Inflation Chart – 1946 Through Today

There are many different measures of inflation, however most people that are looking for inflation charts are focused on the consumer price index for all urban consumers or CPI-U for short.  If you would like to learn more about inflation and the CPI-U go here.

Yearly Inflation Chart 1947-2012

yearly infaltion chart

You can find the data for this chart here.


Monthly Inflation Chart 1947 – December 2012

monthly inflation chart

You can find the data in this chart here.


Consumer Price Index Chart

Most people use the percentage change in the CPI when referring to inflation.  You will often here something such as “inflation was 3% this year.”  The 3% they are talking about is the percentage change in the consumer price index as represented in the inflation charts above.  You can however also graph the index itself which you can find the chart for below:

Consumer Price Index Chart

You can find the data for this chart here.

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