California Limo Company Replaces Fleet With Tesla Model X SUVs

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A chauffeur company in California has decided to upgrade its fleet of luxury cars with Tesla Model Xs. It may seem like a bold and expensive move, but it makes perfect financial sense to the owners. The news arose from LCT Magazine this week. During a sit-down with the Magazine, CEO Neil Spenta relayed the thinking behind his plan.

Tesla Motors Inc Model X

Model X Limos are economical

Tesla Motors Inc. probably won’t be the first auto brand that comes to mind when you think of a limousine service. Beyond their recognized elegance and subtle, sporty personas, the EV giant’s cars are known to go for a hefty price. A survey reports that that average Model S buyer spends a total purchase price that is upwards of $95,000 for their car. This, while the for their The average Model X buyer pays around $10,000 more on average.

But Mr. Spanta compared the costs of a Model X lease upgrade with that of his normal limousines. This is when he realized that the total gas and maintenance costs of his conventional limos greatly exceed what he would pay for a fleet of Tesla EVs. Spanta now spends a lot less due to the free life-time charging that comes with every Tesla EV. He also strikes gold with the amazing warranties that the company places on its EV components.

Spanta explains to LCT Magazine that Tesla warranties even cover vehicles which are used commercially. “We were looking at European sedans and warranties were an issue,” he explains. He added that the assurances which Tesla puts on its EV parts makes a Model X fleet a great money-saver. They throw insurance aspects as other contingency costs out the door.

Tesla saves Limo business tons of cash

The Powertrains of Spenta’s Model X SUVs have an eight-year unlimited warranty despite their commercial use. The CEO says an unlimited mile warranty on any car component is ridiculous, especially if that car collects significantly more miles a day than the average private vehicle. “The motors are also rated for a million miles,”he asserted.

The year 2014 saw Neil Spenta move from Australia to the U.S. The man bought and operated a limo company in the same year. He then upgraded the old fleet to electric cars. He bought a 2016 Cadillac Escalade along with two Model S sedans in 2015. The Model Ss were recently replaced with two Model Xs. Although, Spenta admitted that he kept one of the Model Ss in his back pocket, just in case.

The cash saved off what Spenta’s company would have paid on fuel and maintenance over the next 5 to 8 years alone is makes up the cost of the Escalade. ACLA did not replace that one.

The appeal of entering a venue out from the Luxury SUV’s falcon-wing doors likely brings in a lot of business as well.

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