Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ:MSFT) Xbox One VS PS4 Console War Over: Pachter

Microsoft Corporation  may be in the midst of losing the last real console war. That’s what Wedbush analyst Michael Pachter, who specializes in covering the game space, said in an address last week. Mr. Pachter reckons that sales of consoles in this generation are going to be smaller than those in the last gen, and the trend, he says, will continue.

Microsoft Corporation NASDAQ:MSFT Xbox One

Mr. Pachter told those gathered at DICE Europe that “The console installed base is as big as it’s ever going to get.” That’s not a worry for those who make games, says Pachter, as he reckons the en of the home console’s pre-eminence will bring with it a surge in growth in the space. What will change, however, is the amount of money that Sony Corp   and Microsoft   are able to make from gaming.

Microsoft, Sony kill the console

Pachter said that he reckons the total sales of home consoles for the Xbox One, PS4 and Wii U will hit around 260 million units. The last console gen, composed of the Wii, the PS3, and the Xbox 360, saw sales of around 270 million in total. Mr. Pachter reckons that the fall in total unit sales is no accident. He sees the end of the home console coming, though it won’t be fast.

In Pachter’s view there will be another console gen after the Xbox One VS PS4 battle is over. “When I say that this console cycle is the last console cycle, the reason is that console games shouldn’t require a console. And I’m not talking about the cloud.”

Mr. Pachter reckons that people are changing the way in which they play games, and more and more are going to leave the home console behind as a relic of the past. We’re already seeing this sort of behaviour in certain parts of the world, and it seems that the effect may never reverse.

Xbox One VS PS4 saw the end coming

The Xbox One VS PS4 console war is all but over after just two years. Last week we took a look at Japan as a market that lead the early console market, and one that’s dying away right now. Those in charge of Sony and Microsoft   saw the end of the console wars coming, and they made it clear in the way they’ve handled the Xbox One VS PS4 battle so far.

Since it started losing out to Sony at the open of sales, Microsoft has refuse to infuse money into the Xbox One VS PS4 battle. The firm has stayed away from paying out the nose for massive exclusives in order to drive sales of its home console, and it has stayed far behind the PS4 as a result.

There is no console war in Japan. Microsoft Corporation has given up on its side of the Xbox One VS PS4 battle in the country. Sony is still losing to itself, however. Sales of the PS4, despite facing no major competition, are lower than those of the Ps3 were at the same time after release.

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