powerwall 2.0 with the solar glass tiles appears to be the best value-driven and cost-effective way to get full juice for a truly green energy move.

More interesting is the fact that Elon Musk says he “expect to sell more Powerwalls than cars.” The Powerwall has more latent demand than electric cars because the global need for energy storage. In fact, the Powerwall might enjoy increased demand in countries with unreliable or expensive power supply.

Powerpack 2.0 helps business and utilities to go green

Tesla Motors also unveiled its Powerpack 2.0, which provides utilities and businesses with cutting edge battery technology energy storage. Powerpack 2.0 is available to utility firms and businesses that want to switch to a greener power source. Interestingly, Southern California Edison has ordered 20MW/80 MWh Powerpack substation. The new Powerpack will help the utility firm to stay in business even as its gas storage reservoirs start to act up.

It is also worthy of note that Tesla has doubled the energy density of th e Powerpack 2.0 to reach 200KWh per unit. The firm notes in a statement that Powerpack 2.0 “is the lowest cost, highest efficiency and highest power density utility-scale inverter on the market. It also significantly simplifies the installation process of the entire Powerpack system by integrating a number of previously independent components into the inverter itself.”

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