iPhone 7 Specs Rumors Under Attack By Apple Inc. (AAPL)

Apple Inc. iPhone 7 specs and rumors

Apple Inc.  is smart about its marketing, and the firm knows that the plethora of sites out there offering new info on each new product it’s working on add to the mystique and sell the device. What happens, however, when people begin to lose interest in the firm’s next great smart phone? That may be happening with the iPhone 7 specs, but Apple is solving the problem.

Apple Inc. iPhone 7 specs and rumors

According to rumors that broke on Tuesday, Apple is trialing at least five versions of the iPhone 7 right now. Each unit has different changes to its specs, and none is being touted as the definitive version of the firm’s big 2016 release. BGR brought the report to our attention, but it comes from Weibo, a less than reliable source of Apple news, but it makes sense for quite a lot of reasons. Now we might not know the iPhone 7 specs up until very close to the release date.

Apple Inc. builds iPhone 7 specs mystery

We’ve heard a lot about the Apple iPhone 7 in the weeks since the firm released the iPhone 6S. That device was well described many months before it was released to the public. Ming Chi Kuo, the KGI Securities analyst that has made his name on being accurate about Apple, was able to get a lot of the minute details and key features from the supply chain.

That caused something of a dearth of interesting rumors about the iPhone 6S. The most recent release came out almost precisely the same as Mr. Kuo described. He made a couple of small errors in his initial reports, but for the most part he was right, even where the ideas presented seemed a little counter-intuitive.

Apple Inc. likes to cultivate a lot of excitement around the launch of each new device. That’s how the firm gets a huge amount of free advertising in the form of media coverage. There’s not too many people who consume regular media in the west who are able to escape iPhone rumors all year round, but those rumors may have been a little bit stale last year.

This time around, the rumors have been much more varied. We’ve heard quite a lot, from Gene Munster of Piper Jaffray among others, about the iPhone 7 doing away with the Home button. We’ve also heard all sorts of things about the screen being changed, and various ports being added or removed. Apple may be helping to foster the diversity on its own terms.

There are five iPhone 7 specs lists

The idea that there are five models in testing right now, even if untrue, should keep a lot of mystery about the iPhone 7 specs in the air. If the firm has multiple different handsets billed as the iPhone 7, there’s going to be many more orders for components, and many more off guesses about the nature of the device. Even if the firm is sure of the iPhone 7 design, those reporting on it might be more skeptical of rumors given the story of multiple different units.

According to the source, which really shouldn’t be taken as definitive, Apple is testing a number of radical features among the iPhone 7 prototypes. Some of the big changes include removal of the Lightning port in favor of USB C, wireless charging, a dual lens camera, and the removal of the 3.5mm headphone jack.

That last point has come up in much of the rumors about the iPhone 7 specs that have arrived in the last couple of weeks. It’s clear, however, that if Apple is testing more than one model of the device, that rumor carries much less weight. That might add to the enigma that is the nascent smart phone, and it may make speculation about the device more furtive this time around.

Apple Inc. is just now working on the iPhone 7

It’s very likely, of course, that Apple Inc.  had more than one version of the iPhone 6S going this time last year, and the firm may have tried many different types of screen size for the iPhone 6 before finally settling on the “new normal” of 4.7 inches.

A lot of what we’ve heard about the iPhone 7 specs so far falls into two categories. The first is fairly standard internal specs and measurements. These have been reported on at length by reliable sources like Mr. Kuo. Apple will bring the A10 processor to its next big release, and it’s going to make it the thinnest ever.

For most, however, those kinds of rumors are going to impact their purchase decision. It’s the second group of major changes and key features that sells each new iPhone, at least in the headlines. This time around most of the web, and many on Wall Street, seem to be talking about radical design changes in the iPhone 7.

The rumor that the firm is testing more than one design means that more radical kinds of changes could be likely, but we’re simply not going to know what those changes will be until Apple starts to weed out the weaklings and put the parts into mass manufacture.

Mr. Kuo says that we should expect Apple to put the phone into full scale production in the third quarter of 2016. That leaves Tim Cook, Jony Ive and the rest of the firm’s team plenty of time to play with and test new versions of the iPhone 7 specs. Apple has the single most impressive, at least in terms of scale, manufacturing process in the world. It’s able to make millions of things very quickly, and that leaves it lots of time to make certain tweaks.

In the mean time this report means that each new story about the iPhone 7 specs should be taken with an even larger grain of salt than usual. Apple is working on the device, that’s certain, but it seems the firm is also working on keeping us in the dark for the time being. The iPhone 7 release date is, despite rumors to the contrary, almost bound to be some time in September of next year.

The multiple designs might, however, add a little more mystery to the stories about the iPhone 7 specs this time around. Last year’s experience was one of plodding toward the inevitable. With so many different designs being tried in Cupertino, this year’s iPhone 7 specs are more of an enigma. That’s a welcome change for those who like to think about what the iPhone 7 specs could be, rather than what they will be.

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