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Panel place isn’t your regular survey website, it is more of a survey portal and a marketplace for different survey websites. And if you have been actively seeking out for online money making survey companies that help complement your incomes, chances are you have come across Panel Place website. And just like with any other money-making website, you want to know whether it is legit and if it is really worth your time before you register with them.

In this review, I will be addressing both of these questions by looking at the different aspects of the website like how it works and the different ways of making money here as well as its strengths and weaknesses. And we begin by looking at the website overview.

Note: You will not make money from completing surveys on Panel Place – at least not directly. You will only earn when you complete surveys and engage in other micro-tasks available on the survey sites listed on Panel Place dashboard. The site is more of a portal directing you to websites that offer paid surveys.

Website overview

As I mentioned, Panel Pace is not your standard survey website where you just log in and answer polls or survey questions directly from the site. They even describe themselves not as a survey company but an online platform that connects you to different market research opportunities. This includes – but not limited to – matching you with genuine survey companies. Simply put, it is an intermediary or a broker website that helps you identify legit and highly rewarding sites.

It does all the legwork of filtering out the digital scams and ensuring that you only work with the legit survey, educational and self-improvement websites that add value to your life – monetarily and otherwise. For instance, the company works with such online educational websites as Udemy that offer both free and premium educational courses on virtually every subject.

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How does Panel Place work?

To get a feel of Panel place, you will start by registering on their website. And they have relatively flexible registration options. For instance, you can choose to signup via Facebook or Google plus or email by filling the registration form on their website. Here, the company asks such questions as full name, address, date of birth and country of residence.

After confirming the email, you will be routed to the company dashboard where you can check out different opportunities. At this point, I must mention that the recommendations you find on the company dashboard will be highly customized – especially according to your country of residence.

Panel Place Review -...

Plus, as opposed to regular survey websites that have different surveys and quizzes on their website, Panel Place has in their stead a list of other survey companies and educational websites. Therefore, to actually earn money here, you will have to complete surveys and other micro-tasks offered by the different websites listed here. Some of the most common survey sites on this websites dashboard include Toluna, OneOpinion, Mypoints, and Opinion Outpost.

You will also find links to such educational resource websites like the hugely popular Udemy. There is also a link to Blinklinks – where you can access bit-sized non-fiction books. But why do they have to include non-survey websites here? Because they are affiliates to these brands and will probably earn a commission should you subscribe to the premium services offered by these companies. The upside to this is that you stand to gain from more than just the little earnings made from filling surveys. Sites such as Udemy have numerous self-improvement resources. On the flip side, however, you may find these affiliate recommendations out of place or even distasteful if you are only here for the bucks.

How can you make money with panel place?

1. Surveys:

Panel Place Review -...

Despite it deviating from its main objective of providing paid surveys and getting into educational sites, filling surveys online remains the most common way of making money here. Above all, Panel place links you with as many survey websites as possible. The company particularly claims to have partnered with different survey sites in over 40 countries across the world to ensure that you always have something to do.

2. Product testing:

Panel Place Review -...

Everybody looks forward to registering with a company that has product testing on its list of money-making schemes. This is because you not only stand to benefit from monetary rewards that come with sharing your opinion about the product but also because you get to keep the reviewed product free of charge. Product testing is however not a service offered directly by Panel Place but rather an extension of services offered by some of its affiliate survey websites like Toluna. The fact that you have access to different sites that offer the service when you register with Panel Place nonetheless increases your chances of landing a product testing gig.

3. Winning contests:

Panel Place Review -...

The only income-generating task offered directly by Panel Place on their website is the regular free contests. Here, members are treated to regular free contests drawn from a wide range of issues and topics and winners rewarded as much as $10. The only downside to this is that these contests are hard to come by, plus there is no guarantee that you will win every time one comes around.

4. Referral programs:

Panel Place Review -...

Like most other money-making online platforms, Panel Place has a refer-a-friend program that rewards you for recommending the platform to your friends and peers. I, however, find it to have a rather complicated and unclear compensation scheme. They for instance state that they will only reward you when the referral registers and actively uses the platform. But given that they don’t have such metrics and number of surveys entered, it makes you wonder what considerations they use to determine how much you get from this program.

What are the merits and demerits of joining Panel Place survey?

The good:

  • Great way to find legit survey sites:

The most interesting aspect of Panel Place website is that it does all the vetting to filter out scams and only present you with legit survey companies with a proven history of paying their members. You no longer have to keep testing out different sites and falling victim to scams in the process.

  • Free and easy to use:

I also like the fact that everything on the platform is free – save for the premium subscription services offered by such affiliates as Udemy. This implies that you will not be charged to register on the platform or a commission for accessing the several legit survey sites listed on the Panel Place dashboard.

  • More than just money:

When you register with Panel Place you stand to benefit from more than just the bucks earned from responding to different surveys and engaging in other micro-tasks online. The site presents you with links to different self-development websites where you can learn different topics for free or at a premium.

  • Highly versatile with a free mobile app:

You also can’t help but appreciate the survey company’s versatility in ensuring that you have access to their services while on the move. The market research website is therefore accessible not just from their web version but also as an Android/iOS app mobile app. This allows its members to have access to their services while on the move.

  • No need to register for multiple sites:

I also can’t overemphasize the simplicity with which Panel Place makes it possible to aggregate the benefits of different sites into one platform. By creating a portal that gets you access to the different survey sites, it eliminated the need to create multiple profiles for each of these sites. More importantly, it helps you control the number of online sites with access to your personal information.

The bad:

  • It is an intermediary:

You cannot talk about the downsides of Panel Place survey site without discussing the fact that it is a broker site and not a direct-survey services provider. This implies that while the company refers to itself as a survey website, you will not make any money from filling out surveys presented to you by Panel Place as they don’t exist. They will only be linking you to other sites that you too can approach directly.

  • No access to reward sites:

Going through Panel Place’s dashboard, you will notice that they are more into survey sites and not money-making sites in general. There are for instance, minimal links to more rewarding sites that run such reward programs as cashback programs.

  • A hands-off approach to your interaction with these sites:

You will also notice that despite having recommended these survey sites to you, Panel Place adopts a hands-off approach towards handling both rewards and complaints. For instance, if you encounter such problems as delayed payments, deactivated accounts or even unjustified disqualification from taking surveys, you can’t take it up with Panel Place as they will only advice that you contact the relevant site’s customer service team.


Is it a scam? No, Panel Place is a legit market research company that connects individuals looking for ways of earning extra money income with survey sites that pay individuals to voice their opinions. Being an intermediary, the site presents you with a broad list of legit survey companies. This helps you avoid falling prey to the numerous online scams while exposing you to more earning opportunities than you would have received if you were to register with just one survey site.

Is it worth your while? Probably not, especially if you are out to make extra money online with cash-reward sites. Part of the reasons you might want to skip on Panel Place is that it only pays attention to the low-rewarding survey sites while ignoring rewards sites that present their members with more and higher-reward income streams like the cashback schemes.


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