Model 3 News Expected Today as Musk Serves up Tesla Twitter Tease

Tesla Model 3 (TSLA)

July, finally! It’s the month Tesla Model 3 fans have marked down on their calendars, especially the approximately 400,000 Model 3 reservation holders. Everything is going according to plan too. That’s what the company tells us, at least. We are yet to see if the young and ambitious automaker has learned from past supply constraints.

From this month forward, the affordable Model 3 should start to be a common sight on the road. Beginning in September, there will be 5000 new Model 3’s exiting the Fremont, California factory each month with a fast ramp-up in following months. Sadly, unless you got your deposit in on day one, or are an owner of a Model S or Model X already, you’re going to be waiting a while to take delivery of your sporty new EV.  Can you imagine standing in a line with approximately 400,000 people waiting ahead of you? Musk assures us that this will be a fast moving line though.

Musk has also promised some kind of announcement to be made today, July 2nd. Could he have news about the online Model 3 configurator?

Musk Tesla Model 3 Twitter Tease

For now, here is absolutely everything you need to know about the Tesla Model 3, what’s being promised, and when we expect people should find themselves behind the wheel.

Get ready, here comes the Tesla Model 3

Abundance. That’s a nice word to describe what Tesla Inc is facing right now. The company is in no short supply of fan fare, pressure and, more importantly, eager buyers. Edging towards its most inclusive car ever played a massive role in the second quarter’s excellent share performance too. Safe to say, support from investors is plenty as well. Never mind the haters.

Tesla has so much going for it. The brand offers all sorts of benefits and even outdoes most traditional auto rivals. The obvious is eco-friendliness. Tesla has one sure goal and that’s to rid the planet of its  reliance on fossil fuels. This sits well with the most people, at least those who care. The company’s brand also fails to neglect elegance, convenience and sportiness in its bid to preserve the planet. All of this is now more affordable, giving way more Tesla admirers the chance to become Tesla owners.

The Model 3 goes for $35,000 at its most standard. There are several hundred initial owners that will get to cash in on large tax discounts worldwide too. Of course, people rarely buy cars without adding a few extras, but if they want a Model 3, they have their starting price. This price is far less than the lowest available Model S, the 75kWh. Note that the 60kWh flagship sedan was recently discontinued for reasons you can read about here.

How does it look?

The internet is filled with leaked Model 3 snapshots, videos and numerous teasers from the company too. In terms of its general look, when caught at the right angle it can be hard to distinguish from the Model S. Much like previous Teslas, though, the built versions might look a bit different than their flaunted pre-production models.

The affordable Tesla will be slightly more compact than the Model S. Unveiled models flaunt a smaller rear trunk and a less projected front. Despite this, the Model 3 remains a 4-door sedan which can of seat 5 adults. It will house a rear and front trunk too. Once again, Tesla spoils its customers with storage options. There will also be the option to equip the car with a glass or steel roof.

Is the Model 3 a performancer

Adittedly, the Model 3 will be Tesla’s slowest car. The cheaper price tag does not mean it will be a poor performer, though. Don’t take my word for it, Musk assured fans of this at the car’s unveiling last year. “We don’t make slow cars here at Tesla,” the CEO boasted.

Tesla Motors Inc (NASDAQ:TSLA) the Model 3
Source: Tesla Motors Inc

Zero-to-sixty can be reached in under 6 seconds. Owners in regions that don’t care much for miles can expect an EV that will reach zero-to-a-hundred kph in under 6.2 seconds. It will be able to cover at least 215 miles, or 346km on a single charge. This can vary according to battery options and such. Range will be derived from a less than 60 kWh battery pack too. That’s due to a 30 percent denser energy storage capacity. Also note that the acceleration rates apply to the rear wheel drive versions of the car.

Safety and Autopilot

Safety is always a priority at Tesla. Despite costing less, the Model 3 will be not skimp on the safety features seen on Tesla’s current line-up. Musk assured the public that the car will house all-round, 5-star safety. It will be equipped with Autopilot hardware too, so buyers will not be excluded from taking up that option. Even the affordable Model 3 is can take advantage level 5 autonomy.

The Model 3 will have 360 degree visibility with more than 250 meters of range. Its standard autopilot hardware includes 8 cameras. Three of these cameras are front-facing. The car will come wtih with 12 ultrasonic sensors too, powerful processing speeds and forward-facing radar to boot.

Among the confirmed options is a performance model, Ludicrous mode, a solar roof, all wheel drive and 3 different wheel designs to choose from.

What about the inside?

It really doesn’t look like Tesla has done much to change that dashboard which people didn’t like so much. Looking inwards, buyers are promised a very roomy interior. The driver will get to rest his or her hands on a spaceship-like steering wheel. That’s according to Musk’s assurances.

Tesla Motors Inc (TSLA) Model 3 Interior

The center console looks like nothing more than a projected, 15 inch, touchscreen monitor. It is not unlike to those on the Model S and Model X, only the one in the Model 3 appears a lot like a propped up tablet. The dash will feature a single HVAC slot. Model 3 comes with foldable rear seats too.

When will I get it?

Everything is on schedule, according to Musk. The CEO reports that the production of the Model 3 will begin at the start of this month. Vehicles should roll out during the same month too. The second half of 2017 should also see Model 3s finally, finally filling the road.

To begin with, high add-on orders get first priority. The company will first push out deliveries in the west coast and move eastwards. Sadly, the first year of Model 3 production is completely unavailable for new buyers. Placing an order now will only see you behind the wheel in the latter part of next year.

Reportedly, only 7 per cent of the Model 3 reservation holders already Tesla own a Tesla. These people will also earn delivery priority in each region along with company employees. No bias there, huh? Tesla reiterates time and time again that there won’t be any delays in the upcoming EV’s release.

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