Microsoft (MSFT) Marries Amazon For Greater Online And Cloud Services

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Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ:MSFT) moved a lot closer to Amazon this week. The two tech corporations are the kings of the cloud space. Together, they can become even more formidable. That seems to be the thinking behind their recent services marriage.

People first learned about Microsoft Corporation and Amazon putting their voice-activated helpers in bed together. As of this week, users of the Cortana app now have access to Alexa and vice versa. It is a move that sees Alexa gaining a more professional element while Cortana receives more consumer-focus.

Now news arrives about the two cloud juggernauts marrying their online services. Microsoft Corp just made the services on Amazon Web Services (AWS) ready to use on their own cloud platform. AWS tools cater specifically to cloud-based Visual Studio Team Services.

The move is long overdue according to Joseph Bourne of the Microsoft DevOps platform. Bourne also admits that a “strong demand” for tools that collaborate with AWS has existed “since the creation of Marketplace”.

Microsoft Corporation (MSFT) Clouid

Finally going through with all of this highlights a lot of things. Chief among these is that Microsoft and Amazon can both admit their positions in cloud and AI markets without pride. This week proves they can acknowledge one another’s strengths, too, and where they can learn from each other.

Amazon and Microsoft Corporation marry their clouds

Microsoft Corporation gains a lot from this merger of services. Admittedly, yes, the two corporate cloud majors are still rivals. This does not mean, however, that rivalries should get in the way of greater services for customers.

It appears as though both corporations can see that, as highlighted by Amazon Jeff Bezos on Wednesday. The CEO states that there is going to many front-running competitors in every market. He was talking about the collaboration of Cortana and Alexa at the time. “Each [will have] access to different sets of data and will have different specialized skill areas.” Their combined expertise will only complement each other, Bezos explains.

The same goes for the extension of AWS tools Microsoft VSTS. It was not a one way deal, though. Earlier in August, Amazon released its VSTS services for AWS. Seeking Alpha points out that Microsoft might also get a boost in regards to more user noticing Microsoft azure. That said, such exposure works both ways, and users might find the grass green on the AWS side.

Recent industry studies show Amazon still leading the cloud market with a 34 percent stake. Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ:MSFT), in its few years of cloud focus, comes in second at 11 percent. Cloud revenues have actually climbed about 100 percent year-over-year. Market watchers can expect a lot more where that came from as Microsoft scoops up the corporate cloud sector.

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