2017 Microsoft Surface Pro 5: More than a Laptop, A 4K Tablet Too

Microsoft Surface Pro 5 (NASDAQ:MSFT)

Who says your laptop can’t double as a tablet? Microsoft Corp. was ridiculed when it first ventured into its Surface products and now the device range is thriving. The company’s diverse take on what consumer and business tech should essentially offer appears to be paying off. One need only look at the new Surface Studio to see how serious Satya Nadella and his company are about redefining industry trends. The Surface 2-in-1 laptops are a massive hit as well. Better yet, according to rumors, there is a new edition set to arrive in Spring next year.

“Three years ago, the 2-in1 as a form factor was questioned,” Nadella tells the Australian Financial Review. The CEO recalled the backlash and caution the firm got from both MSFT rivals and aides “Does anybody need one? And now guess what, even our competition has decided that it’s not a refrigerator and a toaster but it’s actually a 2-in1.”

Surface Pro 5

Now there is a even newer product said to be in the works — the Surface Pro 5. Industry experts believe the firm won’t be holding anything back with the upgrade. However, Microsoft will continue to tread forward by its own terms, making sure it uses feature that it sees fit to form part of the new gadget.

When it comes to hardware, the tech giant is no longer just competing with other gadget leaders. Microsoft says it is done trying to outdo tech giants just by cramming the most alluring features in their devices. This strategy has proven less than successful. Nadella says the firm has learned from this mistake and will now define its own path through hardware markets.

“We don’t want to be driven by just envy of what others have. The question is, what can we bring? That is where I look at any device form factor or any technology, even AI.” Nadella claims that Microsoft will not launch new products without evaluating what new element it can bring to the table. The corporation now aims for something distinct, something alluring, something that will be the envy of other leaders in the market. That being said, lets look at what the industry expects from the upcoming, all-new Surface Pro 5.

Surface adopts Kaby Lake chips and a Windows Redstone 3

Reports claim next year’s Surface Pro 5 will run the latest in Windows 10 software. Namely that would be Redstone 3, set to be at the fore by the time of the Pro 5’s release. In terms of processing power, it looks like just about every tech giant is waiting to for Intel’s Kaby Lakes to drop. They will offer some of the best processing of 2017 and companies are itching to incorporate the chips into their leading devices.


This appears to be true for the Surface Pro 5 as well. The Kaby Lake chips will give the upcoming 2-in-1 laptop the processing power it needs to stand at the fore of the market. Such power will also complement the alleged 16GB of RAM on the device. The Surface Pro 5 is expected to house 512GB of standard storage.

Microsoft display efforts

If the Surface Studio is anything to look at, Microsoft clearly has a growing obsession with high-end screen tech. The display of the Surface Pro 5 will be rivaled by no other, offering more than clear, high-res quality, but support for the Surface Pen as well.

Presumptions state the Surface Pro 5 will come in two variants. An entry level 2K resolution laptop as well as a 4K. Considering the device will come with a detachable display, the company will also have among the first 4K tablets out in the market next year if this is true. It is reported that both versions will be able to support the Surface Pen.

Microsoft is set to rake in much of the creative PC user base that is currently dominated by Apple and its Macs. However, the iPhone maker has noticeably dropped the ball in this regard and fans are now turning to other device makers for that little extra edge.

“Either they’re brewing something up, or maybe it’s time for someone like Microsoft to start coming in and take some of their market.” The comment came from Nick Cronan, founding partner of Branch Creative. “They’re long overdue to blow us away.”

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