Microsoft Surface Phone Rumors Are Running Rampant (MSFT)

Rumors continue to suggest that Microsoft Corporation is developing an entirely new smartphone, dubbed Surface Phone. According to reports, the Surface Phone might give a compelling reason to iOS and Android users to switch to a Windows Mobile. However, Microsoft remains silent about the new smartphone. The tech titan has denied rumors regarding the new device the Surface Phone, which isn’t an official name. But recently a tweet from Microsoft Australia showed that that tech giant is working on a new Surface device. The tweet, later deleted by the company, included a promotional image teasing a “New One in Surface family.”

Reports suggest that the company plans to unveil the new smartphone next year. Here’s everything we know about Microsoft’s new smartphone.

Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ:MSFT) Surface Phone Rumors

1. Surface Phone Will Support Win32 Apps

According to rumors, the Surface Phone will offer support to Win32 apps. This will allow the device to run legacy Windows program that people run on their PCs. If this is true and Microsoft makes the Surface Phone to run Win32 apps, the Surface Phone could get an edge over iPhone and Android devices.

The availability of Win32 apps on the Surface Phone could encourage Android and iOS users to buy the Surface Phone. Most of them own a Windows PC, and very few use the Chromebook for desktop computing. So, we expect that many Android users will love to have portable desktop programs on their smartphones.

2. Touchscreen, Processor, Camera, Secure Phone

Reports suggest that the Surface Phone will feature a 5.7-inch touchscreen with 2K resolution. Powered by a Snapdragon 830 processor, the smartphone will get a 20 megapixel rear camera with a Carl Zeiss lens. The smartphone will come with large storage space and RAM, according to reports.

Leaked images show that the Surface Phone will have a keyboard cover allowing users to type in easy and stylish mode, similar to Surface Pro devices.

A report from iTechPost suggested that the Surface Phone will feature an 8GB RAM and a Kaby Lake processor. The smartphones is rumored to get a Windows 10 Redstone operating system and Snapdragon 821 SoC.

The new Surface Phone will be the most secure phone, according to a report from Trusted Reviews.

There has been a comparison between the specs of Apple’s iPhone 7 and the rumored specs of the Surface Phone. The comparison puts the Surface Phone miles ahead of the Apple’s iPhone 7 – that is if the Surface Phone debuts with its rumored specs.

3. Fingerprint Sensor

Microsoft’s Surface Phone is reportedly set to have a unique fingerprint sensor. In February 2015, the company submitted a new patent titled “Fingerprint Detection with Transparent Cover”. Filing a patent with the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO), the Surface phone is rumored to come with a unique fingerprint sensor. What makes this is interesting is that the scanner will be integrated on the smartphone’s display. Today, most smartphones have fingerprint sensors on the home button or the rear of the handset.

The patent revealed that a user would key in a fingerprint onto the phone’s display. The sensor on the glass side would then scan the unique ridges of the user’s unique fingerprint. Microsoft would use a filter and a wave guide underneath the display’s glass. It is also explained that the new technology would work with LED and AMOLED displays.

4. Launch Date

Earlier reports suggested that Microsoft Corporation will launch the new Surface Phone in 2016. But now the rumor mill is saying that the tech titan has moved the launch date to next year. Mobile & Apps said in a report that the new Surface Phone will make a debut in March 2017.

A report from iTechPost suggests that Microsoft might reveal the new smartphone during the company’s event in October 2016.

The report noted that the company seems to have completed work on the major specs of the Surface Phone.

5. Microsoft Registered Surfacephone.com

Digital Trends reported that Microsoft has purchased surfacephone.com. This shows that the company is planning to introduce a Surface Phone sometime in the future.

According to the report, a Reddit user discovered that surfacephone.com has been registered by . The domain name redirects visitors it to the company’s main Surface website. The domain name registration confirms that Microsoft is readying a Surface Phone.

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