Powerful Model 3 is Coming From Tesla Motors (TSLA): Leaks & Rumors

Tesla Motors TSLA Model 3

The upcoming Model 3 from Tesla Motors Inc is expected to usher in some new approaches to the way the company builds its cars. First reported by Electrek, the EV producer appears to be treading towards some newer, more efficient and really powerful powertrains. Bearing this, according to a “leak” report, the popular Tesla Model 3 sedan will likely offer some near Model S-like power.

Tesla Motors TSLA Model 3

Tesla reinventing its parts

Elon Musk’s globally leading EV company builds Teslas with a bit of help from third-parties. It has been doing this since its incorporation and probably won’t be phased out anytime soon either. Recent reports speak of Model 3 parts being made by South Korean partners. However, a lot of the automaker’s power components are in fact built in-house.

Model S and Model X drive inverters are made at the Tesla Fremont plant. It is well-known that the company’s batteries are in-house products too. In fact, that aspect of Tesla’s business may even get a massive solar-flavoured boost soon enough. Building things themselves gives the energy giant more control of the direction of its EVs and other products. As seen with its battery packs, Tesla has been able to make regular improvements. It pushes out innovated versions of the tech at regular intervals.

In addition to the new battery packs that will be produced at its Gigafactory in Nevada, it seems that the company’s EV inverters will be getting a bit of a revamp as well. It is said that these new innovations will place the Model 3 not too far off from Model S performance.

For the not-so-tech-savvy, inverters are used to convert electrical current. In terms of Tesla EVs, it transforms the battery pack’s DC current into AC for the motor. It is among the the most vital parts of the powertrain and helps regulate the efficient of usage of electricity.

More powerful Model 3s on the way

Electrek reports of a source very close to the matter who says the very same engineering team that has been innovating Tesla’s inverters over the years are now working on the Model 3’s. Their work resulted in a revamped 300kW capacity inverter. It is “comparable the Model S’ RWD system even though the S is a much higher-end bigger vehicle,” Fred Lambert reports.

This new inverter may not feature on the basic model 3. Although, CEO Elon Musk did assure the EV world that faster and more powerful versions of the car will become available. It is on these editions of the affordable EV where the 300kW inverter will be put to use. The performance of the these more powerful Model 3’s would be closer the company’s flagship Model S, sources insist.

The EV maker has not made an official comment on the report. The Model 3 from Tesla Motors Inc  is expected to be rolled out late next year. It is set at an assured $35,000 at its most basic and already has around 400,000 pre-orders.

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