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Across the many payday loan providers, there is a huge digital divide when it comes to the use of technology. Some accept storefront applications at their various brick-and-mortar locations, while some are exclusively online. For those that want the confidence of being able to talk to a representative in person, the biggest challenge comes in finding reputable providers in your area. Afterall applying in-store removes any questions, is seamlessly fast, and if successful, you walk out with cash just after a few minutes.

Here we guide you on which reputable providers operate near you, and which providers are legally allowed to operate in your state.

How to Find Payday Loans Near Me

Here are simple steps to help you identify payday loan locally.

In the meantime, if you’re in a hurry why not apply online with one of our recommended payday loan companies instead!

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6 months - 2 years
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$500 - $10,000
Available Term Length
6 months
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My credit advance
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$ 100 - $ 5,000
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Many states have statutes against payday lending. Before you even embark on your search, it’s essential to know your state’s legal stand on payday loans. Some states allow while others ban them. If your state has banned payday loans, you might want to consider other alternatives, such as tribal loans, installment loans, or credit card loans.

Also, it should interest you to find out the state regulations on the maximum loan amount, rate caps, if any, and a cool-down period. Usually, you would want a legitimate lender that conforms to the rule of law and the local lending rate limits.

Currently, payday loans are illegal in the following areas:

  • Arizona
  • Arkansas
  • Connecticut
  • Georgia
  • Maryland
  • Massachusetts
  • New Jersey
  • New York
  • North Carolina
  • Pennsylvania
  • Vermont
  • West Virginia
  • Washington DC


Search Online and List all Lenders Near You

Many online payday loan lenders operate brick-and-mortar locations to cater to those who they cannot serve online. In some rare situations where a lender doesn’ have an online application service, they often still maintain a website where they highlight their products, services, and locations within your reach.

Keep it in mind that the internet has so many less than reputable players that prey desperate borrowers. So, be meticulous in your research to only approach credible payday loan lenders. The number of lenders available in your area is often dictated by the population in the area or your proximity to big cities. If you don’t have many brick and mortar lenders in your area try to exercise caution and only approach the ones you know are legitimate.

Compare and Contrast the Rates

Payday providers, like any other business, will use their website as a customer information center. Take time to read through the lenders you’ve identified and weed out those with no stores to remain with your potential lenders.

You may need a loan, but a lender should not punish you for it, so shop for the best rates. Check the terms and conditions each provider offers. Compare the potential borrowing limits, the maximum number of days you can hold it, and the cost in terms of interest rate and any applicable fees.

Choose a few top providers and check them out

With all the offers at your disposal, pick two or three providers and pay each a visit. Walking into a store allows a personal touch. The personal interaction gives you the first-hand feel of the lender’s customer service, and you may also get to interact with the person who will be handling your loan.

Pick your payday loan lender and apply for the amount you need

When picking your payday loans company, take your time to find out what other people who have previously used the lender are saying. You want a lender that will listen to you in case problems manifest. If the online sentiment for a potential provider is raising red flags then be cautious. Dig deep into the company and only choose it if you are confident they are legitimate, the most affordable, and the most outstanding payday loan lender locally.

With this information, when you walk into their store, you already know what to expect. Now, go back to the store, but this time to complete your application. Some lenders may even allow you to start the application online but pick up cash at the store.

Pros and Cons of Payday Loan Stores


  • Quick and easy loan application.
  • You enjoy personalized customer assistance.
  • The stores are near you.
  • No hidden fees, the lenders take you through the application.
  • Instant cash saves you the trouble of waiting for bank processing.
  • Your information is safely protected as you don’t share them online


  • Operate only during the standard business hours.
  • The process is tedious since you walk from store to another comparing cost.
  • The fees may be higher to cater for overheads due to the expanded workforce.
  • You might have the challenge of managing your loan, unlike those who use apps.
  • Manual verification may take time compared to the online process.
  • You may not get the best bargain near you.

Top Payday Lenders with Storefront Locations

Here are five top providers that operate online but have physical locations across different counties in various states:

1. Speedy Cash

Speedy Cash, also called Rapid Cash in some states, lives up to its name, providing quick emergency loan services across several states. Although it offers a cash advance service through the internet, it also has storefronts where it offers its products. Their uniqueness lies in the fact that you can negotiate for rollovers whenever your things are not working for you.

Our Rating

  • Seamless and quick storefront application.
  • Instant funding.
  • High credit limits at the storefront ($2,500)
  • High interest rate, up to 651.79% in some states.
  • While rollover is a good thing, the loan can easily overwhelm you.

2. Check N Go

Check ‘n Go provides multiple quick loan products both online and across its numerous stores spread across different states in the country.

Its products include payday loans (cash advance), installment loans, credit card loans, and check cashing.

To get a loan, identify a Check ‘n Go location using its online store locator. The rest is as simple as ABC as you provide the information about yourself and your finances and submit your application for approval. If you are successful, you’ll walk away from the store with the payday loan funds.

Our Rating

  • It as a simple and convenient application in-store process.
  • They consider you, regardless of your credit status.
  • Quick funding
  • Expensive fees make them hard to afford
  • Limited loan amounts
  • Not available in every state, and in some states it doesn’t offer payday loans.

3. Advance America

Advance America provides in-person lending and online payday loans to people with less-than-stellar credit at more than 1,900 physical locations across the country. Some of its products includes payday loans, title loans, installment loans, and personal lines of credit. It offers as little as $50 and up to $1,075, but .these limits vary by state

Our Rating

  • In-store application.
  • It offers alternative loan products.
  • Accept bad credit.
  • Expensive fees make them hard to afford
  • Offers a low loan limit.
  • It may not be available in your state

4. Check Into Cash

Over the last 20 years Check Into Cash has been offering payday loans and other emergency loan services to its customers spread across the US. With over a thousand retail outlets, one may be just a few meters away from your home, workplace, or school.

You can apply for a cash advance from $100 up to $3,000. To apply, you must be 21 and need to present a valid identification document and proof of minimum qualifying monthly income, which vary from state to state. If your request passes through without problems, you walk out with your funds on the same day or the next business day at the very least.

Our Rating

  • Quick and convenient in-store application.
  • You can borrow money for just anything.
  • It offers a wide variety of quick loan products.
  • High service fees and finance charges which vary with your state.
  • Offers a low loan limit.
  • It may not be available in your state

5. ACE Cash Express

ACE Cash Express provides an easy to apply emergency cash and quick loan lender with more than 1,500 retail locations across the country. In some states, like Ohio and Texas, it plays the role of a loan broker by selling loan products from other lenders. Nevertheless, it guarantees almost instant approval for short-term personal loans, title loans, installment loans, and a settling bills service. Additionally, it funds prepaid debit cards and can offer you a cash advance for post-dated checks. Here are its pros and cons.

Our Rating

  • Quick process in-store and online application.
  • Instant cash for in-store applications.
  • It offers a range of unsecured loans.
  • It is limited to specific states.
  • Not all its loan products are available in every state.
  • It’s a broker in some states like in Texas and Ohio.

Eligibility for an in-store Payday Loan

As mentioned earlier, and demonstrated in the above examples, most online payday loan lenders also operate an in-store lending service. In most instances the application criteria remains the same, whether it’s online or in-store. The benefits of going into the store directly is that you get to explain your case in person. Whatever your personal circumstances, you will need to meet the following requirements for eligibility:

  • Must be 18 years or older. (Some lenders have this at 21 years.)
  • Must meet your lender’s minimum income requirement.
  • Should be a permanent resident of the state.
  • You may to provide a post-dated cheque or provide a checking account with an active debit card.
  • Must have a reachable phone number.
  • Must provide your Social Security or Tax ID.

In storefront applications, you must not necessarily provide an email address. Also, you don’t need to provide your debit card if you have issued the lender with a post-dated cheque.

If you qualify for the loan, you’ll fill and submit the forms to your chosen provider. But then again, before they award you any cash loans, you’ll need to agree to its terms and conditions. Your provider will serve you with an agreement form indicating the amount you are borrowing and at what interest rate, plus all the applicable fees and your repayment date. Once you sign the agreement, you can get the money immediately or a few hours later, depending on your lender.

Payday loans near me no credit check

For those looking for a payday loan with bad credit, there are a number of providers that will offer a cash advance with no credit check. There are limitations for no credit check payday loans in some states where they have been made illegal, but there are similar services that are accessible such as Tribal Loans, which are payday loans in all but name. They operate on different rules governed by the native American community on Tribal land. The other option to local payday loans with no credit to go for a longer-term bad credit personal loan. We have an entire resource dedicated to providers that offer finance to those that want to avoid a credit check. You can find the details for no credit check loans here.

Repayment of cash loans near me

There are two ways to repay in-store payday loans:

Post-dated checks

When you apply for a payday loan at the store, you may write the provider a post-dated check for the amount you want to borrow, including the incurred fees and interest. The payday loan provider will bank this check on your loan due date.


If you don’t provide a post-dated check, you must give an Automated Clearing House authorization (ACH) to enable the lender to withdraw money from your bank electronically.

In case you can’t pay the loan when it’s due, a lender will call fees and roll it over to extend the loan period. However, some states have outlawed rollovers while others limit the number of times you can do it.

Final Word

Whether you go In-store or apply online for a payday loan the end product will be the same, the only thing different will be the experience.  They both offer you access to quick cash, and virtually every lender has both options. Online payday loans remain ideal for internet-savvy individuals seeking fast cash at the comfort of where they are, any time of the day. However, the onus in on the borrower to interpret the written information on the product correctly. On the other hand, using the in-store option for its personalized service, opportunity to ask questions and the fact that you receive your money in person or through a convenient method of your choosing, is a compelling choice. On the flip side, the borrower can only access these stores during standard business hours.

Glossary of Loan Terms


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