Treasuries – A Free 7 Lesson Guide to Investing in Treasuries

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Lesson 1: Types of Treasuries – All debt issued by the treasury falls into 1 of 4 categories.  In this lesson we will give a quick overview of each.

Lesson 2: 5 Ways Treasuries are Different From Other Types of Bonds – Treasuries have some unique advantages over other types of bonds that many are not aware of.

Lesson 3: Are US Treasuries Safe? – With all the talk of economic crisis and the political dysfunction in Washington, there is a lot of worry about how safe treasuries really are.  In this lesson we try and separate fact from fiction.

Lesson 4: How Treasury Auctions Work – The treasury sells its debt through hundreds of regularly scheduled auctions which take place throughout the year.  Here’s how they work.

Lesson 5: Treasury Inflation Protected Securities (TIPS) – What They are and How They Work – TIPS are a special type of treasury bond, which are designed to protect investors from inflation.  Here’s how the work.

Lesson 6: Agency Mortgage Backed Securities – What They are and how They Work – These are bonds which are backed by pools of mortgages and the payments made on those mortgages.  Here’s how they work.

Lesson 7: The TIC Report – What it is and why its important – The TIC report shows who is buying and selling treasuries from both an international and domestic standpoint.  Here’s why its important.

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