Comparing PS4 and Xbox One: Sony Corp (NYSE:SNE) Reveals Secrets at Earnings

Xbox One VS Ps4 Microsoft Corporation

Sony Corp  released its numbers for the three months through June on July 29. Though most US investors don’t care all that much about Sony numbers, those invested in the Ps4 VS Xbox One Console war can find some interesting inside info in the report. Sony only releases numbers that make itself look good, except when the firm is forced to report its financials due to regulations.

PS4 VS Xbox One Microsoft Corporation

Last week we took a look at the Microsoft Corporation  earnings report for clues about how the PS4 VS Xbox One battle was taking its toll on the Redmond company. A similar pattern can be seen in the Sony numbers. Though it’s not as guilty as Microsoft, the firm hides every number it can. Here’s a look at what Sony revealed about its effort in the PS4 VS Xbox One battle.

PS4 VS Xbox One stays obscure

Unlike Microsoft, Sony shows all of the figures from its gaming division in a single business segment. In the three months through June the firm recorded sales of $2.365B and turned that into operating income of $160m.

Sony reports its operating income rather than its gross income in each segment. This makes it easier to see how much money the firm is actually making. Gross income, which is what Microsoft reports for the Xbox One, covers the direct costs of making a product. For the Xbox One that means buying the parts and putting them together.

Operating income, which Sony reports for the PS4, shows the costs in research, in marketing, and in rent and electricity. Sony made $160 million in the three months through June from gaming.

As an aside: Neither firm reports the net income of their gaming divisions. Gross income includes direct costs, operating income includes both direct and indirect costs, but net income is the money the firm records as a profit after taxes, depreciation and some other charges.

Comparing PS4 VS Xbox One

Since neither Sony nor Microsoft want to make the financials of the PS4 VS Xbox One clear, it’s necessary to do some estimation in order to get a figure that can compare the performance of the firms.

Microsoft, as we say in our look at their earnings report, divides up gaming into at least two segments. It’s not even clear which segments some kinds of income fall into. That makes comparing the PS4 VS Xbox One even more difficult.

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