Chemesis International Inc Gets Accredited To Produce CBD Products

Chemesis International Inc seems to start this week with a good note, especially following its recent news where it was licensed by Puerto Rico to engage in the cultivation and production of CBD products (cannabidiol). Chemesis International Inc is a United States multi-state operator with main international operations in both Colombia and Puerto Rico.

A Quick Look at Chemesis International Inc

The company mainly involves prudent capital allocation with its primary target being ensuring that it maintains the first-mover advantage during its new markets entry. As a result, Chemesis International Inc commits in differentiating itself through mainly deploying resources in markets where there are major opportunities. The company engages in the production and provision of numerous brands for cannabis consumers when focusing on both consistency and quality.

Having familiarized with Chemesis International Inc, let’s now dig deeper on its recent license on the cultivation and production of CBD products.

Chemesis International Gets Licensed To Cultivate and Produce CBD Products

As per the license, Chemesis International Inc can now cultivate, produce, manufacture, distribute as well as retail CBD products. As a result, Chemesis International Inc is set to begin planting of initial high potency hemp of CBD crop in a few weeks after its completion in the climatization of their related seeds.

To effectively achieve both the cultivation and production of CBD products, Chemesis International Inc will work for hand in hand with First Medical Cannabis LLC. The two are set to work together in the CBD products practice following their previously announced partnership a few months ago, on 19th March 2019. In fact, their partnership has great capability in driving towards the successful cultivation and production of CBD products in various ways.

One major way is through the two companies pulling in equal resources towards the said CBD products project. For instance, Chemesis International Inc subsidiary Natural Ventures seeks to use both its infrastructure and licenses to provide services such as processing, manufacturing, distribution, and retail to Puerto Rico consumers. As a result, Natural Ventures will strengthen the already existing and young partnership between Chemesis International Inc and First Medical.

On top of that, Chemesis International Inc will contribute more to the partnership through manufacturing a variety of finished goods. For instance, it targets manufacturing tinctures, edibles, patches, cosmetics and beverages. Amazingly, Chemesis International will also manufacture other hemp-derived CBD infused products.

Not only that, Chemesis International Inc will also facilitate the success of the CBD products project through ensuring that all its facilities are completely compliant to both the domestic and international markets distribution. Even with that, and although Chemesis will target the international market, it will mainly concentrate on the continental United States.

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