This One Feature Will Help Microsoft Surface Phone Trump the iPhone

Microsoft surface phone
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Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ:MSFT)  has not confirmed or denied any of the unending streams of rumors about its plan to make a Surface Phone. However, all actions and inactions from the firm have only pointed to the increased odds that a Surface Phone is in the making. In fact, top tech analysts seem to agree that the Surface Phone will make its debut during the Mobile World Congress holding in Barcelona on Feb. 27, 2017.

The current smartphones in the market are not very different when it comes to distinctive features. Starting from Apple’s iPhones on iOS, moving on to all the different shades of Android devices, and down to the almost dead Blackberry devices – you’ll find different variants of the same devices. They’ll have touchscreen, front and rear camera, body from the latest metal alloys, and apps for work and play.

Microsoft MSFT surface phone

The Surface Phone is coming up against intense competition

We’ve also been entertained to lots of rumors and leaks about the possible specs of the Surface Phone. An October specs leak suggests that the device will sport a 5.5 AMOLED display with a 1440 x 2560 pixel resolution, 4GB RAM and 64GB or 128GB storage. If the Surface Phone debuts with those same specs, you shouldn’t not be surprised that the Surface Phone might be dead on arrival.

The Surface Phone might not be able to save Microsoft (NASDAQ:MSFT) ‘s sinking ship in the smartphone industry because those same specs are available on iOS and Android devices.  A mundane Surface Phone won’t get people to switch over from Android. The Samsung Galaxy S8 will make its debut next year to replace the ill-fated Galaxy Note 7. Xiaomi has already debuted with a bezelless screen and a ceramic body. Nokia is also reportedly trying to stage a comeback with an Android device.

More so, iOS users are not likely to switch because Apple’s iPhone 8 is already gearing up to be a game changer with leaks teasing a foldable design among other things. Of course, Microsoft will find a way to package the Surface Phone as a business centric device for sale to enterprise. Yet, you are not likely t buy the Surface Phone based on its current rumored specs unless you are a diehard Windows fan or you are forced to use the force for work.

Here’s the only feature that could help Microsoft sell the Surface Phone

The rumor mill has it that the Microsoft (NASDAQ:MSFT) ‘s Surface Phone will be uniquely different in its ability to run Win 32 apps.  Any device with enough processing power will be able to do about the same job as most laptops – of course, on a smaller form factor. Last week, week news broke that the Surface Phone will have laptop-class specs we can’t wait to lay our hands on the device. The Surface Phone’s ability to run Win 32 apps will allow users to have a full experience with Continuum mode.

Interestingly, Microsoft understands what needs to be done to make the Surface Phone competitive enough to survive in the market. In 2015, Microsoft’s CMO Chris Capossela noted that the firm had only one more chance to making getting a foothold in the smartphone market. In his words, “I think we have to do more breakthrough work” to make Apple fans “pause before they buy their 17th iPhone.”

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  1. Win 32 capability plus wireless continuum will seal the fate of the iPhones & Pixels, if priced right, along with the usual fantastic Camera one expects on Flagship Lumias. It won’t matter so much whether the SP has a metallic, glass, ceramic or plastic body!!!
  2. With the new Microsoft phones with Windows 10, 3d aand, ability to make 3d photos and win 32 app capability. It looks like Microsoft will Be top contender in smartphone market. The cortana has also ability to bring change.
  3. Theories, theories and more theories. Once Microsoft announces it, if they do at all, common sense tells me they would need to wait for an iPhone 8 to come out before even laying out the Surface Phone features, because God knows what Apple got to offer this time around. That, in turn, adds another year or so to the whole Surface Phone story. By then, industry as a whole, might not even be within Microsoft’s reach anymore. Conclusion: The only way Microsoft stands a chance is if iPhone 8 doesn’t come a revolutionary, extraordinary featured phone! Which something tells me might be the case for that long be talked about anniversary of Apple.
    • They need to up the camera quality, they need to build a phone that can stand on its own with a WOW feature like they had with the Lumia 1080. What is really stopping Microsoft, their distribution team that seems to go for one carrier only, alienating other carriers. Had they went with all carriers (even at a loss) with the Lumia 1080, they’d be miles ahead in the game, with developers WANTING to create apps for Windows phones. If they go with one carrier again, they might as well get 10s of millions of dollars, put it in a pile, and set it on fire.
  4. If this is indeed what Microsoft has in mind, I think it will surely fail. So what if it’ll be able to run Win32 apps. Due to the size of phones people are willing to carry around, the screen sizes will still be limited. Using apps designed for laptops can’t be a good user experience when on a smaller screen.
    • I think you are not understanding the impact of running win32 on a phone with good processing power. It’s not about running desktop apps on your smartphone. It means that you will be able to dock your smartphone to your full sized monitor, etc. and run 95% of the stuff you can on a laptop. For many people this could mean replacing their laptop usage with their phone (which I believe is the future of personal computing). That’s a HUGE deal.


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