Huawei Launches New Smartphone and Aims to Compete with the iPhone 11

Huawei Phones Will Not Have Facebook App Pre-Installs Now

To pose a competitive threat to prominent rival Apple, Chinese tech company Huawei launched its new smartphone on Thursday. The firm’s Mate 30 intends to rival the almighty iPhone 11.

According to Huawei officials, the enterprise’s newest offering to the market is more compact than its competitors, and as a bonus, its camera is significantly better the wraparound screens are also more attractive and brighter.

The company’s best salesman, Richard Yu, was in charge of unveiling the Mate 30 Pro and Mate 30 mobile devices in a gathering held in Munich, Germany. It marked the first time that Huawei presented a smartphone since it received the news of an export ban by United States President Donald Trump back in May.

Big Screen and Compact

Yu talked at length about the phone’s features, saying that despite having a big screen, it feels compact in the person’s hand. Yu currently functions as the director of the consumer business in the Chinese tech firm.

There is one caveat, though: clients in Europe would be unable to enjoy access to services, applications, and software offered by Internet giant Google, which is a significant obstacle given Google’s worldwide dominance over other similar services.

According to Huawei’s telecommunications and media analyst Paolo Pescatore, the company remains ready to work around any possible obstacles and challenges, and the objective remains to sell the Mate 30 and Mate 30 Pro as much as possible.

The issue is originated by the fact that the American government imposed a ban on companies from the United States from supplying the Chinese brand because, allegedly, it represents a security risk because any devices related to China can be used by the country’s authorities as spying resources. Huawei has adamantly denied the allegations.

Huawei Will Lose $10 Billion Because of the Ban

According to data from Huawei itself, currently, the number two smartphone manufacturer on the planet, the ban by the United States is expected to cost the company around $10 billion.

The ban has put a cloud over Huawei’s Mate 30 Pro launch because Android users don’t know if they could use apps supported by Google.

For Huawei, it was critical to hold the launch ceremony in European soil, as the brand wants to regain some of the market shares it has lost recently. There are 500 million potential customers in Europe and the firm has seen five percent of its former clients migrate to other platforms because of the ban.

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