Paid Surveys Online Guide – 20 Best Paid Survey Sites for 2020

Looking to make extra money from paid survey sites? See our selection of some of the best paying apps, find out more about how you start taking online surveys to make money?
Author: Edith Muthoni
Last Updated: February 13, 2020
Paid Suvery
Paid Suvery

Did you know that there are over 20 legit paid survey sites where you can start to make money from home?

In this guide, we break down a list of sites where you can get paid for taking online surveys, which take a few minutes to complete and can generate you over $1,000 per month with minimal effort. Be sure to sign-up to every survey site listed on this page to really maximize your profits.

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    Our Recommended Paid Survey Site for 2020:

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    • Get Paid $2 - $75 per Completed Survey

    Choosing the Highest-Paid Survey Apps

    Man working on surveys on a laptop with phone, mouse and small flower pot on table

    Most of these paid online survey sites are floated by big brands and institutions whose subjects range from matters of personal opinion with regards to public discussions like politics to reviews about different products and services you have interacted with.

    The frequency and the pay rates for the different online surveys are highly dependent on such factors as the site, its length, and complexity.

    Ideally, the longer and more complex a particular survey is, the higher the rewards and vice versa. And while you cannot live off the earnings from taking online surveys due to their little pay and how far and few between they can be, you can use them to leverage the time you spend online to make money that would go a long way in helping to pay some bills.

    But given the high incidence of online scams, how do you tel a legit paid online survey company from a scam? More importantly, how can you maximize your earnings from paid online surveys? This guide seeks to answer both these questions and also highlight some of the most reputable online survey sites and their pay. Firstly, we shall take a look at why you might want to work with these survey sites.

    Note: The only limit to how much you can make with these paid online surveys lies in the number of surveys you can complete in a day. You can, however, take advantage of every other income-generating stream offered by the online survey sites including cash bonuses and referral incomes to boost your monthly incomes.

    Why work with a paid online surveys site?

    • Earn from your spare time:

    Paid Online surveys make your free time worthwhile – most of which is often spent online – by making it possible to make money from it. In most cases, and unlike most formal money-making ventures, there is no specific working schedule or times during which you can complete paid online surveys.

    • No special skills required:

    Virtually anyone, regardless of their academic qualification or level of experience in a particular professional field, can participate in taking online surveys. This is made possible by the fact that they mainly revolve around general product service reviews.

    • Easily accessible:

    There is no shortage of paid online survey sites – there are both local and global survey sites. Even more interesting is the fact that most of these don’t maintain strict application rules and are virtually open to anyone.

    • Access to information and freebies:

    By taking surveys, you not only get to share your opinions about the products or services you have used, but you also gain access to a huge pool of information relating to new products and services as well as current socioeconomic and political developments.

    • No investment required:

    Paid online surveys are not an investment like stocks or cryptocurrency investments. They, therefore, don’t require you to inject capital into this income-generating project.

    What are the Pros and Cons of online survey jobs?


    • Form an effortless source of extra income
    • They aren’t time demanding as they only take a few minutes to complete
    • Allow you to work within your schedule, they don’t have specific working hours
    • You can multi-task – have a regular day job and enjoy taking surveys during your spare time


    • Most surveys are geo-locked to specific countries and regions
    • High incidence of scams
    • Most have been accused of selling your private data to third-party companies

    Criteria used to rank legit survey for money sites:

    • Legitimacy
    • Minimum pay per survey
    • Minimum withdrawal threshold
    • Payment model – cash or gift cards
    • Frequency of surveys
    • Qualifications required
    • Ease of account opening
    • Private data protection
    • Customer support
    Pro Tip: It is advisable that the first set up an alias email specially dedicated to online surveys, especially if you intend on registering with several survey sites. This ensures you keep the flurry of emails associated with the surveys and related sites from filling your primary mail inbox.

    Free paid surveys sites for 2020

    1.Survey Junkie – up to $18 per hour

    SurveyJunkie logo: green tick separating the two words in blackSurvey Junkie also ranks favorably among the best paying online survey companies. You will also like their transparency. Here, surveys take between 10 and 15 minutes and are paid between 100 and 200 points that can be converted into PayPal cash deposit or an Amazon gift card upon reaching 1000 points – equivalent to $10. Given the high frequency of surveys and the fact that they are relatively easy, you can earn up to $18 per hour working with Survey Junkie.

    How to make money from Survey Junkie:

    Step 1: Crete a user count on their website

    Step 2: Browse the different paid survey categories and complete as much survey available here as possible

    Step 3: Update your payment details and decide on PayPal cash or gift card reward system


    • Straightforward user account creation process
    • High frequency of paid surveys
    • Maintains an automated payment system


    • One may still consider their payments relatively uncompetitive
    2. Swagbucks – Earn up to 150 SB Points (where 100 SB points = $1)

    Swagbucks survey site logo in white against a blue background

    Swagbucks is probably the most popular and by far the most reputable paid online survey company you will come across today. It is established around trust and reliability themes that its holding company – that also manages MyPoints and Points survey site – has built over the last two decades.

    Unlike most other survey companies that pay you per in terms of dollars, Swagbucks compensation is in SB points where the pay for one survey ranges from 30 – 150 SB points. These can then be converted into gift cards for popular online and main street stores or PayPal Dollars at the rate 100SB = $1.

    This means you can make up to $1.5 per survey. Plus you get a welcome $10 for signing up with the paid survey site. In a month, you will be able to make between $80 and $100.

    How to make money from Swagbucks:

    Step 1: Start by registering an account on the Swagbucks website (you also have the option of signing up using your Facebook profile)

    Step 2: Complete the different survey emails sent to you

    Step 3: Update your payment details and choose between PayPal dollars and gift cards


    • High frequency of surveys
    • Legit with A+ customer review rating
    • Multiple payment options


    • One may consider their payment method rather complicated
    3. MySurvey - up to $1.25 per survey

    MySurvey survey site logo in green and black My Survey is an equally reputable paid online survey company that lets you earn between $0.50 and $1.25 per survey. The pay here is purely dependent on the length of the survey. The minimum withdrawal limit here stands at $10 (1000 points) where the earnings can be sent through PayPal cash deposits, charity donations to different organizations or gift cards for some of the most popular retail companies. A typical survey here seeks your review or opinions about products and services you already use. Earnings here highly depends on the amount of time you are ready to commit, with monthly earnings ranging anywhere between $100 and $200.

    How to make money from MySurvey?

    Step 1: Register on MySurvey website by filling such details as your name and email address

    Step 2: Start receiving and taking surveys during your free time

    Step 3: Decide on the mode of payment – either PayPal or gift cards


    • Highly reputable company with a rich history
    • Straightforward account opening process


    • One may consider their $1.25 pay per survey uncompetitive
    4. Vindale Research – up to $50 per survey

    Vindale survey company logo with mantra 'get paid to take surveys' illustration of ticked inbox Vindale isn’t just one of the oldest paid online survey companies around, but it also has some of the highest paying online surveys. Typical surveys here are paid between $0.25 and $50. And you don’t have to wait to accumulate points or go through the tedious process of converting points to cash before payout as Vindale Research credits your bank or PayPal account with your earnings after every survey – no minimal withdrawal limits. Here, you can also earn from the company’s elaborate referral system as well as benefit from freebies where you get paid as much $75 for every product the survey sites sends to you for review.  With Vindale, the monthly incomes are between $100 and $180.

    How to make money from Vindale research:

    Step 1: Start your registration on the website by filling your details and other questions that assess your demographic

    Step 2: Browse through their site to start taking surveys or wait for email invites

    Step 3: Get paid via bank or PayPal


    • Multiple high-reward income streams
    • One of the few companies that send out freebies for review
    • Maintains an automated payment system with no minimum withdrawal limits


    • Demographic specific surveys with strict qualifications
    5. Toluna – Up to 6,000 points (where 1000 points =$10)

    Toluna Surveys company logo with an illustration of a message Toluna is run and managed by the globally acclaimed Toluna Group, an international market research company. And this gives them access to an unmatched variety of online surveys that usually pay between 300 and 6000 points. You will also get 500 points welcome bonus. However, you need to first accumulate a minimum 30,000 points before requesting for minimum withdrawal. Other streams of income available here include the points earned from referrals as well as the occasional free gift product that review and use for a few days/weeks before giving a review. Users make about $100 in a good month.

    How to make money from Toluna:

    Step 1: Start by filling in your account registration details like name, email, and age on the company website

    Step 2: Browse through their site to start taking surveys or wait for the regular email invites

    Step 3: Cash out your earnings after hitting the minimum withdrawal limit


    • Multiple incomes streams – surveys, referrals, and freebies
    • Several cash-out options – PayPal cash, gift cards, or sweepstakes
    • Relatively competitive survey pay amounts


    • You will be constantly locked out of the demographic-specific surveys
    6. Survey club – minimum payout $10

    SurveyClub logo company logo in blue and black First off, Survey club is not your typical market research company but a middleman that you can use to access numerous other survey sites. After signing up here, the site provides you links to some of the most reputable and highest paying survey sites online and ask that you can register accounts with. You can start taking surveys from either of these sites through Survey Club that also processes your pay. The minimum withdrawal amount here stands at $10.

    How to make money from Survey Club:

    Step 1: Start by registering a user account with Survey Club

    Step 2: Proceed to register different accounts with as many survey sites listed on Survey Club as possible

    Step 3: Complete as many surveys sent via email or by browsing the different sites


    • Gives you aces to the widest range of surveys online
    • Multiple payment options offered by the different compatible survey sites
    • Straightforward and free user account registration process


    • Survey Club is only a middleman and you stand to earn more by creating an account directly with the online survey company
    7. Inbox Dollars – up to $5 per survey

    Inbox Dollars surveys company logo with a cartooned green cash note Inbox Dollars make it here because of their cash-only payment system as well as the relative ease of use. Unlike most other survey websites that maintain a point-based payment system for rewarding every successfully and completed survey, Inbox Dollars maintains a cash-only system where every payment is expressed in the form of dollars. They also maintain one of the most straightforward registration processes. You only have to fill such details as your name, age, race, and income level to get started. And they will start you off with a $5 welcome bonus. Users here make anywhere between $50 and $100 in a good month.

    How to make money with Inbox Dollars:

    Step 1: Start by creating the user account on the survey company website

    Step 2: Browse the website and begin taking surveys as possible

    Step 3: Cash out your earnings


    • You don’t have to worry about the point conversion process as the site maintains a cash-only payment system
    • Access to other revenue streams like watching videos and online shopping


    • One may consider their pay per survey uncompetitive
    8. Pinecone Research – up to $6 per product test

    Pinecone Research survey company logo in green and black preceded by a illustration of an pineapple Pinecone Research is not your ordinary online survey site. This particular site is an invite-only membership site. You will be lucky if you bump into one of the invites advertised on social media channels and other websites.

    When you register with Pinecone Research, each survey that you take will earn you between 100 and 300 points ($1 to $3). And for each product testing, you will earn upwards of 600 points ($6). The catch with product testing, however, is that the company gets to handpick the participants.

    If approved and you participate in online surveys, you will need a minimum $3 to cash out. This amount, compared to what most survey sites offer, is significantly low. Additionally, with each completed survey, you will qualify for entry into a raffle draw; Pinecone Market Research rewards the draw winners with between $500 and $5,000.

    How to make money with Pinecone Research

    Step 1: Register through an invite link. 

    Step 2: Begin taking surveys and product testing on the site. Additionally, you can earn if you win a raffle that the site has each year.

    Step 3: Cash out through PayPal or gift vouchers on reaching 300 points ($3).


    • Relatively low cash out limit of $3
    • It does not spam your inbox with any unwanted emails
    • Gives you a chance to win up to $5,000 in the annual raffle


    • This is an invite-only platform
    9. Opinion Outpost – up to $5

    Opinion Outpost survey company in black and grey preceded by illustration of message This is an opinion site that seeks to gather information for government agencies and help them in their decision-making. With Opinion Outpost, registration is free and open to all. What we like most about the survey site, apart from their ease of registering an account, is the relatively low cash out limit.

    You can register on this site using your email address or by linking it to your social media accounts. Opinion Outpost rewards you through what they call Opinion Points. For each completed survey, you will earn between 10 and 50 opinion points. 10 points can then be converted to $1. Plus you only need a minimum $5 to cash out.

    How to make money with Opinion Outpost

    Step 1: Register for an account on this platform by either using your email or your social media profile.

    Step 2: Complete at least five surveys to earn the minimum cash-out points.

    Step 3: Request for payout via PayPal cash or eCommerce gift cards


    • Maintains fast cash processing with the funds hitting your account on same-day or the next day after payout request
    • It has a relatively low payout limit of $5.
    • Has an easy to follow registration process.


    • The site frequently enters you into a draw rather than pay a reward for a completed survey.
    10. Valued Opinions – up to $5 per survey

    Valued Opinions survey company logo in black preceded by a green message icon with mantra 'rewarding time' Valued Opinions makes it to our list of top online survey sites because of its reputation around the world. In addition to serving the US market, this site is available in 20 other countries around the world. And if you are constantly on the move, you will be interested to note that they have a smartphone feature that allows you to make money on the go.

    This site has more than three million users worldwide and pays between $1 and $5 for each survey completed on the platform. It also maintains several cash redemption methods for individuals based on your location. These can be Visa promos, Amazon vouchers, various gift cards or PayPal cash payouts.

    To request a payout, you will need to have earned a minimum of $10. Valued Opinions avail surveys frequently. This makes it possible for you to reach the target amount faster. While on this platform, brace yourself to respond to surveys touching on marketing and brands.

    How to Earn Money With Valued Opinions

    Step 1: Register with your email on the platform and then finish up the registration by confirming your physical location and verifying the email.

    Step 2: Check your email regularly and start taking surveys that the site sends you.

    Step 3: Request payout in the method that is available in your location.


    • Suitable for anyone who would like to participate in online surveys on the go.
    • The site is available in 20 countries across the world.
    • It has a relatively low payout threshold of $10.


    • Technical glitches when requesting a payout are common on this site.
    11. MyPoints - $5 sign up bonus

    MyPoints Logo in Black with Orange detailsWhat if you could get paid to monetize some of your most common online engagements like online shopping, playing games or watching videos? MyPoints offers you a way that you can get paid for doing all that. For each of these tasks completed on the MyPoints platform, you get to accumulate some points that you can redeem for cash or gift cards.

    MyPoint offers a $5 signup bonus upon successfully signing up on the platform. Once you have registered, you will then be welcomed to participate in five surveys that earn you $5. You will need to check your email and the site frequently for new surveys.

    Additionally, this site allows you to earn some extra dollars by completing different paid surveys, watching videos online, shopping at designated stores, and gaming on certain sites.

    How to Earn Money With MyPoint

    Step 1: Register with MyPoint and from the data provided; they will curate surveys and tasks for you.

    Step 2: Once registered, complete as many tasks and begin taking surveys on the site as possible. you can also refer friends using your referral link.

    Step 3: Hit the $25 withdrawal minimum and request for payout.


    • Exposes you to multiple income-generating micro-tasks like surveys, gaming, watching videos, and online shopping
    • You can choose to redeem your rewards for gift cards or even cash


    • It has a high withdrawal limit of $25.
    • It pays relatively low for surveys – the first five surveys will only earn you $5.
    12. Quick Rewards – upwards of $1 per task

    QuickRewards survey company logoAs the name suggests, this is a site that allows you to take advantage of the time you spend online to make some quick rewards. This is an intermediary platform that links you with other third-party platforms where you make money completing surveys. And in addition to surveys, there are several other ways to make money on this platform like watching ads, playing games, and shopping online.

    On Quick Rewards, you will earn points that you can then cash out for various rewards. These can include cash, Amazon gift vouchers, and Walmart coupons and gift cards. How fast you receive your redeemed rewards largely depends on your preferred cash out method. 10,000 Quick Rewards points can be converted for $1. You will, therefore, need to perform several tasks daily to earn decent incomes.

    How to make Money With Quick Rewards

    Step 1: Register with the platform using your email or social media account.

    Step 2: Choose to start taking surveys and earn points while at it. Other tasks, aside from taking surveys include playing games

    Step 3: Request for payout


    • This platform has no minimum payout limit.
    • Get access to multiple tasks that will earn you some money; watching ads, taking surveys, gaming, and shopping online.


    • This is an intermediary platform and not a survey site.
    • Relatively low payout – 10,000 Quick Reward points equal $1
    13. Panel Place

    Panel Place is yet another awesome platform that connects you with different survey websites. It acts as a directory from which you can access multiple survey platforms. Through Panel Place, you get rid of the hassle that comes with traversing the internet looking for survey sites and other online income generating sites.

    Here, you make money by filling out surveys, watching ads, watching videos, playing games, and even testing out products. Panel Place doesn’t offer any income-generating opportunity and how much you make is therefore dependent on the particular third party site you chose to work with. Many of the sites listed here will, however, pay upwards of $1 for each completed survey. To cash out, you will need a minimum of $25.

    How to Earn Money With Panel Place

    Step 1: Register your details with the platform.

    Step 2: Scroll through the list of survey sites and online tasks available and start taking surveys that appeal to you most.

    Step 3: Request for payout via Panel Place once you meet the $25 payout threshold.


    • Its SurveyEx feature makes it possible to consolidate all survey requests from different websites into one email.
    • Has a wide variety of survey sites that you can choose to opt into.


    • The payout threshold for this platform is relatively high at $25.
    14. Ipsos i-Say – up to $2 per survey

    I-say survey company logo; illustration of a face wearing glasses with hand on the chinIpsos has over the years positioned itself as one of the most reputable market research companies around the world. Their innovative Ipsos i-Say product is an online survey site that allows you to make some money online, helping the site to gather information.

    Here, surveys fetch between $0.45 and $2 depending on such factors as the type of survey, the complexity of the topic and the time taken. Ipsos runs a point-based reward system with the number of points earned varying from one survey to another.

    Surveys aren’t the only way to earn from Ipsos i-Say; the brand runs a raffle ticket system made up of all the active participants on the platform. Here, 30 lucky winners earn $100 per month for four consecutive months. There also is the loyalty program where five completed surveys earn you an additional 25 points, fifteen surveys will earn you 50 points and 200 surveys completed will earn you 600 points.

    You will need at least 500 points ($5) before requesting a payout. These can be redeemed into a variety of payment options including PayPal funds, gift certificates, Visa cash, and even iTunes codes.

    How to Earn Money With Ipsos i-Say

    Step 1: Register an account and verify your email.

    Step 2: Wait for invites to start taking surveys on email or browse those available on the user dashboard. Participate in those that you are eligible for.

    Step 3: Request payout once you reach the 1000 points threshold.


    • It has a loyalty program that allows you to earn extra points when you reach certain milestones. For example, you will get 25 points for doing five surveys.
    • It has a raffle where you stand to win $100 for four months.


    • Relatively slow payment processing systems – funds may take up to three weeks to reflect in your account
    15. Survey Savvy – up to $20 per survey

    Survey Savvy surveys site logo with motto intelligence adds up Survey Savvy makes it to our list of the best performing paid online surveys not just because of their competitive pay but also due to its unmatched versatility. Here, typical surveys pay between $1 and $20 depending on their length and complexity. But this isn’t the only way to earn money from the site. You will also be paid for every friend you refer to the site and an additional $1 or $2 every time your referrals complete a survey as well as the $0.5 to $1 you earn for referrals. This implies that with a good number of active referrals, you can still earn a few dollars without completing a single survey. Even more important is the fact that Survey Savvy doesn’t maintain a minimum withdrawal limit. With Survey savvy, you can make between $100 and $200 in a month.

    How to earn from Survey Savvy:

    Step 1: Sign up for an account here by completing the registration details on the website

    Step 2: Browse their site for the different surveys and fill up as much as you can

    Step 3: Withdraw your earnings < as low as $1>


    • You can request for payment every time you complete a survey
    • Maintains multiple income streams – both survey and referrals
    • Competitive pay for surveys – as much as $20


    • Too low referral income
    16. Mindswarms – Standard rate of $50 per survey

    Mindswarms survey logo; white M against a Blue background Mindswarms is probably the highest paying and most unique paid online survey company on this list. Here, surveys are trimmed to the standard seven questions that earn you a flat rate of $50 per survey or $10 for the one-question surveys. There is catch though; the survey is conducted through a video call. You will also need to first fill up a simple questionnaire to determine your eligibility for every survey. The payment for these video surveys is automatically disbursed through PayPal within 24 hours of completing the survey. In a good month, you could make about $200 to $250.

    How to earn with Mindswarms:

    Step 1: Start by registering an account with Mindswarms

    Step 2: Create and upload a short profile answering such questions as your age, race, gender, and incomes. This is then used to match you with the most relevant surveys

    Step 3: Begin receiving invites to start taking surveys and answering the 7 questions using the video function


    • Highest paying paid online survey company to date
    • Highly standardized surveys – each survey consists of seven questions
    • Automated and fast payment processing service


    • Highly geo-locked surveys
    • Highly irregular surveys
    17. OnePoll – up to $6 sign up bonus

    One Poll survey company logo in blue and black Online surveys can get boring because of the repetitive nature of the questions. A site that offers a deviation from this norm is, therefore, more than welcome. OnePoll survey website has surveys on celebs and other interesting and trending topics. Here, you don’t just get to make money from the time spent online, but you also enjoy responding to these surveys.

    On registering for this platform successfully, you will earn up to $6 in sign up bonus. OnePoll credits this amount to your account and is available for withdrawal once you meet the $50 minimum cash out limit. Apart from just responding to questionnaires, you also stand to earn through referrals. You will earn up to $ 0.60 for each new member that joins the platform via your link.

    OnePoll ascribes to cash rewards rather than gift cards or points. One may, however, consider their $50 withdrawal minimum quite uncompetitive. It calls for a lot of patience and dedication to the platform before you can request your first payout. Additionally, this site will not cram you with spam emails. The platform does not send the surveys to your inbox. You will, therefore, have to set some time to regularly check on the availability of surveys on the site.

    How to Earn Money With OnePoll

    Step 1: OnePoll requires that you fill out your details during registration. It will use this information to then pair you with the most suitable surveys.

    Step 2: Successful sign up will guarantee you a $6 signup bonus. Additionally, check the site regularly to monitor any surveys available. Inviting your friends on the platform is also a sure way of earning through referrals.

    Step 3: Once you have reached the $50 threshold, you can request for payout.


    • Short and fun surveys about celebs and trending topics.
    • It has an easy to use user interface.


    • They maintain an exploitative $50 minimum withdrawal limit.
    • Pay low for referrals — a meager $0.60.
    18. Prize Rebel – Up to 100 points ($1) per survey

    PrizeRebel surveys company logo with letters PR in a red circle Prize Rebel stands out as one of the most trustworthy and reliable online survey sites we have come across. A reputation that it has developed in its nine years of active presence in the market. During this time, Prize Rebel claims to have paid over $19 million to its large community of over 9 million members. We like Prize Rebel, not just because it allows you to make money doing surveys, but also due to its convenience of withdrawing the rewards through multiple options.

    You can earn up to 100 points each particular task you perform, after which you exchange these points for cash rewards. Here, every 100 points are equivalent to $1 and you need a minimum of 500 points ($5) to redeem cash and 200 points ($2) for gift cards. There are also multiple ways of cashing out; you can choose PayPal, Bitcoins, or gift cards.

    How to Earn With Prize Rebel

    Step 1: Register an account on Prize Rebel. You can opt for the Facebook registration option that automatically creates an account from your profile.

    Step 2: Ensure you start taking surveys each day. Additionally, watch out for the daily challenges available to earn extra rewards as well.

    Step 3: Cash out your earnings in the most convenient way from the three payment methods available.


    • Has a relatively easy registration process using your Facebook account.
    • The survey site has daily challenges available to allow you to win extra rewards.
    • Multiple cash out options.


    • The site’s 100 points reward ($1) per survey or task is relatively uncompetitive
    19. CashCrate – up to 25 cents

    CashCrate surveys company logo in white against a green backgroundCash Crate is an outstanding survey site that allows you to earn some extra income on the side responding to surveys. The most outstanding feature about this particular site is the fact that all their rewards are in the form of cash payments. You start by receiving the free signup bonus of $0.25 upon successful registration on the platform, but you will need a minimum $20 before you can request for payout.

    As a member of this platform, you will have access to up to three surveys in a single day. CashCrate sends you invites to participate in surveys via email. You will, however, want to set up a dedicated email for the survey when registering with the survey website. This is premised on the fact that CashCrate shares your information with third parties and hence, you might receive too many spam emails.

    You don’t have to wait to be emailed to start taking surveys, you can also choose surveys from the user dashboard when you log into your user account. This option allows you to boost your earnings. In addition to surveys, consider other money-making activities on the site like referrals and cashback on shopping.

    How to Earn With CashCrate

    Step 1: Register on this platform by either visiting their website or through a referral link.

    Step 2: Fill out surveys sent to your email. Additionally, you can choose to start taking surveys from your dashboard or share a referral link with friends.

    Step 3: Once your account has accumulated $20 or more, request for payout.


    • It has a lucrative referral program 
    • Offers multiple ways of earning money on the platform – surveys, paid and free offers, referrals, and cashback on shopping.


    • They share your information with third parties and therefore fill your inbox with spam mails.
    20. Crowdology – Up to $10

    Crowdology survey company logo in orange colorThe survey topics on this platform are relatively easy. How much you make from each is based on the complexity of the topic and the time taken to complete the survey. The surveys here will, in most cases, last between five and fifteen minutes. A five-minute survey will earn you a minimum of $0.5, nonetheless, there are surveys that pay as much as $10. Unlike other platforms that require huge minimum redemption points, on Crowdology’s minimum payout amount is set at $8.

    Crowdology also stands out for its excellent customer service. Should you experience any issues, especially with cashing out, you can reach the customer care on their social media platforms.

    How to Earn Money With Crowdology

    Step 1: The first step is to register on the platform. You can do this using your Facebook profile.

    Step 2: Next, start takings surveys, doing as many as you can.

    Step 3: Request for payout once you earn the $8. 


    • A relatively low minimum payout of $8
    • Pays highly on some surveys, you can earn up to $10 per surve


    • There have been several reported cases of panelists having trouble cashing out

    How can you tell the difference between a scam and legit paid surveys online?

    • Customer reviews:

    Today, customer reviews from trusted online reviews sites like Better Business Bureau (BBB), survey police, and Trust Pilot play a key role in helping you differentiate between legit and online survey companies. While here, pay close attention to the number and significance of the different customer complaints and if the company reached out to resolve them.

    • Data privacy protection:

    When registering with the different online survey companies, one thing stands out; they are all interested in as much personal information about you as possible. They are all asking your name, age, race, address, and even gender. It is, therefore, imperative that you ensure they don’t go about selling this information to third parties. Go through their terms and conditions paying close attention to their privacy policies. Avoid companies that explicitly state their intention to share information with unrelated third parties or are just silent about the matter.

    • The number of years in business:

    All scams have one thing in common, they never last. You, therefore, are better off registering a survey account with some of the oldest and most reputable sites currently around.

    • Minimum withdrawal limit:

    Most online survey scams revolve around stolen personal data or failure to honor payments. In this case, avoid paid online survey companies with extreme minimum withdrawal limits or payment terms.

    How can you use instant paid surveys for cash?

    • Complete many surveys as possible during your free time
    • Only register an account with not just the reputable, but the highest paying survey websites
    • Register with multiple survey companies to ensure that you never run out of surveys
    • Take advantage of every income-earning opportunity provided by the online survey company – from referral programs to sweepstakes

    Bottom line

    Making money with most paid online surveys is quite straightforward as it only involves registering with a survey website and completing simple questions that take no more than a few minutes. Most of these surveys revolve around products and services you use regularly. I the case of new products, you will be given the product free of charge and then paid to review it. The only drawback to the paid online surveys is that they can only be used to leverage your spare time. While you cannot earn a living from these often meager payouts, they come in handy in helping sort some bills around the house. You, however, have to be cautious with the survey sites you register with; vet their credibility and reliability to ensure that they don’t share your personal information with third parties without your consent and that they have a proven track record of paying their platform users.

    Our Recommended Paid Survey Site for 2020:

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    How much can I make from paid surveys online?

    Paid online surveys combine both aspects of active and passive incomes. To a large extent, therefore, how much you earn from these sites of pegged on the number of surveys you complete. However, companies with elaborate and well-paying referral programs make it possible to earn passively based on the number of invites you bring onboard

    Do I need special skills to participate in online surveys?

    No, paid online surveys topics revolve around product and service reviews to inputs on matters of public opinion. Most are formulated in a question and answer method that requires no special skills to interpret. They are thus open to virtually anyone.

    How do I withdraw my earnings from a paid online survey company?

    Different online survey companies have varied payment options and reward systems. While most chose to pay cash in the form of bank or PayPal deposits, others prefer issuing gift cards for most popular online and main street retailers.

    Are all survey sites a scam?

    No, there is, however, a high incidence of illegitimate online survey companies that are either after your personal information or won’t pay for surveys completed and amounts earned. You, therefore have to be extra careful the companies you register with and the amount of personal information you share with them.

    How do online surveys work?

    Ideally, online survey sites are platforms where product and service consumers provide feedback about different products and services.

    Legitimate Paid Survey Reviews - A-Z

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