Microsoft Wins Title: Globe’s First Supreme AI-Cloud Superpower (MSFT)

Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ:MSFT)

Microsoft is on the verge of creating the world’s “first AI supercomputer”. This is according to the firm’s CEO and lead visionary, Satya Nadella. The chief executive is adamant that this will be achieved through its booming cloud services. He held a particular backing for Microsoft’s Azure and AI units.

In truth, the American software major was late in joining the bid to knock Amazon Web Services off its throne. Although despite this, Microsoft’s cloud ventures rake in market shares at considerable rates. Today, LearnBonds considers Microsoft Corporation’s cloud-AI bid. Is it truly set for success rates that will sideswipe the cloud space?

Nadella rose to CEO by pushing Microsoft’s cloud computing divisions to the fore. Under his guidance, the makers of Windows covered a lot of ground in the markets of remote storage and computing services. Now the firm is a formidable rival in the race to secure first place in global cloud and AI solutions.

“There [only] are a few companies that are at the cutting-edge of AI, Nadella tells the AFR, “in whichever way you look at it.” The MSFT boss strongly believes that his company makes the cut.

The projects which Microsoft has undergone to boost its AI infrastructure and services are proving their worth. By combining cloud services with its enhanced expertise in Artificial Intelligence, Microsoft has jumped to the front of cloud-based markets. The tech firm is set to put its cloud solutions ahead of even more conventional offerings by infusing them with greater intelligence systems.

Microsoft is an AI superpower.

Microsoft’s Azure has already seen the world greatest deployment of custom FPGAs. Formally considered field-programmable gate arrays, FPGAs are essentially more smarter, more versatile processors. They are placed in all of MSFT’s data centers around the world. Nadella claims that this has effectively produced the globe’s “first AI supercomputer”.

The immense capabilities of Microsoft’s AI systems were recently showcased when it successfully translated all of Wikipedia’s English articles (around 5 million in total) into a different language. This was achieved in under a tenth of a second at its most recent Ignite Conference.

Microsoft Corporation MSFT Cortana

“[W]hen you look at the capability around speech recognition, who has the state of the art? Microsoft does,” the CEO asserted. “[W]ith image recognition? Microsoft again. [T]hose are not subjective,” he went on to defend, “they are judged by objective criteria.”

Smart solutions for everyone — Microsoft

Microsoft Corporation is certain that it has multiple advantages over its rivals at this point. In part, its CEO claims that this is because the likes of Amazon, IBM and Google are less focused on some of the more important aspects of AI and cloud solutions, like how the software should ideally be used to interact with people.

Seeking to accelerate its growth as an AI superpower, the Windows producer has secured several rising start-ups. Amazon and Google are known for doing the same. By adopting rising superstars in the realm of AI solutions, Microsoft manages to gain more expertise, and greater exposure to its own services.

While at the head of MSFT, Nadella seeks to democratize the power of cloud AI the same way the company helped enable information at your fingertips. “We want to bring intelligence to everything, to everywhere and for everyone.”

What is your take of Microsoft’s presence in the cloud space? Is the American tech giant set to dominate the segment, or will its AI-cloud services only find moderate success? LearnBonds would love to hear your thoughts, so feel free to leave a comment below. You can also keep the conversation running by sharing this page on social platforms.

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