Best iPhone Sales In Years For Apple

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Apple Inc will have its CEO Tim Cook along with other members of management walking fans through new gadget releases on Tuesday. Bloomberg calls it the company’s biggest event in decades. The news outlet might not be wrong. Big things are in store for company fanatics, and investors might get a few surprises, too.

Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) CEO Tim Cook

What will be showcased tomorrow? Well, if the rumors are anything to go by, then Apple has three iPhones, a new set-top TV and new Watch to unveil. But let’s not kid ourselves, the real fanfare is for the newest addition to the smartphone range.

The company releases two variants of its flagship product every year. This time around, there will be a bonus device, widely dubbed the iPhone 8. I’m willing to bet my bottom dollar that is not what the company will call it. However, the name has already gone viral so let’s just go with it.

Tuesday evening will host the first ever Apple reveal event at its new HQ. We know close to nothing about the inside of the place. People close to the company claim that there is a Steve Jobs arena. This theater houses 1,000 seats, all of which are leather; a glass auditorium that scales 20 feet tall, a secluded demonstration facility and revolving elevator.

What is odd is that Apple’s stock value has been dipping lately. The days building up to its reveal event usually send shares rising. This hints at investors not expecting anything groundbreaking this week. However, they could be proven wrong.

The incoming iPhone is expected to change the way Apple does things. Not only will it come with a host of new features, the whole look of the device will be different, too. Picture a sleek, near wrap-around screened face with no home button. That is at least the image derived off company analysts, expert comments and trusty leakers. The new look thrown together with new features like 3D photographs will no doubt have buyers lining up again in their numbers.

Analyst Ben Schachter believes the newest iPhone will be bold, groundbreaking and certainly not shy about it. He assures investors that the gadget’s innovations will be “clearly visible, marketable, and useful for the mass-market globally”. Schachter goes on to say that the iPhone’s days of upping specs as a way of boosting demand are gone.

Apple iPhone will do it, too.

Apple seems to be taking a page from Samsung. The U.S. company has learned that great screen tech sells gadgets. After the iPhone 6 generation came out with greater screens, we saw Apple’s best sales volumers in years. This year, the company is going with OLED and an edge-to-edge display. The likes of Samsung and LG have been doing this for years and have phenomenal sales numbers to show for it.

Apple recognizes that its slow down in sales is not necessarily due to competition. It is the slack in clearly visible changes. If it looks pretty much the same, where is the allure of showing it off? The company has to do something dramatic to its iPhones, hence the iPhone 8.

To be clear, though, Apple Inc. still does fairly well for itself. The past 12 months have raked in far over 210 million iPhone sales. The company only needs to build on its demand with a dramatic face lift and specs that distinct the new iPhone from the competition. Schachter is confident the iPhone 8 will not disappoint.

For investors worried about price, that should not be a problem. The products Apple Inc. unveils year after year never seem sensitive to what the price tag reads. Analysts like Schachter say this generation of the iPhone stand to outdo the iPhone 6. That is even though the most premium handset will likely go for as much as $1,200.

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