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Toluna has been around for over two decades, and claims to be “the world’s largest social voting community” and research platform. During this time, they created an online survey platform that is accessible to individuals in over 57 countries across the world. It is a direct survey site implying that you get to log into their platform and complete differed surveys fronted by various brands from across the world.

But like with any other online money-making company, you probably would like to first know whether they are a legitimate trader and more importantly whether they are really worth your time? And to help you answer these question about and better understand Toluna, here is our genuine and detailed review of the survey site.

NOTE: Toluna was started in 2000 in France but has since spread to establish a market presence in over 57 countries across the world. For every complete task here, you earn points that you then redeem for cash or gift prizes.

What is Toluna?

Toluna is a market research company that pays its subscribers to complete online surveys about different products and services. According to the company website, they work with numerous world leading media agencies, market research firms, and corporations.

Toluna is well known in the world of online surveys as it has more than nine million users from around the world. And unlike most survey companies that present you with standard yes or no questions, Toluna allows you to create opinion polls that call for more fulsome answers and responses.

It serves brands and corporations that are willing to pay to automate their research processes, get accurate feedback from their consumers, and reduce their insight time.

Toluna achieves this through polls and surveys that users have to complete. And then the feedback is sent to the respective companies who then pays for it. For your contributions, you’ll get compensated through different rewards.Toluna Review : Is...

How Does Toluna Works?

The Toluna website describes the company as a market research company specializing in online surveys. It is managed by Toluna Groups and refers to its site subscribers as opinion influencers.

Toluna Review : Is...

Here, you will spend time answering paid surveys and questionnaires fronted by different brands and institutions. These surveys are aimed at helping them get an honest opinion about their proucts and services. At other times, you will have products sent over to you so that you may test and review their effectiveness. But what sets Toluna apart from most of its competitors is the fact that their surveys don’t just involve multiple choice questions, there are others that allow you to share your insights and opinion in a prose and conversational manner. Plus influncers too can create their own polls and receive free answers from Toluna’s community of influencers.

How do you earn money with Toluna?

1. Sign Up bonus

Toluna Review : Is...

In a bid to encourage more influencers to join their survey platform, Toluna offers an attractive welcome bonus to new members. You will have 500 redeemable points deposited into your account after completing you registration and another 500 points for every individual you invite when they join the trading platform.

2. Surveys

Toluna Review : Is...

Toluna influencers have surveys as their primary source of income. Ideally, you will be rewarded with a specific number of redeemable points for every survey you complete on the platform. The reward amounts, however, vary from one survey to another based on such factors as the expected completion time and complexity of the surveys but will almost always range from 15 to 15,000 points per survey.

3. Product Testing

Toluna Review : Is...

Sometimes, Toluna will give you a chance to product test and review different products. And in addition to the relatively higher compensation you receive for the review, you also get to keep the free product.

This is a great way to try out new and exciting products and later have them for free. When you log in, you can see what products are on the test at the moment and also those that will be available later. They have a product each week.

However, there is a twist to taking part in product testing. Once you have registered for it, Toluna selects testers randomly and thus, you might fail to get selected.

4. Content Creation

Toluna Review : Is...

You can also earn up to 1,000 points for creating polls, topics, and opinions on Toluna. This is a way of interacting with fellow members of the Toluna community.

With all these ways of earning points on Toluna, you can make some extra cash or get rewards for giving your opinion. The trick is to try out all the earning options offered. This is the fastest way you’ll reach payouts limits.

5. Sweepstakes

There can only be so many surveys to complete and products to test on any give day. And the fact that you don’t get to qualify for all surveys or product testing opportunities can lead to boredom. To stop this and encourage influencers to be more active on the platform, Toluna organizes regular sweepstakes for all active influencers on their platform. And you can enter the draw by virtue of having completed a set number of surveys or by purchasing the entry ticket for 50 points.

How can you redeem the points you earn on Toluna?

 Gifties and gift cards

Toluna Review : Is...

You can chose to convert your points into shopping gift cards redeemable at some of the most popular online stores including Amazon, Walmart, and Target. The redemption rate however varies from one eCommerce store to another but starts from 3,000 points for $1  and a minimum 30,000 points for $10. Alternatively, you can use your points to award friends and connection on the Toluna community of influencers with virtual gifts – Gifties. These can be virtually anything, from a lawn mower to hair drier and cost 50 to 500 points. Toluna creams this by arguing that for every virtual purchase you make, you stand a  chance of winning the actual product.

PayPal cash or check

Toluna Review : Is...

your points can be redeemed for either cash through PayPal or have a check mailed to you. For the check and PayPal cash redemption options, however, you will need a minimum 90,000 points that translate to $30. Note that these conversion rates are for United States residents and will vary for Toluna influencers from other countries.

What are the merits and demerits of working with Toluna?

What We Like about Toluna

  • Several income generating streams

Toluna offers a wider range of income generating stream compared to several other reputable survey sites as Global Test Market or Panel Place company. Plus you don’t require special set of skills or prior experience to participate here.

  • It is Easy and Free to Join

The survey website is also user-friendly and easy to navigate through given that you start earning  as soon as you sign up. Not to mention that signing up on Toluna is free.

  • Their Prize Draw

Once you complete surveys on Toluna, you enter into their PrizeDraw in which they offer three cash prizes to their users. This is a great way to earn more from Toluna especially in the case of reduced inflow of surveys.

  • You Can Access Toluna from Your Mobile Device

Unlike other survey sites, Toluna has made it easy for its users to access and complete surveys from their iPhone and Android app. You can, therefore, access and complete surveys as well as participate in the sweepstakes while on the move via the smartphone app.

  • They Partner with Reputable Companies

Toluna partners with some of the most popular companies out there. This means that you get to give your opinion to some of the most respected corporations in the world. You also get the option of choosing which surveys you want to participate in.

  • Potent or higher rewards

Unlike most other companies that only have surveys and a few other micro tasks as the leading sources of income, Toluna presents you with several big-dollar income generating opportunities. Key among them is the high reward product tests and reviews as well as the sweepstakes draws.

What We Didn’t Like

  • Their Points Expire

If you like collecting points and saving them for a special occasion like buying holiday gifts, Toluna will disappoint you. Their points expire twelve months after acquiring them. This is a drawback to any user who wants to stack up points to use them later for a higher gift card or tangible PayPal dollars.

  • Delayed processing of withdrawn funds

For a technology company that leverages the power of advanced technology to help brands gain faster insights and opinions about their products, you would expect the survey company to have speedy transaction processing. This is, however, not the case as redeemed points take days – sometimes weeks – to reflect on your PayPal account have the check mailed to you.

  • Their Surveys are Awfully Long

If you are used to online surveys, you might consider Toluna’s surveys relatively long and underpaid. And while they maintain that the reward for every survey is commensurate with the time taken to complete and its complexity, we just didn’t find their pay competitive enough.

Our Verdict

Toluna is a legit and highly reliable survey company. And this is informed by such factors as minimal complaints filed by consumers, a proven track record of honoring their pay, and the backing of a highly reputable company – Toluna Group.

Is it worth your time?

First off, you wont make a fortune from completing surveys on Toluna website,. Neither will the site ever make you enough cash to replace your day job – especially when you consider the fact that their high-paying gigs like product testing and sweepstakes are rather infrequent plus you have no guarantee that either will come your way every time.

Like most other survey and online micro task companies, Toluna is only suitable for individuals looking to make their free time and the time they spend on the internet more productive.


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