Pichai Becomes Alphabet’s CEO as Page and Bin Step Down

21 years after founding one of the most successful tech companies in the world, Larry Page and Sergey Brin announced they are stepping aside as Alphabet’s CEO.  In a blog post Yesterday, Alphabet reflected on the background roles the co-founders have been playing in recent times. Page and Bin said they are stepping down and handing over the CEO role of the company to Sundar Pichai.

As the parent company of Google Inc, Alphabet also owns other services such as healthcare software company Verily and Waymo, a self-help car driving company.

Page is trying to pay more attention to the development of these new companies that merged in 2015. However, he left Pichai to oversee the affairs of Google, its most successful company out of several other companies that Alphabet owns.  However, Brin is still the president of Google Inc.

Brin and Page are seen much less at Google’s headquarters, unlike in the past where they are often seen. Page’s resolve to stay in the background and appoint Pichai did not go down well with some employees and US lawmakers. In most cases, they go straight to Page whenever any issues arise.

Page and Brin still directors

Although both have left the CEO position to Sundar, page, and Brin are still directors at the company. However, they are ceding the CEO role to Pichai.

Some people might think Page’s health condition was seriously considered before the decision. But Alphabet said his health condition was not the main consideration for his decision to step aside.

Alphabet Inc (GOOG) Google

According to the company, Google and its sister companies are operating more effectively. But the decision to get a new person on board is based on the company’s conviction that simplicity is important. It wants to simplify its management structure Sundar Pichai has been involved in Google’s core business processes for the past 5 years.

Developing Artificial Intelligence

Pichai, Brin, and Page believe that it’s time to focus on the artificial intelligence section of the company. They want to create a browsing and web search environment were searching the web will be faster. They also want to expand the range of services and information available to their users for a simple text query.

However, they are still facing challenges as governments from all over are world are demanding improved scrutiny. There are more taxes to be paid, and there have been protests from thousands of employees, while some have even resigned.

With these challenges, Alphabet wants to refocus its complex management structure by making things more linear, according to the company.

CIO of Bokeh Capital Partners., Caughey Forrest, pointed out that Alphabet and its smaller companies want to shift into a more technologically oriented structure, where cost will reduce while profit increases. To achieve this goal, the management structure has to change to accommodate the current plan, Alphabet said.

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