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MyPoints is one of the most popular online money-making platforms that pay you to complete different micro-tasks on its website. For every task completed, you are awarded a set number of points that you can then redeem for gift card prizes, cash or travel miles.

But are the promised rewards worth your time and effort? Should you consider registering on the platform and can it be used as a legit source of extra income? This in-depth review addresses all these issues and more to help you decide whether to register with the site or not.

Note: While the MyPoints is a hugely popular survey site, there are numerous other ways in which you can earn cash and gift prizes from the platform such as playing video games, shopping from select stores or watching random short videos.

Website overview

MyPoints has been around since 1996. During this time it created a huge user base and given out millions of dollars in prizes, cash and travel miles earned by their site visitors that have been completing a myriad of income-generating tasks available on the online platform.Screengrab of MyPoints home/log page with image of smiling lady wearing glasses in the background

They probably couldn’t have made it this far or paid out this much if they were a scam. But is this the true measure of legitimacy and value for your time and effort? Only a deeper look into its systems can answer that.

MyPoints client registration form requires email and password

The signup process for MyPoints online platform is relatively fast and straightforward. You start by keying in the email and password you intend to use before being directed to the registration page where you fill such basic personal information as birthdate, Zip code, age, gender, and preferred mode of payment.

You must, at this point note that just like Survey junkie – its biggest competitor, MyPoints is hugely biased towards the United States and Canadian markets implying that even though you might be able to register from different parts of the world. There is a limit to the number of tasks you can engage in and the payments systems available to you.

But once done with the registration and after receiving their instantaneous confirmation email, you can start accumulating points immediately.

How can I make money on MyPoints?

There are three primary ways of making money using MyPoints:

i) Welcome bonus:

The Loyalty program site is currently running a promotional campaign where they reward every new member with 1,750 Points that can be redeemed for $10 cash or gift card price every time they spend $20 shopping on over 20000 select online and physical stores across the country.

ii) Referral program:

The survey site has also, for the longest time, been running a referral program that awards you with 25 Points every time you refer someone to the company. You will also get an additional 750 Points after your referral spends their first $20 on shopping as well as 10% their accumulated points for the entire time that person remains an active user of MyPoints. This, therefore, implies that the more your referrals, the higher your chances of creating a solid passive income flow.

iii) Completing microtasks:

This is the most popular method of accumulating redeemable points on the microtask sites. And the activities here are referred to as micro-tasks because they all take no more than just a few minutes to complete. Also check out how you can easily make money with surveys

Tasks available on MyPoints Review

1. Surveys:

Two hands holding a tablet illustrating a survey – MyPoints

MyPoints Surveys are by far the most popular Points accumulation avenue on MyPoints platform. Here, you are paid to voice your opinion with regards to different surveys listed on the company’s market research program.

2. Online shopping:

Two online shopping boxed atop each other on laptop keyboard – MyPoints

MyPoints claims to have partnered with over 2,000 shopping and restaurant brands in a move that lets you accumulate points by shopping and paying for good and services using the MyPoints platform. Paying through the site benefits you in two ways; firstly, you stand to scoop unbeatable profits from these sites and secondly, you benefit from accumulating redeemable points. How much you earn is however dependent on the store and amount spent.

3. Reading promo emails:

Woman in cowboy hat seated facing a laptop and phone charging on a table - MyPoints

After signing up for MyPoionts, the site will also start sending you different promotional emails. Here, you get to earn a few points for just opening the email.

4. Watching videos:

Illustration of video playing - MyPoints

MyPoints will also reward you for watching different short videos on their platform. These are typically one to three minutes long. And just like any other reward program on the site, there is no fixed number of points earned for watching videos. How much you earn is dependent on the length and types of video. There is however a limit of the number of videos that you can watch in a day that is currently set at 10.

4. Playing video games:

Two hands holding a video game controller - My Points

If you are an avid video game player, you can consider taking this opportunity to play different video games and get paid for it. Like videos, these online games take no more than just a few minutes to complete.

5. Scanning and printing in-store coupons:

Word COUPONS engraved on an orange circular disk - MyPoints

You will also earn points by walking into select stores and scanning as many coupons as possible. In most cases, you don’t necessarily have to make a purchase, though that will also earn you additional points.

6. Using their search engine:

Illustration of a search engine page and a microscope - MyPoints

MyPoints will also reward you for using their search engine dubbed MyPoints Yahoo for your regular internet operations. According to MyPoints, you will earn 100 points when you enable MyPoints Yahoo search engine, 10 points when you conduct between 11 and 25 searches in a month and 100 Points if you make over 41 searches.

7. Easy points:

Word special offer engraved on a red circular disk - MyPoints

On the right hand corner of MyPoints platform is Easy Points that let you earn extra points for accepting or rejecting random offers. Such offers include such queries whether you need help with groceries, whether you need a plumber, assistance with landscaping and similar menial tasks. The easy part with the program is that you get to earn 5 points whether you answer yes or no.

How the MyPoints Survey system works

The company uses the personal information you entered during registration to determine if you are the best fit for a specific survey. You will, therefore, not qualify for demographic-specific surveys that call for specific traits like age, gender, race, and location. And you will either be screened out by the system by way of making some surveys not available to you.

Shopping cart loaded with points with sidenote how MyPoints works

However, unlike most survey sites like Global Test Market that don’t appreciate the user’s effort, MyPoints will reward you with 1 point for every survey you are disqualified for and an additional 5 points for every day you don’t qualify for any survey. You should also note that there is no standard time or points that you stand to earn for filling out surveys. Each survey is uniquely different from the previous one but it is highly unlikely that you will earn more than $10 from a single survey.

How much are the accumulated points worth?

MyPoints has one of the most versatile Points redemption policy. Unlike most of its competitors that require you to first accumulate a given number of points or be a member for a given period before cashing out, most of MyPoints programs allow for immediate access to your Points as soon as they are earned. This implies that you will be able to redeem these points as soon as they are earned.

Plus, unless you are dealing with such programs like the search engine and easy points that carry defined reward schemes and let you know much you stand to gain for completing specific tasks, most of the company’s other programs like surveys don’t have specific rewards. The rewards points are unique to each specific task based on its promoter and the amount of time you spend on it.

Points earned on the platform can nonetheless be redeemed in:

Different icons showing points earned on MyPoints are redeemed


While rewards on MyPoints online platform are expressed in the form of Points, they have a redeemable cash equivalent. You, therefore, can redeem your accumulated cash in the form of cash that is sent to you via PayPal or debited to your Visa account. MyPoints mentions that it will take between 3 and 5 days to have the cash deposited into your preferred withdrawal option.

Travel miles:

The points can be expressed in the form of air travel miles that can then be redeemed with United MileagePlus accounts.

Gift cards:

Redeeming Points accumulated on the platform for gift cards is perhaps the most popular withdrawal option. According to the platform, they have partnered with numerous online shopping and restaurant brands where you can redeem these points. Some of their strategic partners include Kohl’s, Walmart, Amazon, Target, and Old Navy.

What are the pros and cons of using the loyalty-based program?

The good

  • Easy to use the app:

MyPoints extends its versatility to the number of ways in which you can access their services. Apart from the MyPoints website, you can also accumulate points on the go with their Android and iOS smartphone apps. The app is easy to use and grants you the convenience of completing different tasks at any time. Plus the survey site will treat you to 100 free points for installing the said app.

  • Multiple earning fronts:

One of MyPoints other key benefits is its multiple earning fronts. The website provides you with numerous ways in which you can accumulate points that you then redeem for cash or gift cards.

  • Flexed points-redemption options:

Unlike most survey and online earning companies that only gift cards as the only available option for redeeming accumulated points, MyPoints allows you to convert your earnings into cash, gift cards, or air travel miles.

  • Browser extension automates point collection:

MyPoints also operates the Score, a search engine that not only pays you to conduct but automates the process of collecting accumulated pints. This implies that the search engine will seamlessly award you points if you complete different tasks and

  • Immediate cash redemption:

For the most part, you don’t have to accumulate a given number of points or reach a minimum cash-equivalent threshold before redeeming your points. Most of the tasks on MyPoints platform have an immediate redemption option where you are free to redeem your points into cash or gift cards as soon as they are earned.

The bad

  • Some tasks aren’t available all over the world:

MyPoints website is open to virtually everyone from any part of the world with access to an internet-enabled device. The United States and Canadian clients, however, have access to all the tasks on the site. International members are limited in terms of the number of tasks they can access on the platform.

  • Poor customer support:

You will inevitably encounter some issues with the platform that will require you to contact their customer support team. These may be anything to do with their delayed disbursement of funds, unwarranted disqualification to surveys, or the systems failure to post rewards to your account after a successful task. The site has in the recent past been reporting numerous cases of delayed response, unsatisfactory answers especially when they use breach of terms and conditions as defense as well as some queries that are just totally ignored.

  • Can’t replace your day job:

You will also be disappointed to note that while MyPoints presents you with as much as ten money-making avenues, they will never earn you enough to replace your day job earnings. You will hardly earn more than $10 with a single task here. But it still a great way of making your free time and every other time you spend online worthwhile.

  • Imbalanced trade-offs:

MyPoints is heavily biased towards some vendors and point redemption options where different online stores have different point-redemption rates. If, for instance, you wished to redeem your points for a $25 AMC gift card, you will need 3520 points. If you, on the other hand, wished to convert your earnings to a $25 Amazon gift card, you would require 3950 points.

Verdict: is it legit or scam?

The fact that MyPoints has been around for over two decades, during which time it has received a massive positive following point out to the fact that it is not a scam. Other factors pointing to legitimacy include the fact that the company was at one time a listed public company. The fact that it enjoys hugely positive reviews from different independent review sites further compounds its legitimacy. The complaints notwithstanding, MyPoints can be said to be doing better than its competition when it comes to addressing client concerns and I would, therefore, be glad to recommend the site to anyone seeking to make a few bucks by monetizing their online activity.


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